I Copy Talents | Chapter 47 | If I Win I Will Confess To You In Front Of The School

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 47 Chapter 47: If I win, I will confess to you in front of the school

Ye Chen was about to fight Lin Gensheng. I don't know who said it. It didn't take long for the entire Anyue College students to know.

All the students in Anyue College blasted the pot, and most of the students felt that Ye Chen was too powerful, and he wanted to fight his teacher.

A small number of students felt that Ye Chen was too arrogant, thinking that he could defeat the teacher if he suddenly emerged? Ridiculous.

After Ye Chen came out of the library, he slept under a tree with a crooked neck in the square, and all the students on the square cast shocked eyes at him.

Liu Qianqian came over.

The students quickly looked at Liu Qianqian.

"Ye Chen, what the **** is going on with you." Liu Qianqian looked at Ye Chen who was sleeping.

Ye Chen opened his eyes reluctantly when he heard this, and a lazy look appeared on his face.

"It's you, Qianqian."

After speaking, Ye Chen yawned.

"Why are you fighting Wang Qiang?" Liu Qianqian's white face was very anxious, "You should know that Wang Qiang has never liked you."

Ye Chen smiled, "Don't worry Qianqian, I am now a one-star warrior."

One star...Warrior?

Liu Qianqian was startled, "Yes, but Wang Qiang is a two-star warrior."

Two-star warrior?

Isn't that over?

Ye Chen pretended to be scared.

"Now that you are afraid?" Liu Qianqian looked at Ye Chen.


Ye Chen smiled leisurely, "I Ye Chen still don't know what fear is."

Liu Qianqian was shocked, "Ye Chen, do you think you can defeat Wang Qiang or not?"

"Yes." Ye Chen nodded, "Can't I beat him."

Liu Qianqian looked at Ye Chen with a confident face, she didn't know how to speak.

"Right." Ye Chen looked at Liu Qianqian suddenly, "Qianqian, if I beat Wang Qiang tomorrow, how about I confess to you in front of the whole school?"

"you you..."

Liu Qianqian's face suddenly turned red.

"When is it all, why are you still playing tricks?"

Ye Chen smiled, "That's it, you have to agree to it then."

Liu Qianqian made a big blush. She originally came to persuade Ye Chen not to fight Wang Qiang, but now it seems that she can't help it.


Proving ground.

Today's trial field, all the teachers and students of Anyue School have arrived.

Ye Chen and Wang Qiang fight!

The duel between students and teachers, if it is placed in the past, let alone have seen it, or even heard it.

I saw Wang Qiang stepped onto a trial platform and stared at Ye Chen in the crowd.

"Ye Chen, come up!" Wang Qiang shouted.

Liu Qianqian pulled Ye Chen's clothes corner, "Be careful."

Ye Chen nodded, and then walked towards the trial platform.

At this moment, Yang Feng's face was very proud. After he learned that Ye Chen was going to fight Wang Qiang, he was so excited that he did not fall asleep all night, and the picture of Ye Chen being beaten by Wang Qiang was constantly flashing in his mind.

Finally arrived the next day.

Finally, he knew that such a picture was coming soon.

Ye Chen has already stepped onto the trial platform.

The two began to confront each other, their eyes facing each other, as if a battle was about to come.

"Ye Chen, in order not to bully the small, I can deal with you with one hand." Wang Qiang stared at Ye Chen and said.

"No need." Ye Chen shook his head.

Wang Qiang's expression was cold when he saw this. He really couldn't think of where Ye Chen's confidence came from. Could it be that he became a one-star warrior with confidence?

But he is a two-star warrior! ! !

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