A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 101


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 101. Configuration Demolition (3)

1st: Unknown Party. Leader: Desir Arman

2nd: Blue Moon Party. Leader: Argeria G Roglan Nimbias

3rd: Red Dragon Party. Leader: Radoria von Dorice

Desir’s party, that had only been in 3rd place up until  now, suddenly reached the top rank in an instant.  Confirming this fact with his communication pad, Kelt took a deep breath.

‘This is rather ridiculous.’

The increase in points was massive. It was never meant to be possible to reverse the rankings like this.

Snapping  out  of  his  reverie,  Kelt  looked  around  to  confirm how  the  others  were  handling  this.  The  reaction  of  the  Blue Moon party members was fairly similar across the board. They all felt horrible.

“They just passed us? That doesn’t make sense. We are at the last zone of the second stage.”

“This doesn’t make sense at all.  The difference between our progress points was almost 500. That’s like three zones worth of distance… ”

How did they shorten the point gap? How did they catch up? Kelt Nippleca could only think of one possibility.

‘No way… Did they take on the Tyrant-Tula passage?’

Other than that, it was impossible to explain.

It was not easy to locate the Tyrant-Tula in its natural habitat, let alone take it on. The Blue Moon party was skilled enough to do so, but not without taking casualties. If the party suffered a great loss in the second level, it was almost impossible to reach the third stage of the dungeon.  It simply wasn’t necessary to attack   Tyrant-Tula   when   there   were   such   large   demerits associated with doing so.

‘He is not a man that would gamble like that.’

After   recalling   what   he   knew   about   Desir   Arman,   Kelt Neppleca immediately corrected this view.

‘If he knew that he could do it safely… ’

After  sorting  out  his  thoughts,  Kelt  shared  his  hypothesis behind  the  Desir  party’s  meteoric  rise  in  the  rankings.  After contemplating the matter, the Blue Moon party leader, a first place   single   ranker   of   the   third-grade,   Argeria   G   Roglan Nimbia’s  expression  turned  into  one  of  utter  seriousness.  He intuitively felt that this was the only reasonable explanation for the phenomena.

Argeria glared at the leaderboard on his communication pad and after confirming the rankings for the umpteenth time, he finally opened his dried lips.

“… this can’t be. ”

The Blue Moon party was the largest gathering of Alpha Class talent.   In  other  words,  it  was  the  most  powerful   party  in

Hebrion Academy.

They  were  provided  with  high  quality  armor  and  weapons suited for the best of the best.  Professor Pugman also invested heavily  in  them  to  demonstrate  the  superiority  of  the  noble class.  It  was  due  to  this  fact  that  Prof.  Pugman,  who  was  in charge of this party, had placed his high expectations on them to do well in this tournament.

Argeria  turned  to  Kelt,  who  happened  to  be  standing  right next to him.

“Kelt,  did  the  professor  tell  you  anything  before  the  party competition started?”

“Be sure to defeat the Desir party… ”


Argeria  knew  how  Prof.  Pugman  felt  about  Desir.  For  Prof. Pugman, who had fully subscribed to the belief that nobles were superior to commoners in every way, he was like a thorn under one’s  nail.  In  particular,  Desir  was  directly  combatting  this

ideology  of  noble  supremacy  by  including  Beta  Class  party members in their party for this competition.

If he was beaten by a party like Desir’s…


Argeria  suddenly  felt  a  bout  of  intense  anxiety.  He  was  no longer  so  certain  about  his  well  being  after  this  competition ended.

Argeria’s footsteps that were laden with all kinds of thoughts suddenly came to a stop.

He pointed forward after signaling the party members to be quiet.

Desir’s  party  was  resting  where  his  finger  pointed  at.   It seemed like they had just finished fighting a tough battle and were in the middle of a short break.

The  Blue  Moon  party  unexpectedly  felt  a  growing  sense  of

relief and thrill.

“This is our chance, leader.”

The sixth place ranker of the third grade, M’né whispered.

“If they just finished attacking the Tyrant-Tula, there is no chance  that  they  are  in  fighting  condition.  Let’s  attack  them before they recover.”

The Blue Moon party was shaken out of their depression.

Surely as he said, this was their best chance.

“Furthermore, they are not as vigilant as they normally would be. If we attack them all of a sudden then… ”

A voice cut off M’né’s goading.

“It’s silly for us to attack them.”

It was Kelt. He had pointed his finger at Desir’s party a little earlier than the rest of the party members even realised what was in front of them.

“Look at them now. Do you think they look tired?”

The party members looked over towards them again.

“Um… ”

Desir’s  party  was  laughing  and  relaxing.  It  didn’t  look  like they  were  tired  from  conducting  a  massive  battle  at  all.  No wounds  could  be  seen.  It  wouldn’t  even  be  a  surprise  to  see them suddenly leap up and start fighting.

“I don’t know what they’ve done but they’ve defeated Tyrant-Tula without sustaining any damage from it.”

Kelt continued.

“I’m  honestly  not  convinced  that  we  can  win  against  them

without losing. So while they are taking a break, I suggest just ignoring them and moving on quickly.”

Argeria nodded. This course of action had merit.

He had heard several rumors about Desir Arman. Whether the rumors were true or not, the recurring theme was that he was not one to be trifled with.

Even if some of their party were from Beta Class, he wasn’t sure that they could easily win.

Then, will we just pass by them?

Argeria shook his head. They couldn’t do that either.

“But   if   we   don’t   deal   with   them   now,   we   may   end   up regretting it.”

After all, it was Desir’s party that had overturned a significant point difference in one go. Even if they managed to regain their lead, they couldn’t be sure that Desir’s party wouldn’t do the

same thing again.

“If that’s the case, are we going to attack them then?”

“As Kelt mentioned earlier, we can’t. Even if we defeat them, the damage to our side will  be huge.  We would be helping the Red Dragon Party by doing so.”

“If so… ”

“We don’t have to attack them directly, do we?”

“The Great Worm.”

A mean grin found its way onto Argeria’s face.

“Do they have a trait that would summon a crowd of them?”


Romantica’s detection magic spread out encompassing a large distance.

She   drew   the   dungeon’s   terrain   on   paper   based   on   the information that she got from the detection magic and handed it over to Desir.

“Okay, this is the path we should take.”

Desir’s party was smoothly raiding this dungeon.  They were calmly killing monsters and destroying traps. Then proceeding forward until something else came into range of their detection magic, before repeating the entire process again. They had been doing this for so long that it had almost become a comfortable routine for the party.

After  the  fifth  cycle  of  spreading  out  detection  magic  since their short break, Romantica started to complain…

“How long do we have to keep on doing this for?”

Rather than being taxing on one’s mana or magic formation skills, detection magic consumes a lot of mental  power due to

the  strain  from  processing  the  sheer  volume  of  information from it. She had repeated this process of detection and fighting several times already, so she could not help but be tired.

“I’m almost done, Romantica.”

Desir showed her a nearly completed map.

“We will find the exit out of the fifth zone soon. There is not much left for us to explore until we inevitably find the entrance to the third stage.”

Romantica took back the map and pen from Desir.

“… Alright. I’ll invoke it again.”

In the front of Romantica, detection magic arrays started to form again.



They were finding less and less obstacles and monsters after coming  this  far.  A  huge  vacant  cavern  soon  appeared  in  her senses, as well as a set of stairs that led downwards.

Romantica smiled.

“I’ve found it.”

“Well done, Romantica.”

“But wait, there’s something in front of it. This is… !”

Romantica’s voice suddenly softened in despair.

“There are Great Worms!”

“We’ve met one or two Great Worms already. You don’t have to make such a fuss now.”

“You idiot! I said Great Worm “S”! Not one or two! More than thirty!”

Desir’s pupils instantly dilated.




As  if  to  prove  the  words  of  Romantica,  the  sound  of  the ground crumbling from far away echoed down the passage.

The  sound  was  getting  closer.   The  ground  also  began  to vibrate. Dust billowed up in great big clouds.

“Everyone get into formation!”

Desir’s   party   began   to   quickly   move   into   battle   ready

positions.  In the meantime, a conversation was quickly shared between the worried party members.

“What, what happened?”

“This can’t be happening. Great Worms basically move alone unless a wounded worm runs away and calls a colleague… ”

“We defeated everything clearly! We didn’t miss a single one!”

“We did indeed.  Unless someone was fooling around and let one go… Wait a minute.”

Desir raised his head.

“No way… ”

The  ground  started  to  crack  with  a  crumbling  sound  and  a bunch of Great Worms jumped out of the wall  and on to the floor as if they were swimming through water.

That wasn’t the end to them though. A procession of worms filed  into  the  area,  seemingly  ready  to  overrun  the  party. Explosive  bursts  of  dust  and  stone  debris  were  continually launched.


There were sparks as Takiran’s great sword and the body of a Great Worm collided. Pram’s sword pierced the body of a Great Worm in an instant, like a blinding flash of light. Bodily fluids started  pouring  out  of  the  wound.  A  myriad  of  spells  were launched by Adjest, Romantica and Desir.

Great Worms by themselves were not particularly strong in comparison to Desir’s party. However, the growing problem in this situation was the sheer number of them. They were rapidly losing control.

At that time, the Blue Moon party moved past Desir’s party, ignoring the Great Worms as if to prove Desir’s hypothesis.

“Take care.”

They  continued  to  move  along  while  flashing  smirks  filled with ridicule.

Kelt turned and looked at Desir. As soon as their eyes met, he bowed slightly to Des1r and followed after his party again.



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