I Copy Talents | Chapter 49 | Defeat Wang Qiang

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 49 Chapter 49: Defeat Wang Qiang

Wind Shadow Fist?

Lin Gensheng's pupils shrank sharply.

"Wang Qiang is ready to use the advanced yellow-level skill Fengyingquan!"

On the trial stage, Wang Qiang raised his fist and looked at Ye Chen viciously.

His fists began to gather vitality!

Everyone in the trial field opened their eyes wide, and even many people held their breath.

"Ye Chen, the next punch!" Wang Qiang stared at Ye Chen, "I will let you know the fate of offending me!"

Ye Chen looked at the Yuan Li on Wang Qiang's fist, and to be honest, he didn't feel any danger.

Because of the existence of Yuan Ling Ba Tian Jue, although he is a one-star warrior, Yuan Hai and his strength are comparable to two-star warriors.

"It's just a yellow-level high-level skill." Ye Chen's face showed a touch of sarcasm, "What is scary."


Everyone in the trial field did not expect that Ye Chen could still say such words at this moment.

"court death!"

When Wang Qiang heard this, he was furious.

When the sound fell, Wang Qiang pushed out a fist towards Ye Chen.

"Wind Shadow Fist!"

The shadow of the fist formed by Yuan Li immediately attacked Ye Chen with a very fast speed.

Seeing dozens of fist shadows, Ye Chen couldn't help but smile coldly, thinking you have fists, am I going to have them?

"Strong Bull Demon Fist!"

Ye Chen slammed out with a fist, his fist surged and his strength increased greatly.

The Dali Niu Moquan does not have any vitality attached, it looks like such an ordinary punch, but it can give people a feeling of shock.

But I saw: Ye Chen's powerful bull demon fist collided with dozens of fist shadows, and suddenly the fist shadow transformed into Yuanli disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.

how is this possible!

Wang Qiang opened his eyes for the biggest time in history, and he couldn't believe it was true anyway.

Everyone in the trial field was also shocked to the point where it could not be added, and could not recover for a long time.

"You, what punch did you use just now?" Wang Qiang looked at Ye Chen in shock.

Ye Chen faintly replied: "Strong Niu Demon Fist."

He didn't know why Wang Qiang was shocked. His powerful Bull Demon Fist was a low-level martial art of the Profound Order, not to mention that it was stronger than the high-level Huang-level martial art, his mid-strength talent was doomed to this victory.

Wang Qiang had never heard of the Great Bull Demon Fist. He looked at Ye Chen in amazement, only to find that there was no fluctuation on Ye Chen's face.

"Teacher Wang, let me use all the martial arts." Ye Chen looked at Wang Qiang, "Don't let me defeat you like this."

When Wang Qiang heard this, his face changed, and Fengyingquan was his strongest martial skill.

"Ye Chen, you, you!"

Wang Qiang has some no idea how to speak.

Afterwards, Wang Qiang gritted his teeth.

"Ye Chen, do you think you just won like this?"

Ye Chen didn't answer, he looked at Wang Qiang indifferently, wanting to see how he would move next.

Suddenly, Wang Qiang rushed towards Ye Chen without using any martial arts, just like this.

Ye Chen smiled to himself, is this because of the poor skills of the Ass, well, I will send you to the trial platform!

Seeing Ye Chen's speed suddenly skyrocketed, he arrived in front of Wang Qiang and punched Wang Qiang.

Wang Qiang was forced to resist, and his strength was on the same level as Ye Chen, and he immediately flew out.

Only this time, he did not fall on the trial platform, but fell under the trial platform.

In other words, Wang Qiang lost, and lost terribly.

"Ms. Wang Qiang lost?"

"This, is this true?"

"It's not true. Teacher Wang Qiang has flown to the trial platform."

In spite of this, many students rubbed their eyes and felt that they were mistaken, but no matter how they rubbed them, the result was the same.

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