I Copy Talents | Chapter 53 | One Star Warrior Tang Hu

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 53 Chapter 53: One Star Warrior, Tang Hu

Ye Chen opened the door, and Lin Man appeared in front of him with a flustered look.

"Ye Chen, the ghost gang members are here, what should I do?" Lin Man swallowed his saliva. "When I went shopping just now, I found dozens of ghost gang members came here."

tens of?

Ye Chen was silent for a while, thinking that if he wasn't too strong, then he should be able to catch the thief and the king first.

"Here," Lin Man said in horror.

Ye Chen looked around and found that dozens of men in black had already come here, their phones holding a black steel axe, looking terrifying.

"Sister Man, go in first." Ye Chen said while looking at Lin Man.

"then you..."

Before Lin Man finished speaking, Ye Chen interrupted him.

"Don't worry about me." Ye Chen gave Lin Man a relieved look, "I'll be fine."

Afterwards, Ye Chen let Lin Man into the room, he closed the room and walked downstairs.

When he walked downstairs, dozens of people from the Ghost Gang also stopped.

All the passers-by around were hiding far away for fear of hurting themselves.

"Seven brother, it's him!"

A junior reserve warrior pointed to Ye Chen and said.

This reserve warrior was one of the three men yesterday.

The man named Qi Ge looks like a tiger with a back and a waist, is in his thirties, and is over 1.8 meters tall. He looks very oppressive.

"Are you the one who hurt my ghost brother?" The man looked at Ye Chen firmly.

"Name: Tang Hu."

"Cultivation talent: inferior."

"Realm: One-star warrior."

Looking at the realm of Tang Hu, Ye Chen sighed secretly. He didn't expect that the strongest among these dozens of people was only a one-star warrior.

You know that the three men yesterday knew that he was a star warrior, but that's right, if there are stronger star warriors, there is no need to come so many people.

"Yes." Ye Chen nodded.

Tang Hu sneered, staring at Ye Chen and said, "I can't think of a figure like you out of the poverty area, so even the Ghost Gang would dare to provoke!"

"If you want to fight, fight, where is so much nonsense." Ye Chen spoke slowly.

Most of the dozens of Ghost Shadow Gang members are ordinary people, not even in the physical training realm. They are Tang Hu and two junior reserve warriors.

Tang Hu is only a one-star warrior, and Ye Chen is absolutely sure that he can instantly kill him in seconds.

"Okay!" Tang Hu looked at Ye Chen coldly, "Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!"

"Give me up!"

At the sound of falling, dozens of black-clothed men rushed towards Ye Chen with steel axes.

These people are just ordinary people, and Ye Chen is naturally not afraid of them.

Suddenly, Ye Chen moved!

Huang Tier advanced martial arts shadow step, how can these ordinary people react.

Dozens of men were stunned, and quickly searched for Ye Chen's figure, only to find that Ye Chen had already gone behind them.

How did Tang Hu and these two junior reserve warriors think of such a scene?

Immediately, Ye Chen arrived in front of Tang Hu.

He threw a punch!

Tang Hu hadn't reacted at all, the punch hit the bridge of his nose, and he only stopped after a few laps.

The two junior reserve warriors were so frightened that they raised their steel axes and prepared to slash at Ye Chen.

But where could the junior reserve martial artist be Ye Chen's opponent? Ye Chen punched them one by one, directly knocking them faint and falling to the ground unconscious.

Ye Chen also grabbed a steel axe.

At this moment, dozens of black-clothed men from the Ghost Shadow Gang reacted and rushed towards Ye Chen.

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