A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 102


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 102. Configuration Demolition (4)

Blue Moon Party quickly moved away from the fight that kept the Desir party occupied. The sound of fighting gradually faded away, until just the footsteps of their party of six could be heard in the now silent cave. Argeria finally broke the silence.

“Did we make it?”

His excited voice echoed in the labyrinth. Other voices agreed with the assertion in agitation.

“Did  you  see  how  embarrassed  they  looked?  It  was  truly  a spectacle.”

“It looked like they were struggling to survive.”

It was a simple plan.  Killing that many Great Worms would take a lot of time, no matter which party was confronted with such a situation, regardless of whether it was Desir’s party or their own.

The Blue Moon party used this situation to increase their lead over Desir’s party.

“You look unhappy, Kelt.”

Kelt turned to look at Argeria.

“I don't know if this will come back to bite us or not.”

“Think  of  it  as  a  mock  skirmish.  Can  you  defeat  an  enemy while taking care of them? Think of the enemy party as virtual beings   in   a   mock   Shadow   World.   There   really   is   no   big difference between those two concepts here anyway. Even if you die in here, you don’t really die.”

“Of course, that is… ”

“If  your  mind  wanders  during  practice,  how  will  you  stay focused in a real  dungeon? It’s your responsibility to prioritise the party and your own wellbeing over the enemy’s. Unless you take this seriously, one day you’ll  get both yourself and your party killed.”

After sharing his advice, Argeria focussed back on the cave in front of himself and increased his pace.

Kelt, however, looked over his shoulder to confirm whether he had any regrets.

‘I  can’t  believe  that  defeating  other  parties  in  this  way  is acceptable.’

Even though he thought that this was an inevitable situation, he still felt guilty in some small part of his heart.

They  had  not  defeated  them  with  their  ability  but  through their own cowardice.

‘I guess the ends justify the means.’

Kelt   remembered   what   his   brother   had   told   him   and reluctantly turned his head forward and focused on the path in front of him.

Not long afterwards, they broke through the last zone within the second stage.

“I found it! There’s an exit just up ahead.”

Indeed,  in  just  a  short  moment,  the  narrow  labyrinth  had widened  and  a  huge  space  was  revealed.  A  spacious  hall  was nestled in the middle of this open area. It was large enough to accommodate hundreds of people simultaneously. What would have normally been a dark and foreboding chamber was instead brightly lit. The walls were composed of some kind of luminous stone,  which  emanated  a  bright  light  more  than  capable  of lighting up a room.

“We’ve finally arrived.”

The hall was so silent that a pin drop could be heard. Argeria’s murmur was hence loud enough to fill  the hall  with its echo. There was a door opposite to the side they had entered from. It was probably the passage to the third stage.  Once they passed through it, they would be the first ones to enter the third stage.

Argeria confidently stepped forward and his party members followed him.

Without any warning, a sound loud enough to tear eardrums reverberated throughout the hall.

The Blue Moon party came to an abrupt stop.

“It’s a Great Worm.”

Great Worms made a unique, but loud, noise due to the way they ate and displaced the ground as they moved.  Unless they had  heard  wrong,  this  was  obviously  the  sound  of  a  Great Worm.

‘Have some of them been chased off by Desir’s party?’

Kelt felt that this was possible.

The number of Great Worms that the Blue Moon party had led to Desir’s party was about a thousand. It was plausible for some of them to have chased the Blue Moon party instead of staying to fight Desir.

*Crack* *Craaack*

The noise of digging coming from the walls was exceptionally loud. The walls soon began to show signs of cracking while the noise   assaulting   their   ear   drums   increased.   As   the   cracks continued  to  grow,  the  luminous  stone  illuminating  the  area began to dim and soon the light disappeared completely.


One by one, the luminous stone walls faded to dark.  Before they knew it, the surroundings had become pitch black.

“Secure vision of the area.”

On Argeria’s command, the wizards of the Blue Moon party arranged and invoked various illumination spells.

[Light Whisper]

[Candle Swift]

They continually unleashed light spells. Before too long, there were a dozen light sources that formed a huge central source of light as well as many periphery smaller light sources that spread out to cover the area. One might think that the luminous stone had turned back on, if not for the massive shadow that loomed over the Blue Moon party.

“… !”

Kelt doubted his own eyes.

It moved in like a massive wall, preventing all  escape.  This was  an  area  that  could  afford  space  to  hundreds  of  people simultaneously, which made the size of this being all  the more frightening.

A party member shouted in alarm.

“… is this the work of a Great Worm?”

“No, this is too much… Then it must be… !”

It was too big to call it a Great Worm, based on what they had seen before. No, this was something that stimulated the fear of man due to its sheer size.

The surface of its exoskeleton reflected the light.  The giant which had not yet left the wall  had already filled the hall  with its enormity. Its legs, as if made up of dozens of broken knives somehow glued end to end, made a grating noise as they moved in-sync with its constant cycle of breathing.

As they began to recognize exactly what exactly they were up against, the party who had thought that they were the strongest began to feel embarrassed.

At the same time, a notification sounded.

-'Great   Mother   Worm'   has   appeared   in   response   to   the massive amount of Great Worm blood that has been spilled.

The Great Mother Worm who oversees the Great Worms feels threatened by the death of so many Great Worms and will now kill all intruders that it finds.

-A hidden quest has appeared.

Defeat  the  Great  Mother  Worm  in  order  to  advance  to  the next stage.




Stone fragments scattered everywhere. A Great Worm protruded from a wall.  Almost instantaneously, Pram’s rapier penetrated  the  Great  Worm’s  head.  Pram  then  took  one  step forward  while  spinning  his  rapier  round  and  round,  piercing the Great Worm in many different places.  Bodily fluids burst out, splattering over a wide area.


The Great Worm twisted and fell  to the floor, intermittently spasming.

Pram  stabbed  his  rapier  a  few  more  times  into  its  body  to ensure it was dead.

He then turned around to identify any other nearby threats. A short distance away, he saw a Great Worm wriggling backwards, attempting to dig a path to escape.

‘I have to handle that before it’s too late.’

Pram flitted forward.

[Ragna Break]

Pram glanced backwards at the source of the sudden explosion behind him. Half of a Great Worm was roasted black while the other half of it was flying away as Desir reached out to Pram.

“Don’t  go  too  deep  on  your  own,  Pram!  We  must  maintain formation.”


Pram realized he had acted too hastily, and hurriedly returned to his position.

“I understand that this is a hassle, but we cannot relax until this battle is over.”

Pram replied in embarrassment.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Meanwhile,  wind  magic  poured  out  from  the  center  of  the party formation and mutilated the Great Worm trying to escape back into the ground.

Their tactic for this battle was dead simple.

The  swordsmen,  Pram  and  Takiran,  confronted  the  Great Worms in front of them to halt their advance and protect the party. In the meantime, Adjest and Desir dealt massive damage with their magic while Fritzel  flexed to assist the party where

required.   Finally,   when   Great   Worms   attempt   to   escape, Romantica deals with them via sniper magic to prevent more reinforcements from coming.

The battle was nearing its end.  There were not many Great Worms left that could still move. Adjest took out the last Great Worm, signaling that the battle had ended.

“It’s finally over.”

Innumerable  slices  and  chunks  of  Great  Worm  littered  the ground that was flooded with bodily fluids. It was as if they had defeated all of the Great Worms in this dungeon.

As the party’s adrenaline wore off, they finally took in their surroundings. The odor wafting from the body fluids and Great Worm viscera was nauseating, and quickly became the source of the party’s anguish.

Romantica frowned at the unpleasant environment.

“Really, that was just too many. They’re really pushing their luck.  Those Blue Moon party guys, no matter how much they

hate us, how could they do something so shameful? ”

Pram   also   spoke   up   while   shaking   off   fluid   that   had accumulated on his rapier. He did not sound like his usual self, sounding far more upset than Desir had ever heard him before.

“That Blue Moon party is so dirty.”


Adjest looked the same as usual on the surface, but it was clear that she was also angry. Even though the battle was now over, the way she carried herself remained the same.

Everyone was filled with anger at the Blue Moon party and annoyed at the senseless fight they had to undertake.

In the meantime, Desir focused more on other things than his seething rage at the Blue Moon party. He looked at the carcasses of the Great Worms scattered everywhere.

“Mm… there were too many. This was too dangerous.”

Pram chirped in response next to him.

“We’ve already handled everything, Desir.”

Desir  silently  collected  and  burned  the  bodies  of  the  Great Worms.  His party members were curious at what he had been doing,  acting  completely  normal,  instead  of  joining  them  in expressing their rage.

As  he  continued  working,  he  started  talking  to  the  party members.

“In   order   to   control the   Great   Worms   in   an   artificial environment like this, there is a need for an entity to lead and manipulate   them.   A   being   that   represents   the   will   of   all colonies. Of course, this entity usually doesn’t get involved and instead remains in the colony that they spawn in…”

Sensing  how  seriously  Desir  was  treating  the  situation,  the party members all quietly listened to him.

“However,  when  it  comes  to  situations  where  the  entire colony  is  threatened,  this  all  changes.  When  so  many  Great Worms all die at once… it might make a move.”

“I see, so… ”

“We definitely need to get rid of all  traces of this battle.  It absolutely can’t know how many we slaughtered. This entity is really tricky to deal with. Very annoying.”

Desir looked at the burning flames. In the flames, the body of a Great Worm crumbled and scattered to ash.


Adjest was looking far away into the dark.

“I think we are already too late.”



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