I Copy Talents - Chapter 44 Does Anyue Academy Have Martial Arts

I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

 44 Chapter 44: Does Anyue Academy have martial arts?

Ye Chen opened his own property panel:

"Host: Ye Chen."

"Age: 15 years old."

"Cultivation talent: advanced."

"Attribute talent: medium strength talent, low speed talent."

"Realm: One-star warrior."

"Skills: Yuan Ling Batian Jue (None), Da Niu Moquan (low-level Xuan-level) Shadow Step (high-level yellow-level

Ye Chen thought that the level of this Yuan Ling Ba Tian Secret Art was actually non-existent. After a few seconds, he was relieved, thinking that this should be the use of powerful martial artists, and weak ones.

Afterwards, he walked out of the training room.

"Second talent."

"Second talent."

"Lower talent."

The talents of the students in the square appeared in his retina.

Ye Chen can copy new talents now, but where to copy good talents, this is really difficult.

I think there will be a holiday in one week, so let's take a holiday.


Ye Chen suddenly remembered something.

Generally speaking, only one-star martial artist can truly practice martial arts. An Yue Academy should have martial arts.

After all, don't do it for nothing.

Then he walked towards the principal's office.

Not long after, Ye Chen arrived at the principal's office, and he knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Not long after, the voice of the principal Zhang Fenghe came from the principal's office.

Ye Chen opened the door and walked in.

At this time, in the principal's office, besides principal Zhang Fenghe, there were also several teachers.

Lin Gensheng and Yang Feng's head teacher Wang Qiang were also there.

"It's Ye Chen, what's the matter with you?" Zhang Fenghe said.

The teachers also looked at Ye Chen puzzled.

"Principal, does An Yue Academy have martial arts?" Ye Chen asked.

Zhang Fenghe and several teachers were startled when they heard the words, and a look of astonishment appeared on their faces.

"Ye Chen, why are you asking this?" Zhang Fenghe was puzzled.

"I think I will graduate soon and want a martial arts skill." Ye Chen said.


Zhang Fenghe and several teachers were stunned.

"Ye Chen." Zhang Fenghe looked up and down Ye Chen, "have you become a one-star warrior?"

"I was originally an advanced reserve warrior. After refining the reserve warrior promotion potion, I am naturally a one-star warrior." Ye Chen said.


Zhang Fenghe and several teachers were startled in shock.

"Ye Chen, you won't tell me that you have completed the refining of the reserve warrior promotion potion, right?" Lin Gensheng also looked at Ye Chen in amazement.

"Yeah, what's so strange?" Ye Chen was a little confused.

Lin Gensheng and Zhang Fenghe looked at each other in shock, only two words came into their minds, enchanting!

It takes at least ten days to complete the refining of the reserve martial artist to upgrade the potion. Ye Chen's speed is too fast.

Zhang Fenghe and Lin Gensheng suddenly had an idea in their minds, that is, only if Ye Chen is given time, this son will surely rise up and become the supreme warrior.

"An Yue Academy does have martial arts..."

Before Zhang Fenghe had finished speaking, Ye Chen interrupted him.

"Principal, I only need Xuan-level martial arts." Ye Chen said.

Everyone in the principal's office was stunned when he said this.

As long as the Xuan-level martial arts will do?

The students who went out of Anyue Academy were at most only intermediate reserve fighters. Now there are not only two senior reserve fighters, but also one one-star fighter.

Senior reserve fighters cannot practice martial arts, so the school does not store any skills, only a yellow-level low-level martial arts tiger palm.

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