I Copy Talents | Chapter 54 | Ruthless People Out Of Poverty

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 54 Chapter 54: Ruthless people out of poverty

Tang Hu got up from the ground, Ye Chen hit his nose with a punch, and his face was full of blood at this moment.

"Kill him for me!" Tang Hu gritted his teeth and roared.

Just when dozens of black-clothed men were about to get to Ye Chen's side, Ye Chen left in front of them again.

Tang Hu was shocked, just because he discovered that Ye Chen was coming towards him, and the speed was extremely fast.

Before he could react at all, a steel axe hit his neck.


Tang Hu was shocked, he looked at Ye Chen and found that Ye Chen's face was full of indifference.

"You, what are you doing?"

Ye Chen smiled coldly, "It's not what I want to do, but what you want to do."

Seeing this, dozens of men in black immediately stopped.

Tang Hu found that Ye Chen's pupils actually had a beast-like look, and he knew that such a person could do everything.

"I, we don't want to do anything." Tang Hu looked at Ye Chen and said in amazement.

Tang Hu's cold sweat had already come out. When Ye Chen punched him just now, the power was too great, and he didn't dare to think that Ye Chen was a few-star warrior.

Ye Chen smiled coldly, he turned around and looked at dozens of black-clothed men who were somewhat at a loss.

"Just you people also imagine that Ye Chen made the move, not to mention you, even if the number of people doubled, it is not my opponent."

"I want to kill you, like butchering pigs and dogs!"

Ye Chen is really not bragging, these dozens of people in black are just ordinary people, it is really not difficult to kill them.

But then again, although the laws in the poor areas were not so sound, dozens of people were killed at once, no matter who they were.

The words of dozens of black-clothed men Ye Chen from the Ghost Shadow Gang were all frightened. They didn't understand why a fifteen or sixteen-year-old person was so cruel.

Tang Hu also had to be so scared that he looked at Ye Chen in horror.

Ye Chen smiled lightly, "I will let you go now, but remember, don't play tricks, you should know my speed."

Yin Luo, Ye Chen threw the steel axe in his hand on the ground.

If Tang Hu was given a new life, where would he dare to attack Ye Chen again, hurriedly shouted:

"Go! Go!"

A group of people hugged their heads and left here.

Lin Man could see clearly through the window, she only felt that Ye Chen had become different from when he first came, and the childish little boy was flying into the sky.


Ghost Gang.

Tang Hu and dozens of people from the Ghost Gang ran to the Ghost Gang headquarters without stopping.

Everyone in the Ghost Shadow Gang didn't understand what happened to Brother Seven, how could it look worse than being chased by a fierce beast?

Tang Hu rushed directly to the ghost gang hall.

There are six middle-aged men in the hall, they are talking about something.

"Big Brother!"

Tang Hu shouted.

The six middle-aged men were all startled.

In addition, Tang Hu is a total of seven brothers, seven of whom manage the Ghost Gang.

"Old Qi, what happened?"

A man looking at the 47-year-old said to Tang Hu.

This man is no one else, but Tu Xiao, the leader of the Ghost Shadow Gang.

"Brother, there are cruel people from the poor area!"

Out, out of ruthless people?

The six were a little surprised.

"What the **** is going on, tell me." Tu Xiao asked Tang Hu.

Immediately, Tang Hu hurriedly recounted all the events.

Tu Xiao understood instantly, he looked at Tang Hu, "Old Qi, do you know who that person is?"

Tang Hu began to think about it. He vaguely heard that Ye Chen seemed to have said his name. A few seconds later he remembered it.

"Brother, his name is Ye Chen."

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