A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 103


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 103. Configuration Demolition (5)

“We’re going to break through.”

Argeria decided to move forward with the appearance of the Mother  Great  Worm.  He  could  not  give  up  the  attack  in  this way.

They decisively fell back to launch their assault.

“No matter how strong it is, there’s still only one enemy. If we do our best, we can somehow get past it.”

He felt that they could win. They were the strongest party of Hebrion Academy, after all.

The modifier ‘strongest’ was never an exaggeration. They had two Fourth-Circle wizards and three Rook-Level knights in their party.

No other party that participated in this party competition had this much power at their disposal. This was something only the

Blue Moon party could achieve.

No  matter  how  strong  the  opponent  was,  it  was  just  one enemy  afterall,  and  it  was  against  the  best  six  people  in  the Academy student body.

The plan was also perfect.

While Rook-Level  knights and Third-Circle wizards slow the Mother Great Worm, the two Fourth-Circle wizards, including Kelt, would unleash magic that could damage the Mother Great Worm.

It was fine if they failed to defeat it.  They could just break through if they keep it preoccupied for just a few seconds as a result of their offensive.

For a party this well equipped and with a plan this fool-proof, moving on to the third stage was a guarantee.

After they re-entered the hall, they put their plan into action. They  used  shields  to  form  a  barrier  of  defense  against  the Mother  Great  Worm’s  acid  and  the  wizards  used  magic  to

damage it.

As everyone expected, the battle was proceeding smoothly.

But it was all just a delusion.

The tail of the Mother Great Worm, which was buried in the wall  up until  that moment, freed itself from the wall  and sped towards the party.

A  massive  amount  of  dirt  was  flung  into  the  air,  obscuring everyone’s sight.  At the same time, the Mother Great Worm’s tail struck someone in the neck.


Their head was flung from their body.  The body fell  down a bit later.

Shortly afterwards, an announcement sounded.

[Kashu Madahit is eliminated.]

Argeria whined in complaint.

“Damn it! Such an idiot! How could we lose someone here?! ”

If just one person dropped out at the second stage, it would be very  difficult  to  get  far  in  the  third.  Without  going  this  far though, it would be very difficult to deal with the Mother Great Worm in front of them.

The opponent in front of them was like a boss monster from a Level  Three Shadow World.  It was a very powerful  opponent. Even  as  the  Blue  Moon  party,  they  would  need  to  try  their absolute hardest to have a chance at beating it.



Argeria  screamed  as  some  part  of  the  Mother  Great  Worm bounced off of his shield.

“Focus on your opponent first!”

Focus was the most important thing when dealing with strong monsters.

There was no way out of this now.  He would be eliminated and  moved  to  the  real   world.   This  was  the  reality  of  the situation unfolding in front of him.

Unexpectedly though, there was a voice in his ear.

“That… Look over there leader… ”

It was Kelt.


“His body… It’s still there?”

To confirm it for himself, Argeria’s eyes turned towards the party member who had lost his head before.

“Whaaa… ”

The  corpse  that  had  lost  its  head  had  not  disappeared  and instead remained in the dungeon.

“It isn’t gone… ?”

The blood was vividly oozing out of the corpse that had lost its head.

Argeria  was  a  veteran  amongst  veterans  and  immediately noticed what this meant. Not only him but the other Blue Moon party members also realized what situation they were in.

It  meant  that  this  was  no  longer  simulated  training  but  an actual dungeon invasion.

In   this   space   created   by   the   technology   of   the   Hebrion Acedemy,   death   should   be   impossible   and   pain   should   be


Argeria shook his head and tried to deny the reality he was faced with.


As  if  to  immediately  snap  him  out  of  it,  his  wrist  sharply throbbed in pain. When he lifted his gloves, he saw a deep black bruise. This wound was probably caused by blocking an attack from  the  Mother  Great  Worm.  There  was  absolutely  no  pain reduction in effect.

“This is… real… ”

“Kiyaa aaahhh!”

However, the Mother Great Worm in front of him wasn’t kind enough   to   wait   until   they   had   sorted   out   their   thoughts. Opening its mouth wide, it charged at those who had threatened its colony.

“… ”

He thought this was a no-risk environment. He thought it was just a test. That’s why he was willing to take the risk and make such a daring assault.

However,  in  reality  it  was  truly  a  test  with  consequences unlike any practice or mock battle.

If he knew that they were risking their actual lives, he would never have approached this so recklessly. He had taken dozens of precautionary measures to lower the risk of death and figure out all  relevant attack patterns up until  now. This was how he had survived in this dungeon so far.

But it was now too late.

Not only was it too late but the level of the enemy they were dealing with was far from normal.


As  soon  as  Argeria  laughed  at  such  an  incomprehensible situation, the body of Mother Great Worm swept over towards him.


He flew away as if swept by waves on the level of a tsunami.


He  was  in  excruciating  pain.   Argeria  coughed  up  several mouthfuls of blood. All he could taste and smell was blood. His right   arm   seemed   completely   broken   and   the   pain   in   his abdomen was also serious.

Argeria could only tremble in the face of guaranteed death.


Something  was  launched  from  behind  him.  It  was  Fourth-Circle water and electric magic.  They were the most powerful spells that Fourth-Circle mages could invoke.

Magic exploded on the body of the Mother Great Worm. The magic made a loud burst and a brilliant light could be seen by all! The two Fourth-Circle magic wizards had unleashed their strongest spells.


The Mother Great Worm that had been aggressively attacking them so far, temporarily ceased moving.

It was clear that the magic had hit.  Its body was singed all over and part of its outer carapace had even crumbled.

But that was all. It was neither decisive nor fatal. Almost as if it were human, the Mother Great Worm seemed to frown and complain about the pain but it then resumed moving faster than ever.

The  Fourth-Circle  spells  that  had  just  been  used  required  a long time to prepare and using them had merely bought a short reprieve for the party.

Argeria stood up while leaning heavily on his sword. His legs shook in response.

‘However… ’

The  Mother  Great  Worm  was  devastating  the  Blue  Moon party.

It was different from when it had first encountered them.

“Was   our   plan   too   reckless   to   defeat   such   a   ferocious monster?”

They were struggling but it wouldn’t last much longer. They were falling one by one.

If the front knights couldn’t stand, then the next would be the wizards. In short, the party was on the brink of a total wipe out.



The  Mother  Great  Worm  moved.  Its  countless  legs  were  a thing of nightmare now. Its attacks were strong and merciless.

Forget about trying to defeat it, or even getting to the third stage. Was it even possible to survive this ordeal they had gotten themselves into?


“What the hell is happening?”

“Check the situation!”

The Hebrion Academy had a crisis on their hands.

This  was  an  unprecedented  event.  The  Party  Competition, such  a  historical   test,  had  malfunctioned  somehow.   Such  a brutal  massacre was by far the worst tragedy to ever occur on academy grounds.

“We have confirmed that the dropouts in the first stage are safe.”

Those  who  fell   in  the  first  stage  had  all   returned  safely through the shadow gate.  But none of those who dropped out after entering the second level were coming back.

As to why this had happened, the panel in front of them was clearly showing the answer. Those that hadn’t returned had all faced death in the virtual space created for the Party Competition.

There was no exception.

“Is there a problem with the configuration?”

“If so, there should have been abnormalities from the start of the first stage too.”

The biggest problem, above all, is that most of the Alpha Class students  had  entered  the  second  level.  They  were  gradually made aware of the abnormalities, but there were also a lot of

people   who   had   not   yet   noticed.   There   was   also   a   party currently dealing with an enemy beyond their abilities that they couldn’t afford to lose.

“This can’t be happening!”

Pugman shrieked.

The  centre-most  panel  showed  the  party  at  the  top  of  the leaderboard.

The Blue Moon Party.

The Mother Great Worm was flailing its legs and trampling the Blue Moon party members with its massive frame. The acid that it flung melted even rock while its hard carapace acted like an impenetrable armor.

“My brother is in there! What measures can we take… ?!”

As more than two students had died already they were in dire need of assistance. Annihilation didn’t look to be too far away.

“Check the number of students!”

“How  many  Alpha  Class  students  have  entered  the  second level?"

Prof. Bridgette calmly tried to grasp the situation. She slowly but   deliberately   confirmed   what   had   happened   and   what information   they   had   to   work   with.   After   arranging   the information that she had, she then talked, no longer staring at the panel.

“What has happened here? Is there something wrong with the magic ore?”

The virtual  Shadow World was created by extracting traces contained in the magic stone obtained by clearing a real Shadow World.

There were ways to change the various configuration settings, but considering the current situation, there was no choice but to suspect that there was a problem with the ore.

“It  seems  that  the  configuration  in  the  stone  was  changed right before the Party Competition began.”

Prof.  Bridgette’s question was answered by the professor of Shadow World Studies, Pelsta.

“Someone deliberately manipulated what was set in the ore?”

“… I believe so.”

It was the most terrifying possibility.

“Damn it!”

Prof. Bridgette bit her lips.

‘Obviously the security was multiplied several  fold. Someone couldn’t just break in from the outside… ’

Her fine brows furrowed into a frown.

‘How on Earth… No, who the hell did this… ’

It was clearly an act of terrorism against Hebrion Academy.

“Is there any way to force the students to all quit?”

“No,   our   controls   are   completely   unresponsive…   At   the moment, their only chance of survival is to clear the dungeon.”

“So it’s just like a real Shadow World… ”

Listening to Pelstar’s despairing answer, Bridgette looked at the panel in serious contemplation.


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