I Copy Talents | Chapter 40 | Three Hospitals | Part 3

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 40 Chapter 40: Three hospitals, 3

Competing for rankings is the same as in the knockout round just now. They all need to compete against each other.

"Ye Chen from Anyue College vs. Liu Qianqian from Anyue College."

The first five battles were much more exciting than the knockouts just now. Thousands of spectators all opened their eyes wide, for fear of missing a good show.

Together with the warriors on the judges' bench, they all stared intently.

Ye Chen and Liu Qianqian went to the trial platform.

Just when everyone thought that a big battle was about to come, Liu Qianqian said this sentence:

"I surrender."

Everyone present was shocked, how did they think Liu Qianqian would concede defeat.


Jin Cheng snorted coldly. He looked at Ye Chen on the trial stage. He thought about Ye Chen, you will wait for me. I will let you know what real fear is.

"Sky Blue Academy Mu Hai vs. Ye Chen!"

Shouted a warrior in the judge's bench.

Mu Hai stepped onto the trial platform, he swallowed his saliva, a little startled in amazement, he had suffered from the symptoms of fear of Yechen since the incident at An Yue Academy.

Not to mention facing Ye Chen, even if he heard Ye Chen's name, he couldn't stop shaking.

"I, I admit defeat!"

Although Mu Hai became a senior reserve warrior a few days ago, he could not have the courage to face Ye Chen at all, so he had to admit defeat.


Thousands of viewers were all shocked.

"what happened?"

When Mu Hai's father Mu Feng saw this, his face couldn't help but sink.

This warrior who was equivalent to the host was also a little surprised, but since Mu Hai chose to admit defeat, he had to continue.

"Anyue College Yang Feng vs. Anyue College Ye Chen."

Yang Feng went on the trial platform, and he and Ye Chen began to confront each other.

Thousands of spectators all held their breath. Naturally, they didn't want to hear those three words anymore, but they were destined to be disappointed.

After Yang Feng hesitated for a few seconds, he said three words:

"I surrender!"

From the small forest and observing the beasts, Yang Feng had a deep shadow on Ye Chen, how dare to fight Ye Chen.


Yang Feng's father Yang Kun became a little angry on the judges' bench, and he never expected that Yang Feng would give in.

When Liu Xinghe said that Ye Chen might win first place, he still dismissed it and said, "Not all clowns can win first place."

Now Yang Kun was very angry, but there was a fiery pain on his face.

"There is inside story! There is inside story!"

Thousands of spectators suddenly shouted.

In their opinion, why did they all admit defeat, could Ye Chen still be the devil? They couldn't think of a better explanation except for the inside story.

The warriors on the judging bench were also very puzzled, and they all looked at Liu Xinghe.

"Brother Xinghe, what is the identity of this student? They are all senior reserve martial artists. How can they give up without fighting?" Mu Feng said to Liu Xinghe.

"I don't know either." Liu Xinghe spoke slowly.

The warrior who was equivalent to the host was shocked, thinking about the East Base City Three-Years Competition that had been hosting for so long, but such a thing had never happened before.

Jin Cheng looked at Ye Chen tightly. He really couldn't understand why they gave up. Is he scared?

Although he was beaten by Ye Chen when he was in the Crystal Palace, he was only an intermediate reserve warrior at that time. Now it is different. He not only became an advanced reserve warrior, but also has a powerful pill!

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