I Copy Talents - Chapter 45 Angry Wang Qiang

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 45 Chapter 45: Angry Wang Qiang

The principal Zhang Fenghe's face showed an awkward look.

"Ye Chen, An Yue Academy only has one Huang-level low-level martial arts."

Ye Chen was stunned. He only had a yellow-level low-level martial arts?

Ha ha.

At this time, Wang Qiang gave a cold snort.

"Ye Chen, don't you know that only the master of the Xuan-level martial arts can exert its true strength." Wang Qiang looked at Ye Chen sarcastically, "Moreover, a one-star martial artist cannot practice Xuan-level martial arts."

Wang Qiang was Yang Feng's head teacher. After field trials and ferocious beast observations, he never liked Ye Chen.

"Teacher Wang." Ye Chen turned his head to look at Wang Qiang, and said lightly, "This will not bother you."

Wang Qiang's expression changed, "Do you dare to talk to me like this?"

"Why don't you dare?" Ye Chen looked at Wang Qiang.

He naturally felt Wang Qiang's hostility, everyone is like this, do you still smile to welcome him?

Ye Chen couldn't do it anyway.

"Good good!"

Wang Qianglian said three good things, which represented his anger at the moment.

"Ye Chen, don't think that you are now the number one genius of An Yue Academy, and you can speak to me like this after taking the first place in the three academies!" Wang Qiang looked at Ye Chen hard.

"Name: Wang Qiang."

"Cultivation talent: inferior."

"Realm: Two-Star Warrior."

In the past, Wang Qiang is definitely the person Ye Chen needs to look up to, but today is different from the past, he is not afraid of Wang Qiang anymore.

But he didn't want to continue to pay attention to him, so he looked at Zhang Fenghe and said, "Principal, just that yellow-level low-level martial arts."

"Okay." Zhang Fenghe nodded, "Teacher Lin, take Ye Chen to get it."

Lin Gensheng nodded, and when he was about to leave the principal's office with Ye Chen, Wang Qiang's voice came into his ears again.

"Ye Chen, do you want to leave like this?"

Ye Chen and Lin Gensheng stopped and turned back one after another.

"Wang Qiang, are you endless, right?" Lin Gensheng looked at Wang Qiang disdainfully, "I think you are jealous."

"That is, I am jealous that their class does not have a student like Ye Chen."

"I often hear Wang Qiang speak ill of Ye Chen."

Several other teachers in the principal's office also spoke.

The class that Wang Qiang previously led was the first in the field trials every time, so that when he walked in school, he walked with his head raised, and his image was not bad at Anyue College.

When Wang Qiang heard these words, his expression became pale with anger.

"I'm not jealous!" Wang Qiang stared at Lin Gensheng and Ye Chen, "I mean Ye Chen is rude, and he dares to speak to the teacher like this!"

Ye Chen understood. Wang Qiang wanted him to apologize. He secretly sneered and looked at Wang Qiang and said:

"I'm sorry, Teacher Wang, I always talk like this, but it doesn't mean I'm rude."

Wang Qiang became furious when he heard this, staring at Ye Chen and shouting:

"Ye Chen, if you are not a student of Anyue College, I will let you know the fate of offending me!"

"Teacher Wong!"

Zhang Fenghe shouted at Wang Qiang.

Ye Chen thought that Wang Qiang was ready to refuse, but why was he afraid?

"Teacher Wang." Ye Chen looked at Wang Qiang faintly, "Then you don't think of me as a student of An Yue College."

As soon as he said this, not only Wang Qiang, but everyone in the principal's office was shocked.

"Ye Chen, what's the matter with you?" Lin Gensheng said, pulling the corner of Ye Chen's clothes.

Ye Chen didn't speak, and still looked at Wang Qiang faintly.


"The principal, you also heard it. Ye Chen said so."

Wang Qiang snorted coldly, and then said to Ye Chen: "Ye Chen, then do you dare to fight with me in the trial field?"

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