I Copy Talents | Chapter 46 | Yellow Level Low Level Martial Arts Tiger Palm

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 46 Chapter 46: Yellow-level low-level martial arts tiger palm

Zhang Fenghe, Lin Gensheng, and several teachers were a little stunned when they heard this, and they didn't expect Wang Qiang to say this.

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They all thought that Wang Qiang was crazy, and they wanted to fight Ye Chen on the trial ground, and they were not afraid of being laughed at.

hen Zhang Fenghe was about to stop him, Ye Chen spoke first:


what! ! !

The teachers in the principal's office never expected Ye Chen to agree.

"Okay!" Wang Qiang looked at Ye Chen with a cold expression, "This is what you said, then I will see you in the trial field tomorrow!"

After speaking, Wang Qiang went out.

"Ye Chen, what's the matter with you, do you think you can defeat Wang Qiang if you become a one-star warrior?" Jin Gensheng looked at Ye Chen.

"Don't worry, Teacher Lin, I'm sure." Ye Chen spoke slowly.


The teachers were shocked again, how sure about the one-star warrior versus the two-star warrior?

This, this... They couldn't figure it out anyway.

Later, Ye Chen and Lin Gensheng walked towards the school library.


When the two arrived at the library, there were more than a dozen students reading books about martial arts, and Lin Gensheng led Ye Chen to an inner room.

"Ye Chen, this is the Yellow-Order low-level martial arts Tiger Cloud Palm."

Lin Gensheng took out a box from Negri, which was covered with dust.

Ye Chen took the box and opened it, and the Huang-level low-level martial arts Tiger Cloud Palm appeared in front of him. Although it was different from what he expected, no matter how small the fly was, it was meat.


"Huang Tier low-level skill Tiger Cloud Palm is detected. Does the host practice?"

The voice of the system appeared in Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen was surprised secretly, this system can still detect martial arts? This is too bad.



"Huang Tier low-level skill Tiger Cloud Palm successfully cultivated."

Listening to the falling of the system prompt, Ye Chen's face couldn't help but become ambiguous.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing in a daze?"

Lin Gen was puzzled and shook his hand in front of Ye Chen's eyes.

"Oh, Teacher Lin, put the tiger cloud palm in place." Ye Chen said.

Lin Gensheng was startled and didn't understand what Ye Chen meant.

"Ye Chen, you won't tell me you look down on this tiger cloud palm, right?" Lin Gensheng stared at Ye Chen and asked.

Ye Chen smiled, "No Teacher Lin, I have successfully practiced Tiger Cloud Palm."

After hearing this, Lin Gensheng quickly touched Ye Chen's forehead with his hand, thinking about why he didn't have a fever and said he was confused.

In just such a short time, did you successfully cultivate the yellow-level low-level skill Tiger Cloud Palm?

Lin Gensheng did not continue to ask, he himself believed that Ye Chen looked down on this tiger cloud palm.

"Ye Chen, why do you want to fight Wang Qiang."

Lin Gensheng looked at Ye Chen, he was really puzzled about this.

"Because..." Ye Chen was silent for a few seconds, "Because I want to try my strength."

After practicing the Yuanling Batian Jue, he had two Yuanhais of a two-star warrior in his body, and also had two major attribute talents. He felt that defeating a two-star warrior should be a very simple matter.

"You must lose." Lin Gensheng sighed, "Although I also hate Wang Qiang, it is impossible for a one-star fighter to defeat a two-star fighter."

Ye Chen smiled again, "Perhaps there may be a miracle."

After speaking, Ye Chen walked out of the library.

Lin Gensheng touched his head, miraculous?

With the miracle thing, can a one-star warrior defeat a two-star warrior?

In short, Lin Gensheng didn't believe it.

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