I Copy Talents | Chapter 41 | Don’t Mess With People On Earth Go To Mess With Heaven

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 41 Chapter 41: Don’t mess with people on earth, go to mess with heaven

"This is the comparison of the three major colleges in East Base City. How can there be inside stories when choosing places to go to the Baiyun Middle School Training Academy!"

The martial artist host said to the audience.

"Impossible! We don't believe it! If it weren't for insider information, how could everyone give up!"

The audience in the auditorium all shouted.


Where does this martial artist host know why they surrendered, but generally speaking, there is only one possibility for surrendering before the fight begins.

That is Ye Chen is very strong, very strong!

"The reason why they gave up..." The martial artist looked at the audience, "It should be that Ye Chen is very strong."

But these viewers naturally didn't buy it, they didn't fight, you can say anything.

God is you, and ghosts are you.

"Go on." Liu Xinghe said lightly to the martial artist host.

The martial artist nodded upon hearing this.

"Next, Jin Cheng from the Storm Academy will fight Ye Chen."

Jincheng has been waiting for this moment!

He went up to the trial stage and stared at Ye Chen.

The audience and the judges all held their breath again, just because they thought they might still hear those three words.

What they didn't expect was that they didn't hear those three words, which made them breathe.

"Hey, of course my son of Jin Yuan won't admit defeat!"

At the judges' bench, Jin Yuan was proud of it.

However, Liu Xinghe knew that Jin Cheng would lose miserably. He already knew that Ye Chen could kill a Tier 1 fierce beast with one punch.

"Ye Chen, you didn't expect it." Jin Cheng looked at Ye Chen coldly, "I am now a senior reserve warrior!"

Thinking of him being beaten by Ye Chen into a pig's head in the Crystal Palace, he was very angry, and this time he thought that he must make Ye Chen repay it a hundred times.

"Stop talking nonsense, come on." Ye Chen said lightly.

Seeing the indifferent expression on Ye Chen's face, Jin Cheng couldn't help but jump into a rage.

Thousands of spectators thought that they could finally see the battle, and they opened their eyes a bit bigger than usual.

"Okay!" Jin Cheng smiled coldly, "Ye Chen, take it!"

With the sound falling, Jin Cheng rushed towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at Jin Cheng faintly, although Jin Cheng and he were both senior reserve fighters, the difference in strength was not too big.

There is already an insurmountable gulf between the two with medium strength talent alone.

At the moment when Jin Cheng was approaching Ye Chen, Ye Chen gave a punch lightly.

This fist pitted against Jin Cheng's fist!

But what everyone didn't expect was that when Jin Cheng's fist was facing Ye Chen's fist, Jin Cheng flew out.

Jin Cheng flew out a few meters away, and slammed heavily on the trial platform, feeling the sky dim.


Jin Yuan on the judge's bench was a little stunned, how could he think that his son would be blown away with a punch.

The warriors were also a little stunned, thinking that Ye Chen and Jincheng were high-level reserve warriors, how could there be a picture of being beaten up with a punch.

Thousands of people in the audience seemed to understand, why they all chose to surrender just now. This is too great.

The students who knew Ye Chen's strength all shook their heads secretly, thinking that Jin Cheng was not to provoke the people on the ground, but he wanted to provoke the heavens.

Perhaps this is what God has done, and it is still forgivable.

It took Jin Cheng a long time to get up from the trial platform, and his face became extremely cold.

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