A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 100


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 100. Configuration Demolition (2)

There were several  bodies on the floor.  They were from the Alpha Class parties of the Hebrion Academy. The Clothes Lines that boast such strong defense were torn and blood leaked from lacerations that covered their entire bodies.

But these weren’t fatal wounds. The wounds themselves were not that deep.


The reason they had died from such shallow wounds was from the poison that the Tyrant-Tula injected into their bodies.

The poison of the Tyrant-Tula, which was definitely classed as belonging  to  a  monster  of  the  highest  level,  was  powerful enough to paralyze and melt the inside of the body on contact.

Due  to  the  power  of  such  a  poison,  they  were  immediately eliminated and marked to return to reality…

However, something had gone wrong.


The noise easily echoed throughout the desiccated passageway.

One of the bodies rolled over. Black legs sharp as blades ripped into it as the beast ravenously devoured it.

*Splash* *Splash* *Splash*

There  was  a  loud  sound  of  filthy  water  spilling  onto  the ground.

This  process  was  repeated  several   times.   Each  body  was meticulously  wrapped  into  a  spider  web.  The  figures  of  each quickly disappeared as they were sealed within the spider’s silk. Before  long,  the  bodies  that  once  littered  the  hallway  were securely stowed within their new silk cocoons.

The silk that was once visible started to turn transparent and

before long the grisly scene was no longer visible.  The sharp, knife-like  legs  were  also  concealed  in  spider  silk  and  became transparent.

The  blood  and  bodies  that  were  strewn  everywhere  had disappeared,  as  if  they  had  never  existed.  There  was  only  an empty passage leading into the distance.

Not too long after, the presence of people could be detected and the passage that was completely silent up until  then was filled with the echoes of a voice.

“The  reason  why  Tyrant-Tula  is  dangerous  is  due  to  the poison on the edge of its legs.  There is also a special  gimmick related to its spider silk.”

The source of the noise was none other than Desir’s party.

Desir   moved   forward   carefully.   The   filthy   water   on   the ground splattered everywhere as the party traipsed through it.

“Tyrant-Tula’s web has the effect of making anything that it wraps transparent.”

Most people knew this but Desir explained it for the sake of anyone who didn’t.


Desir stopped.

[Create Water]

Water droplets were suspended mysteriously in the air.

“Yes. It’s literally invisible. Tyrant-Tula has transparent webs everywhere  like  this  and  wraps  itself  in  them.   That’s  why nothing is visible.  To unknowing prey, there’s nothing in this passage.”

Given how empty it was, believing such a monster existed in the  passageway  they  were  currently  standing  in  was  rather difficult.

“If  we  go  fast  and  get  caught  in  a  spider  web,  we  will  get attacked  by  an  invisible  enemy.   This  is  why  people  avoid Tyrant-Tula’s nest.”

“What do we have to do then? Is there something special? ”

Freechel asked with curiosity after Desir’s explanation.

Desir nodded.

“The principle of the spider’s webs in this passage is simple: Tyrant-Tula uses the webs to sense and attack its prey. So, how should we overcome this?”

“Well… don’t touch the web at all?”

“That’s impossible.”

Desir pointed at the passage extending straight ahead.

“You  can’t  see  them,  but  from  this  point  on,  there  are

countless spider webs.  As soon as you touch any of the webs, Tyrant-Tula   will come   running. It’s   incredibly   fast   and invisible. You have no chance of coping. What can we do?”

After  no  one  could  offer  a  suggestion,  Adjest  opened  her mouth.

“What  about  sabotaging  the  spider’s  perception?  Since  we have  to  touch  the  web,  we  need  to  make  it  so  we  can  break through without being detected.”

Desir clapped.

“That   is   the   correct   answer.   Tyrant-Tula’s   perception   is restricted  to  the  spider’s  web.  In  other  words,  if  we  irritate several  spider  webs  at  the  same  time,  its  perception  will  be confused. That’s the opportunity that we have to aim for.”

Its   limited   perception   was   Tyrant-Tula’s   only   exploitable weakness.

“Hit the web with magic and shake Tyrant-Tula’s perception. Of course, we can’t just invoke random magic.”

Desir opened his palms.

“To induce a stimulus strong enough that masks other human movement  at  the  same  time,  we  must  hit  at  least  five  magic spells of at least the Second-Circle at the same time.  This will give Tyrant-Tula no chance to recognize us.”

“Let me take that role, Desir.”

Adjest hurriedly suggested.

“It’s possible for me to arrange more than five spells at the same time at my level.”

“You can arrange five spells but the problem is landing them at the right time. That kind of accurate magical arrangement is something only I can do.”

No mistakes were allowed. At the same time, the magic had to hit a thin spider web.

“I’ll  distract Tyrant-Tula from a little bit further away.  You break though in that chance.  Once you do, I’ll  be right behind you.”

“Is this a guaranteed method for success?”

“… Of course.”

In   the   strange   gap   between   the   question   and   answer, Romantica frowned.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m serious. I’m sure of this.”

Eventually, Romantica sighed and allowed the plan.

After getting everyone’s consent, Desir began preparation for his part in the plan.

“Even  though  Tyrant-Tula’s  perception  via  its  spider’s  web

can be avoided, be careful not to get stuck in its webs. They still have great adhesive force, so proceed with caution.”

“I know that much.”


They got ready to run after exchanging a few more pieces of advice with each other.

“One… Two… ”

Five spells were formed in front of Desir.


As soon as Desir invoked the spells, all party members except Desir began to run.

Pram swung his sword forward, cleaving open a webless path for the party to traverse.

Desir watched them escape quickly.

After that, the magic arrangements in front of him stopped and faded away.

‘Did it work?'

Desir  checked  that  all  of  them  had  escaped  and  sighed  in relief.

‘They  would  never  allow  me  to  do  this  if  I  told  them  the truth.’

It  was  true  that  Tyrant-Tula’s  weakness  was  disrupting  its perception, but the way Tyrant-Tula perceived its prey was very different to what Desir had explained.

Desir had to deceive his party again since the actual  method did guarantee the safe escape of the bait.

‘The real way it perceives people is… ’

Desir  reached  his  hands  forward  and  felt  something  on  his fingertips. He caught the web.

Entangling it, he brought it to his heart.

‘Bio  signal.   And  amongst  them,  it  responds  the  most  to heartbeats.’

Tyrant-Tula’s  favorite  food  was  ‘live  prey’.   Inevitably,  it responded the greatest to bioreactions.

Desir stopped breathing and began to concentrate.

‘Recognizing changes in environment:’

‘Detect  the  slightest  changes  amongst  this  absolute  silence. Nothing seems to have changed on the surface.’



After a moment or two, dust and debris began to fall  off the walls.

Desir smiled.

“How  many  monsters  do  you  think  I’ve  killed?  Hundreds? Thousands?”


Tyrant-Tula appeared out of nowhere and ripped through the air, aiming to skewer Desir through the back with its leg.

Although there was the expectation that it could only make a small  wound to the Clothes Line of a single ranker, it was still incredibly dangerous due to its terrible poison, able to kill  its opponent with just the slightest cut from its leg.

So far, no student had ever been able to attack it, since it was able to appear out of nowhere.

At least so far.

However,  Desir  naturally  reached  towards  his  back  as  if expecting such an attack.

And with the spell that formed behind him -


When   Desir   opened   the   gate,   his   eyes   and   ears   were immediately assaulted by Romantica’s loud displeasure.

“What took you so long, Desir?!”

Desir smiled and replied.

“Ah,  I  made  a  mistake  and  failed  to  disrupt  its  perception. Fortunately, I ran as well.”

“You idiot!”

“Well, what’s our ranking anyway?”

“Yes, our ranking!”

Everyone  in  the  party  turned  on  their  communication  pads and checked the leaderboard.

The leaderboard on the communication pad was as follows:


1st: Unknown Party. Leader: Desir Arman

Progression Points 2350, Party Points 1900

2nd: Blue Moon Party. Leader: Argeria G Roglan Nimbias

Progress Points 2320, Party Points 1850

3rd: Red Dragon Party. Leader: Radoria von Dorice

Progression Points 2200, Party Points 1700


The party looked at each other in a mixture of surprise and joy.


They had succeeded in taking first place.

They had surpassed the Blue Moon party.

“Let’s  continue  on  with  this  momentum  and  clear  it  all  at once.”

“I agree!”

“I will do my best.”

“Well, you should.”

While  everyone  merrily  continued  down  the  passage,  Desir noticed a scratch on his finger.

‘Hm… It may be from the debris.’

‘It’s pretty painful for a simulated 30 percent pain limit… am I just imagining things?’

Desir  kept  his  thoughts  to  himself.  He  couldn’t  give  them anything else to worry about. Des1r entered the fifth zone while rubbing his bloody finger on his lapel.



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