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 8 Chapter 8: Talent test, advanced talent

The principal Zhang Fenghe knew that there were some powerful forces, among which the disciples would choose to go out to practice. He thought that Ye Chen might belong to a certain powerful force.

And a teacher told him just now that when Ye Chen shook Bai Jun, his fist strength increased greatly. This was definitely a skill.

"Ye Chen, since you can't say it, don't say it, can you test your talent?"


Every student studying at Anyue College will test their talents when they enroll.

Ye Chen felt that there was nothing to conceal. If he said that he was a high-level talent, these teachers would definitely be skeptical. It would be better to test instead.

"Well, Teacher Lin." Principal Zhang Fenghe looked at Lin Gensheng, "Take Ye Chen to the talent test room."


Lin Gensheng took Ye Chen out of the principal's office.

"Ye Chen, in the field training the day after tomorrow, you and the Qianqian team must take first place and give me a long face."

Lin Gensheng's face became bitter, and then he said to Ye Chen: "Don't you know that in every third grade field training, the class led by Wang Qiang wins first place."

"I see, Teacher Lin." Ye Chen didn't want to talk to Lin Gensheng too much, "Ms. Lin, let's go to the talent test room."

The students on the square saw Lin Gensheng and Ye Chen walking towards the talent test room, and they started to talk.

"Is Senior Ye Chen going to test his talent?"

"Does this need to be said? Even Bai Jun was beaten by Ye Chen with a punch. Of course Ye Chen's senior will not be a weak talent."

"Then what are you waiting for, let's go see it too."

Most of the students in Anyue College are second-class talents, and the low-class talents are pitifully few.

Immediately, the students also walked to the talent test room.


Talent test room.

Ye Chen stood under the test instrument, filled with students, all wanting to see what kind of talent Ye Chen was.

The test equipment began to scan Ye Chen's body, and a few seconds later a set of information appeared on the screen:

"Name: Ye Chen."

"Cultivation talent: advanced."

"Realm: Intermediate reserve warrior."

High talent?

The students were stunned, and the intermediate reserve fighters seemed so small compared with the advanced talents.

The two geniuses of Anyue College, Yang Feng and Liu Qianqian, are only moderately talented, and throughout the history of Anyue College, there has never been a student with high talent.

"This this..."

Lin Gensheng, Ye Chen's head teacher, rubbed his eyes quickly, for fear that he had made a mistake, but no matter how he rubbed it, the information on the screen did not change.

Afterwards, Lin Gensheng rushed out like a madness.

Ye Chen turned around and found that the students in the talent test room opened their eyes wide, as if they had seen something that would never happen.

"High-level talent..." Ye Chen thought for a while, then said to the students: "It's not too high."



Lin Gensheng yelled outside the principal's office.

Lin Gensheng rushed into the office with a look of joy on his face.

"Gen Sheng, seeing you so happy, Ye Chen should be a medium talent."

Several other teachers in the office also nodded, thinking that Ye Chen is of medium talent.

"The principal, not a medium talent, but a high talent."

what! ! !

Zhang Fenghe and several teachers were all dumbfounded.

High talent?

"Gensheng, what you said is true?"

Zhang Fenghe asked quickly.

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