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 43 Chapter 43: One star warrior

Just when Jin Yuan slapped and the terrifying aura flew towards Ye Chen, Liu Xinghe appeared in front of Ye Chen.

Liu Xinghe blocked the vitality of the attack.

Everyone present was stunned, how could such a scene happen?

"He hurt my son so badly!" Jin Yuan stared at Liu Xinghe, "Do you have to protect him!"

"Jin Yuan, your son uses a powerful pill."

Liu Xinghe smiled coldly, "I want to cancel your son's quota now."

what did you say?

Jin Yuan became angry after hearing this.

"As for your son's injury, isn't it normal to be injured in the competition?" Liu Xinghe looked at Jin Yuan.

Jin Yuan looked at Liu Xinghe, but he was helpless.

Ye Chen looked at Liu Xinghe and Jin Yuan, thinking that Qianqian had said that Liu Xinghe and Jin Yuan had a very good relationship, and now it doesn't seem to be that good, superficial brother.

"it is good!"

Jin Yuan said coldly, and immediately let people help Jin Cheng to leave the trial field.

There is no suspense for this first place, but the second and third have not yet come out.

Then start the competition again!

Finally, the top three came out.

The first place is Ye Chen, the second place is Muhai, and the third place is Liu Qianqian.

The third place can get the body-building pill, the second place can get the Diamond Fist suitable for the reserve martial artist, and the first place is the reserve warrior's promotion potion.

The rewards were distributed to Ye Chen, Muhai and Liu Qianqian's hands.

Afterwards, the students from the three hospitals were brought back by their respective captains.


After returning to An Yue Academy, Ye Chen went to the training room and drank the reserve warrior promotion potion.

The reserve warrior promotion potion can upgrade the reserve warrior to a small level without any side effects.

As soon as he drank it, Ye Chen felt a force in his body starting to impact his internal organs, and he sat on the ground and began to refine the medicine in his body.

The vitality in the body began to condense, slowly condensing into a yuan overseas body.

Ye Chen opened his eyes, and a smile appeared on his face.

"One-star warrior."

As long as you become a one-star warrior, a Yuanhai will be condensed in your body, and Yuanhai is the place where vitality is stored.

Although the strength of the advanced reserve warrior and the one-star warrior is only a small difference, the real strength is very different.

Only when you become a one-star warrior can you use your vitality.


"Since the host has become a one-star warrior, congratulations to the host for obtaining a treasure chest."

The voice of the system suddenly appeared in his mind.

Ye Chen's face became a little exciting, he did not expect that there would be a treasure chest.

"turn on!"

"Congratulations to the host for acquiring the Yuan Ling Batian Jue."

Ye Chen was startled, Yuan Ling Ba Tian Jue?

He checked the role of Yuan Ling Ba Tian Jue.

Yuan Ling Batian Jue: After practicing, you can have twice the Yuan Sea, regardless of any realm, Yuan Sea will have twice the amount.

Ye Chen was a little surprised. In other words, as long as he cultivated this Yuanling Batian Secret Art, the Yuanhai in his body could become two, and then the two-star martial artist could have four Yuanhai?

"Excuse me, does the host cultivate Yuanling Batian Jue?"



"Yuan Ling Batian Jue successfully cultivated."

As the prompt sound of the system fell, the Yuan Hai in Ye Chen's body turned into two. In an instant, Ye Chen only felt that his strength had risen to the next level.

You know, the two Yuanhais not only increase their vitality, but also increase their strength several times.

Although he is only a one-star warrior now, he has the Yuanhai of a two-star warrior, plus the intermediate strength talent, low speed talent, strong bull demon fist and shadow step, presumably defeating the two star warrior is also very easy.

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