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Chapter 4: Intermediate Reserve Warrior

Ye Chen did not continue to pay attention to the students, he walked towards an independent training room.

Now you have to train as a reserve martial artist in the training room so that you can practice the profound level skills, the Great Niu Moquan.

And one month later, he can continue to copy his talents, and one month later there will be field trials, just right.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen's face became ambiguous.

Then he took out a Yuanjing card from his pocket. Yuanjing is the only currency in circulation in this world. His identity in this world is an orphan. This Yuanjing card was given to him by Liu Qianqian.

He crossed into this world three years ago. When he was in the wild, a beast attacked Liu Qianqian. He happened to appear in front of Liu Qianqian. Although he didn't want it, it could be regarded as saving Liu Qianqian's life.

After swiping the Yuanjing card in the independent training room, the door opened.

After entering the body forging training room, Ye Chen felt a strong vitality.

"The absorption speed of advanced talents is really terrifying."

Ye Chen closed his eyes and began to practice cross-legged.


One month later.

Ye Chen renovated and practiced in the training room for a month, he opened his eyes and let out a sigh of foul air.

"Unexpectedly, the high-level talents were so terrifying. In just one month, he actually went from training tenfold to intermediate reserve martial artist."


"It has been detected that the host has become an intermediate reserve warrior, whether he has cultivated the profound level skills, the Great Bull Demon Fist.



"Successfully practiced the profound skills of the powerful Niu Moquan."

Is this successful?

Ye Chen was a little stunned, this was a mysterious rank skill.

No wonder there is a system in hand, I have such a word in the world.

He opened his own properties panel:

"Host: Ye Chen."

"Cultivation talent: advanced."

"Realm: Intermediate reserve warrior."

"Skill: Strong Niu Demon Fist (low-level mysterious rank)."

Ye Chen got up and walked out of the training room, he found that everyone looked at him with a kind of consternation and fear.

Now he can copy the second talent, but...

"Second talent."

"Second talent."

"Lower talent."

Such talent information appeared in Ye Chen's eyes.

But it doesn't matter. What he wants now is not the cultivation talent, but the attribute talent. In addition to the cultivation talent, the attribute talent is awakened by the day after tomorrow. After the age of 16, he can go to a specific organization to wake up.

Of course, attribute talents are really rare. As long as you have them, your future achievements are limitless.

"Is he the senior Ye Chen?"

"It turns out that Senior Ye Chen has been pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, and even the six-fold Bai Gang was knocked out with a punch."

"Senior Ye Chen is so handsome. If only I could be the girlfriend of Senior Ye Chen."

All of a sudden, some first-year girls on the square cast nympholy gazes at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen listened to these students, he was a little puzzled, thinking that since he knew he knocked Bai Gang unconscious, why didn't the Academic Affairs Office come to him?

"Ye Chen!"

Liu Qianqian's voice appeared in Ye Chen's ear.

Ye Chen turned around and found that Liu Qianqian had trot over all the way, and after reaching his side, he looked at him with an angry expression.

"Say, why are you lying to me?" Liu Qianqian asked.

Ye Chen smiled bitterly, "Qianqian, what did I lie to you?"

"You punched Baigang to faint, do you still want to conceal it? Bai Gang would immediately go to the Academic Affairs Office to file a complaint when he woke up. If it weren't for me, you would have been arrested by the Academic Affairs Office from the training room."

Ye Chen realized that it was Liu Qianqian that the Academic Affairs Office didn't find him.

After all, Liu Qianqian's father was the honorary principal of Anyue College.

"Qianqian, you are so kind."

While speaking, a wicked smile appeared on Ye Chen's face.

"Ye Chen, you..."

Looking at this smile, Liu Qianqian found that she actually bumped into the deer, and she felt her face become very hot.

Looking at Liu Qianqian's face that was as red as a ripe apple, Ye Chen couldn't help but sigh.

However, he saved Liu Qianqian's life accidentally, the kind he didn't want, but Liu Qianqian kept helping him.

He was really moved.

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