I Copy Talents | Chapter 48 | Fight With Wang Qiang

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 48 Chapter 48: Fight with Wang Qiang

Everyone in the trial field looked at Ye Chen and Wang Qiang.

Suddenly, Wang Qiang moved!

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s Wang Qiang said, he only used one hand, and the other hand was behind him.

The moment Wang Qiang moved, Ye Chen also moved, and he used the shadow step.

Shadow Step is a yellow-level advanced martial art, coupled with low-speed talent, its speed is evident.

"Shadow step again!"

The principal Zhang Fenghe and these teachers have seen Ye Chen use the shadow step more than once.

Wang Qiang did not expect Ye Chen to be so fast, but he was still able to clearly capture Ye Chen's figure.

It's now!

Wang Qiang slammed Ye Chen's body with a punch, and the power of a punch from a two-star warrior could be imagined.

He knew that as long as he punched out, Ye Chen would be knocked down instantly, and this battle would also end.

But what he didn't expect in any case was that Ye Chen actually avoided this punch.

"Yellow-level advanced martial arts, shadow step!" Wang Qiang said coldly.

When Ye Chen and Muhai fought, he knew that Ye Chen would cover the shadow step, although he didn't know how Ye Chen had cultivated the yellow rank skills as a senior reserve warrior.

When Ye Chen avoided Wang Qiang's punch, he punched Wang Qiang over.

Wang Qiang naturally reacted and threw a punch.

The fists of the two have already met!

What everyone didn't expect was that Wang Qiang stepped back dozens of steps, and only almost fell to the ground.

how is this possible! ! !

Everyone in the trial field was dumbfounded, and they couldn't even believe it was true.

"You, how could your power be so terrifying?" Wang Qiang looked at Ye Chen in shock.

But Ye Chen didn't talk nonsense with Wang Qiang, raised his palm, and slammed it out.

"Tiger Cloud Palm!"

Tiger Cloud Palm can enhance its own palm strength and make a roar of a tiger.

Ye Chen walked towards Wang Qiang with a palm.

Wang Qiang opened his eyes wide, and he hurriedly raised his fist to resist, but how could his fist resist Huang Ti's low-level skill Tiger Cloud Palm.

Wang Qiang was knocked over in place!


Everyone present was shocked, and took a breath.

But the most shocking is the teachers at An Yue College.

Zhang Fenghe swallowed his saliva and looked at Lin Gensheng in amazement, "Gensheng, are you sure you haven't secretly given Ye Chen Tiger Cloud Palm before?"

Lin Gensheng was also dumbfounded. Ye Chen knocked Wang Qiang to the ground. He was not so shocked yet. He remembered that Ye Chen looked at Tiger Cloud Palm for more than ten seconds yesterday and then returned it to him.

But now, Ye Chen used Tiger Cloud Palm!

Yang Feng even took a few steps back and sat on the ground, his face was full of disbelief, as if he had seen a scene that would never be possible.

Liu Qianqian stared at the figure on the trial stage blankly. She suddenly remembered what Ye Chen said to her yesterday:

"If I beat Wang Qiang tomorrow, I will confess to you in front of the whole school."

She thought it was just a joke, but now it seems to be coming true.

Although she didn't know why Ye Chen was so strong.

Not to mention them, even Wang Qiang himself felt incredible.

Wang Qiang got up angrily from the ground!

"Ye Chen, I didn't expect you to be so strong!" Wang Qiang looked at Ye Chen tightly.

Ye Chen smiled frankly, "Teacher Wang, I haven't used my real strength yet."

Hearing this, Wang Qiang couldn't help but gritted his teeth.

"Ye Chen, then I will let you see how powerful my Fengying Fist is!" Wang Qiang stared at Ye Chen and shouted.

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