I Copy Talents | Chapter 55 | Random Treasure Chest

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 55 Chapter 55: Random treasure chest

Ye Chen?

Tu Xiao thought about it, he felt that the name seemed familiar.

The other five people in the hall hadn't heard Ye Chen's name, and they all wanted to say something cruel, but it was obvious that Tu Xiao was meditating, but they didn't say it.

Originally, there were only nine people on the judging bench, but because he was the strongest in the poor area, he was invited. You must know that the other nine people are all decent figures in East Base City. He is a shit!

Tang Hu and a few others were taken aback, not understanding why the eldest brother was like this.

"Big brother, don't you want to tell us that Ye Chen has a sky-reaching background?" Tang Hu looked at Tu Xiao carefully.

Several people also looked at Tu Xiao quickly, wondering how Tu Xiao would answer.

Tu Xiao sighed heavily, and told the story of the East Base City Third Hospital Grand Competition.


Tang Hu and the others were stunned.

"But eldest brother, hearing what you say, Ye Chen is a super genius at best, are you afraid that a student will fail?" Tang Hu asked puzzledly.

Tu Xiao's face sank, "You know what a fart!"

"Do you know who Ye Chen's backing is?"

"who is it."

"Liu Xinghe!"

Liu Xinghe, the strongest in East Base City?

Tang Hu was stunned, they naturally did not expect Ye Chen's backing to be Liu Xinghe.

"Our ghost gang is a fart in front of Liu Xinghe, they can kill us before they snap their fingers." Tu Xiao said.

Tang Hu and the others were all frightened. Where did they meet someone like Ye Chen in the poverty-stricken area before, this time they kicked the iron plate.

"Brother, what do you think you should do now?" Tang Hu looked at Tu Xiao in amazement.

"What else can I do, I can only ask Ye Chen to forgive me." Tu Xiao looked at a few people, "Take a heavy gift and we will go together."


Ye Chen was lying on the bed, and the sound of knocking on the door came again.

"Ye Chen, are you there?"

It was Linman's voice.

Ye Chen got up and opened the door.

"Ye Chen, I still don't worry." Lin Man said to Ye Chen.

"Don't worry?" Ye Chen was a little puzzled, "Sister Man, why don't you worry about it."

Lin Man looked at Ye Chen, "I think you still have to hide, after all, the power of the Ghost Gang is too great."

Seeing Lin Man's anxiety, Ye Chen felt a sense of not knowing how to describe it.


"Congratulations to the host for getting a random treasure chest."

Ye Chen was startled, random treasure chest?

He opened the treasure chest:

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining a low-level talent."

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the talent of ice."

"Congratulations to the host for the opportunity to integrate talent into others x2."


Ye Chen couldn't help being a little dumbfounded.

He doesn't care about low talents, but this cold talent?

This is an attribute talent!

And this is the attribute talent of the Nature Element, as long as there is this talent, it is a peerless genius that the major forces are looting.

He suddenly looked at Lin Man. Of course he knew Lin Man had always had a dream of a warrior.

"Sister Man, do you want to become a martial artist?" Ye Chen looked at Lin Man.

Lin Man was startled, but he didn't expect Ye Chen to say such words suddenly.

"I think it's useful, I don't even have talent."

Lin Man shook his head.

To be continued



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