I Copy Talents | Chapter 52 | Do You Want Me To Let Go Now

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 52 Chapter 52: Do you want me to let go now?

Ye Chen looked at the three people in front of him. They were all junior reserve warriors, and he had also heard of the Ghost Gang.

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The three junior reserve fighters saw that Ye Chen did not intend to give up their seats.

Boy, you are impatient with your life, right?" a man stared at Ye Chen and shouted.

"Disappear." Ye Chen looked at the three junior reserve fighters faintly, "Before I get angry."

Not only these three junior reserve warriors, but Lin Man was also stunned, how could he think Ye Chen would say such a thing.

"I let you pretend!"

With that, a junior reserve warrior struck Ye Chen with a punch.

Ye Chen didn't want to chat with them, and only issued the yellow-order advanced skills, Tiger Cloud Palm.

In an instant, the roar of the tiger suddenly appeared, and the man who punched Ye Chen fell to the ground, howling in pain.

Martial arts?

Star warrior! ! !

The remaining two men were shocked. They even dreamed that Ye Chen would be a star warrior.

They are only junior reserve fighters, and they can't beat the star fighters anyway.

"Should I get away now?" Ye Chen looked at the two men in front of him.

Where did the two men dare to be fierce, they said tremblingly, "Don't dare, don't dare."

"Disappear." Ye Chen spoke slowly.

The two men hurriedly ran out as soon as they received a pardon.

"and many more!"

Just when the two men were about to run out of the gate, Ye Chen stopped them.

"There is another person." Ye Chen said lightly.

The two men hurried over to help the man who fell on the ground and howled, and then fled the scene.

The gap between the junior reserve warriors and the star warriors is too big, not to mention they don't know that Ye Chen is a few star warriors.

"Ye Chen, are you actually a star warrior?" Lin Man's eyes opened wide.

"Yes, Sister Man." Ye Chen looked at Lin Man with a shocked look. "Is it strange that I am a star warrior?"

Lin Man swallowed his saliva and couldn't help but remember what Ye Chen said to her just now. She originally thought that Ye Chen's trip to the Baiyun Middle School of Training was fake, but now it seems that she was wrong.

"Ye Chen, I don't think the ghost gang will give up, you should go elsewhere to avoid it." Lin Man said.

The poor area is not large, and the owner of the small restaurant also knows her, and he can know their news by just inquiring, plus the influence of the Ghost Gang in the poor area is too great.

"Sister Man, it's okay." Ye Chen replied.

He would naturally not leave. If he did, Linman would be miserable. He knew this very well.

"Then you have to be careful." Lin Man said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, and after eating well, he returned to the rented house.

The night is starry.

Ye Chen lay on the bed and couldn't fall asleep.

Although he is now the strongest student in the entire East Base City, he still uses the pebbles to hit the rocks in the face of the Ghost Gang, thinking that the Ghost Gang will come to him, what should be done?

Ye Chen thought for a long time but didn't think of a way, and then he simply didn't think about it anymore.

He knew that the Ghost Gang would come to him, but he didn't expect to come so quickly.

The next day, the sun shot through the window and shone on Ye Chen's face. He opened his eyes and just stretched out. The violent knock on the door and Lin Man's panicked voice came into his ears.

"Ye Chen, Ye Chen, the ghost gang members are here!"

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