A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 104


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 104. The Clue to Transcendence (1)

The way forward had been cleared long ago.

Desir  and  his  party  members  ran  towards  the  exit  of  the second stage.

Desir began to briefly explain the Mother Great Worm, the entity that commanded all Great Worms, to his party members.

“Her  strength  increases  as  she  lives  longer,  but  you  can assume that her attacks will be stronger than your Clothes Lines can handle.”

Tough  exterior  aside,  she  was  capable  of  withstanding  any sort  of  physical  attack.  Only  magic  coming  from  at  least  the Third-Circle would be able to pierce her carapace.

If  its  tough  defense  were  the  only  barrier  then  it  wouldn’t pose much of a threat. However…

“Whatever damage we inflict will  be meaningless; her rapid

regeneration allows her to healin an instant.”

“What an unassailable monster… ”

Pram replied in a strained voice.

Almost  impenetrable  defense  and  rapid  regeneration.  How troublesome.

That   wasn’t   even   addressing   her   offensive   prowess. A powerful   attack  coming  from  her  immense  size  couldn’t  be ignored.

“That’s why I’d hoped that the Mother Great Worm wouldn’t show up…”

Desir trailed off.

Adjest said that she had heard the screams of the Blue Moon party.

As they hurried down the passage, a wide-open area appeared. However, all they could see after arriving at the hall was debris and dirt strewn everywhere.

Despite injuries all  over him, Kelt continued invoking spells, deflecting  and  diverting  the  Mother  Great  Worm’s  attacks. Beside him stood Argeria, clutching his mangled arm.

It was a battle that was already lost.

The   frontlines   had   already   fallen.   One   warrior   and   one magician already lay dead.  There was no way that they could stand up to the Mother Great Worm.

There was only one reason why they were still alive.

As  if  she’d  discovered  a  new  toy,  the  Mother  Great  Worm sadistically  tormented  them  as  she  blocked  the  exit  with  her massive body.

Every  time  she  sprayed  acidic  fluid,  screams  from  the  Blue Moon party filled the room.

But there was something else that horrified Desir’s party more than anything.

“Corpses… ?”

Two  bodies  were  splayed  across  the  floor.  Something  that wasn’t supposed to happen in this simulated world.

Desir’s party was shaken.

“… No way.”

“When pushed to the brink of death, you’re transported out of the system. How did this… ”

Desir wordlessly stroked his injured finger.

It ached. No matter how much he thought about it, it felt no different from the real world. In other words, it was dangerous to assume that any of the protective measures set up by Hebrion Academy were still in place.

Desir’s gaze then turned to the two bodies that were scattered on the floor.

‘Does this mean that the safeguards against death have fallen along with our resistance to pain?’

There was no way Hebrion Academy hadn’t caught on to what was happening within the dungeon.  Evaluation footage of the parties’ battles were being transmitted in real-time to the panel of judges.

However,   despite   this   anomaly,   the   parties’   struggle   to survive waged on. This meant that the current situation was out of the Academy’s control.

Since the beginning of Hebrion Academy’s history, this level of disaster had never occurred before.

There were many possible causes, but after recalling what had happened in the Prillecha Empire, Desir narrowed down the list of possible actors right away.

‘… An Outsider.’

Desir looked straight ahead.


The Mother Great Worm let out a scream.

“Desir, what do we do now?”

At Adjest’s question, Desir confided his thoughts.

“Right now, our priority is to take care of what’s in front of us.”

What  had  originally  been  used  as  a  simple  hindrance  to conquering the dungeon, had now come back to bite them as a life-threatening danger.

Desir had to make a choice.

He could help the Blue Moon party that was still fighting, by defeating Mother Great Worm for them. Or he could choose to run away and prioritise the safety of his party members.

Allying  with  the  Blue  Moon  party  would  guarantee  a  win against  the  Mother  Great  Worm,  but  that  didn’t  mean  that everyone would survive the battle.

This  right  here  was  a  real  battle.  Dying  here  would  mean dying  in  the  real   world.  The  best  way  to  protect  his  party members was to leave immediately.

‘… But there’s no way I can do something like that.’

Desir shook his head.

He couldn’t ignore the people dying in front of his eyes.

Although they were nobles that looked down on commoners, their skills were the real deal.

Even within the Blue Moon party that boasted the best skills of Hebrion Academy, they were selected as the elites of the elite. They would later go on to play an active role in saving lives in the  Shadow  Labyrinths  of  the  future.  Letting  them  die  here would change the future he had experienced.

For the sake of clearing the Shadow Labyrinths and for the lives of countless others, he could not just leave them to die.

‘Besides, it’s not just the Blue Moon party that we’re saving. None of the following parties will be able to escape annihilation by the Mother Great Worm if we leave her in this state.’

The   many   parties   that   had   yet   to   arrive   would   do   so eventually, and they would have to face off against the Mother Great Worm too.

If they hadn’t noticed that the configuration of the simulated world was changed, they would have attacked the Mother Great Worm  without  hesitation.  A  dungeon  of  this  level  was  easily defeatable by Alpha Class students of their caliber. Why would they fear a bigger Great Worm?

“Everyone, ready for battle.”

Desir spoke.

At his command, each member of Desir’s party raised their weapons. Desir studied their expressions.

Adjest  was  stone-faced  as  usual.  As  for  Pram,  he  too  was simply following orders.  Romantica may have displayed some signs of disgust, but she wasn’t scared in any way.

They were calm. Despite witnessing the Mother Great Worm overpowering the Blue Moon party and knowing that they could lose their lives, they were unshaken.

After  all,  they  had  already  encountered  a  being  many  fold more horrifying.

The Demon of Destruction, Dadenewt.

‘Compared to then, this ordeal is way easier to deal with.’

It was undeniably a strong opponent, but their experience was unmatched.  They  didn’t  make  the  mistake  of  panicking  like rookies.

‘Seems  like  yesterday  when  we  were  struggling  with  lower level demons.’

However, the two new members were exceptions.

Freechel  and  Takiren  didn’t  dare  move  as  they  stood  with their mouths hanging open. They had been completely overwhelmed by the spectacle before their eyes.

“You two watch from the rear.”

Desir   addressed   Freechel   and   Takiren   before   turning   to Adjest.


“Leave it to me.”

Adjest raised her sword. The ice magic that she cast formed a massive  wall,  splitting  the  gap  between  the  Blue  Moon  party and Mother Great Worm at last.

The sudden appearance of a giant ice wall  took the Mother Great Worm by surprise. For just a split-second, its unrelenting assault ceased.


Romantica’s bullets instantaneously streaked through the air.

She was a Third-Circle magician, but her sniper skills were powerful   enough  that  they  actually  approached  the  Fourth-Circle.

Her   Wind   Bullet   punctured   the   Mother   Great   Worm’s carapace and penetrated deep into her flesh.

The Mother Great Worm stopped her attacks and drew back in pain. At the same time, red foam boiled over the chunk of the body that Romantica had blasted off.


The  damaged  part  was  instantly  restored.   It  was  a  truly exceptional ability.

But  dealing  permanent  damage  wasn’t  the  goal  in  the  first place.

The  real   goal   had  been  the  brief  window  of  opportunity presented as she stood still to regenerate.

During   this   window,   Desir   and   Adjest’s   spells   finished invoking.

[Ice Crown]

The Mother Great Worm’s body was frozen solid.

[Rumble Crush]

Desir’s spell then collided with the Mother Great Worm. With a loud crack, her body started crumbling slightly.


Immediately,   Pram’s   blade   followed   up   and   pierced   the Mother Great Worm’s body.

A  silver  wave  danced  along  the  trajectory,  which  was  then followed by a sharp piercing noise that rang out.

‘Did it not break through?’

As Pram took a step back, he gripped his rapier tightly. In that moment, a faint light trickled out of it.  An aura appeared and wrapped  itself  around  Pram’s  rapier,  albeit  the  quality  of  it showcased  the  inexperience  of  the  wielder.  To  a  swordsman, this was the crystallization of their mastery in the way of the sword.

Pram took a step forward and just like that, he easily sliced into the Mother Great Worm.


A long red mark was drawn across the Mother Great Worm’s body.  Bodily fluid and what appeared to be blood gushed out from the wound.

As this happened, Desir yelled towards the Blue Moon party members.

“Hurry up and escape before she finishes regenerating!”

Foam  bubbled  over  and  spilled  forth.   But  the  undeniable severity  of  her  injuries  meant  that  she  needed  more  time  to heal.

The  Blue  Moon  party  scrambled  to  escape  the  area.  Every single one of them was covered in injuries and they were clearly weary after fighting their hearts out.


The  Mother  Great  Worm  let  out  a  yell  as  she  attempted  to pursue the Blue Moon party that was attempting to escape.

But Desir’s party wouldn’t allow that to happen.

Romantica’s shots rained down and Pram’s blade blocked the Mother Great Worm’s path.

Pram had only recently climbed up the ranks. As a swordsman who  relied  on  his  attacking  skills,  his  defenses  were  rather weak.

Hence why he chose not to take a defensive stance against the Mother Great Worm.


Every  time  he  swung  his  rapier,  the  Mother  Great  Worm’s tough  exterior  cracked,  allowing  him  to  slice  deeply  into  her flesh.

By inflicting damage and forcing her to regenerate constantly,

Pram didn’t give the Mother Great Worm any time to attack. This was only possible for a swordsman that was both talented and wielded a blade crafted out of Blankšum.

While Romantica and Pram bought some time, the Blue Moon party reached Desir.

Fortunately, there were no more casualties, but everyone had sustained heavy injuries. The only people that could still  move were Kelt and Argeria.

“Um… ”

“We can talk after the battle has ended. Can you still move?”

As Argeria struggled to open his mouth, Des1r cut him off with a curt answer.

Argeria’s weary eyes shot open.

“Wait, did you say that you’re going up against that thing?”

“Unless someone is willing to be bait, no one will  be able to escape safely. Our only option is to fight.”

“You must have seen what it’s capable of though?”

Argeria  stammered  while  pointing  to  the  bodies  scattered across the floor.

“You might die. Commoner, I acknowledge that your party is strong. However, that isn’t a monster that can be defeated with who we have right now. It’s at least on the level  of a boss in a Level Three Shadow World.”

A Level Three Shadow World.

That   was   the   objective   evaluation   of   Argeria,   Hebrion’s number  one  single  ranker  of  the  third  grade,  who  had  been clearing Shadow Worlds of all levels.



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