I Copy Talents | Chapter 9 | The Field Trial Begins

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

 9 Chapter 9: The field trial begins

What does high talent mean?

Not only Anyue Academy, but also the entire East Base City has never seen a genius with high talent.

In the principal's office, Zhang Fenghe and several teachers looked at each other. If Ye Chen said that his background was not simple and they were still skeptical, then this suspicion has now disappeared with the test of Ye Chen's talent.

"Principal, I think you can give Ye Chen the blood of the beast directly." Lin Gensheng looked at the principal.

"No." Zhang Fenghe shook his head, "You can only get the first place in the field training of fierce animal blood."

Ye Chen was a matter of high talent, and it didn't take long for it to spread throughout An Yue College, and all the students and teachers took a breath.


Two days later.

All the third-year students of Anyue College stood on the square, with hundreds of people.

"Second talent."

"Lower talent."

"Second talent."

The talents of the students kept appearing on Ye Chen's retina.

Ye Chen found that he could only see the talents of others within ten meters, and he could copy the talents within ten meters.

"Hello students!"

The principal Zhang Fenghe said to the students on the stage.

"Today is a field trial for third-grade students. Field training is based on hunting beasts as points. You will get a points table and a random backpack."

"The first place in the team; each person can get advanced exercise techniques; the second place in the team, each person can get a blood pill; the third place in the team, each person can get a hemostatic pill."

"All squads are composed of five people, and students are formed voluntarily. All students with the highest points will receive a bottle of blood."


The students in the square were dumbfounded.

Fierce animal blood?

You know that is the blood that can recast the flesh.

After the dumbfounded, the students began to boil with enthusiasm.

After distributing the score sheet and random backpacks to all the students, two teachers took the students to the field.

In the wild of East Base City, there are many fierce beasts. After the vitality entered this world, the beasts also mutated and became extremely fierce.

However, it is far from reaching the level of the fierce beast, and with their current strength, when facing the fierce beast, there is absolutely no possibility of survival.


Transit forest.

The border crossing forest is the largest gathering place for wild beasts outside the East Base City. I don't know how many wild beasts are inside, and the area is scary.

"Students, everyone enters the transit forest from various entrances, but you should never go deep into the transit forest."

Immediately, 30 teams entered the transit forest through each entrance.

Liu Qianqian is the leader of the team. The members are: Ye Chen, Wang Hai, Zhang Xiaoshi, and Xiao Wei.

Except for Ye Chen, the three of them are in the tenth realm of body forging.

The teams that entered the Transit Forest were given names. The team that Ye Chen was in was called Liuye Team, which was Liu Qianqian's surname and Ye Chen's surname.

"Brother Ye, this time with you and Sister Qianqian, we must be first." Wang Hai said with a smile.

"Then you need to talk about it." Xiao Wei glanced at Wang Hai, "Ge Ye is a high-level talent, an intermediate reserve warrior."

Ye Chen's class now, regardless of male or female, calls him Ye Ge.

"We can't take it lightly!" Liu Qianqian said.

The five people walked forward, and the trees in the crossing forest were very large. The ancient trees were towering to the sky, and the sunlight was difficult to enter, which looked terrible.

"Hiss, hiss~"

Suddenly, a strange sound came into the ears of the five people.

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