A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 105


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 105. The Clue to Transcendence (2)

Pram,  Romantica  and  Adjest  unleashed  a  flurry  of  attacks aimed at the Mother Worm.

The number of injuries sustained by Mother Worm increased rapidly,   yet   they   had   no   lasting   effect.   She   was   able   to regenerate before the next attack landed on her.

Argeria quickly assessed the situation they found themselves in.

“As  far  as  we  can  tell,  that  thing  can  keep  regenerating forever. Meanwhile, we only have a limited amount of mana to work with.”

No matter how much damage they dealt, if they couldn’t kill her  in  a  single  blow,  she  would  continue  to  regenerate  in  an instant.   In   the   end,   all   of   their   achievements   would   only amount to a waste of mana.

“It won’t be impossible for us to beat it if we regroup. Shall we briefly retreat and join up with another party?”

“… I would like to only do that if we run out of options.”

Desir examined his surroundings.

“The Mother Worm isn’t the only reason why we can’t escape safely.”

Before Argeria could discern what Desir meant, the Mother Worm made her move.


Her cry was so loud that even the ground around them began to rumble.

“Th… That’s!”

Argeria turned ghastly pale as Great Worms flooded into the cavern.  The  worms  flooded  in  like  a  tsunami,  threatening  to overwhelm and envelope them. As a large force assaulted them

head-on,  some  worms  proceeded  to  the  sides  of  the  room, threatening to encircle the party if not dealt with.

“The Mother Worm has concluded that we are a threat and has  decided  to  summon  the  remainder  of  her  Great  Worm colony.”

Although the attacks that Desir’s party dished out lacked the raw power to kill  the Mother Worm, each one of their attacks had  the  damage  and  precision  required  to  inflict  what  would normally be a fatal  wound.  The Mother Worm had essentially been cornered; she had to stop moving and put all of her energy into  regenerating  in  order  to  outlast  their  mana-dependent onslaught.

The Mother Worm’s hostility was understandable.

The number of Great Worms that the Blue Moon party had gathered to interfere with Desir’s party couldn’t hold a candle to the sheer number of them that were now flooding towards the hall. In fact, the number was only increasing without end

The escape route was blocked.

“Argeria, regrouping isn’t an option. The only way to make it out alive now is to handle all of them.”


Argeria seemed to be at a loss for words in the face of this desperate situation.

“I have a plan. Would you be willing to follow my command?”

At Desir’s unexpected words, Argeria yelled in protest.

“W… Wait a minute!”

Desir turned back to face Argeria.

“Perhaps you have a better idea?”


Horrible   wails   could   be   heard   approaching   the   group   of students from all directions.

After studying his surroundings, Argeria felt hopeless. There really was no choice but to trust Desir’s directions.

“No, not necessarily… ”

“I’ll take that as a yes then?”

“… Alright.”

Having gotten confirmation, Desir reconfirmed the situation in front of him.

Out of the four people that remained standing from the Blue Moon  party,  only  two  were  in  a  battle-ready  condition.  The high-ranking  knight  Argeria  and  the  Fourth-Circle  magician Kelt. However, their stamina and mana had been exhausted.

Everyone in Desir’s party was alive and well, but Freechel and Takiran   couldn’t   contribute   much   to   the   group’s   overall

fighting power.

In other words, only six people from their party could engage in combat. It didn’t seem like enough to take down the Mother Worm, not to mention that the horde of Great Worms heading their  way  made  the  situation  that  much  harder  to  deal  with. The fact that they had to fight, while protecting the ones who couldn’t, made it even worse.

‘But it’s not entirely hopeless.’

Desir looked at the passageway from which some of the Great Worms were swarming from.

‘Thankfully it’s a narrow entrance.’

Desir  determined  that  preventing  the  Great  Worms  from entering into this battle was the highest priority.

There  was  only  one  way  for  the  Great  Worms  to  enter  the hall. If they could be restrained before they passed through that entrance, it would be possible to fight the smaller swarms that forced their way through other locations.

“We’ll   split  up  into  two  groups.   Argeria,  Kelt,  Pram  and Romantica, please work together to stop the Great Worms at the entrance before they enter the hall.”

“W… Wait! What are you thinking?”

Romantica bleated, taken aback by Desir’s unexpected command.

If  four  out  of  their  six  members  were  stationed  there,  that meant that Adjest and Desir would have to fight off the Mother Worm alone.

It was impossible.  There was no way the two of them could handle a monster like that alone.

No, there was only one way…

“You aren’t planning on attempting the impossible again, are you?”

He, Desir Arman, had defeated a monster more powerful than the Mother Worm. He wasn’t exactly sure how he did it, but if he reenacted the situation step by step, defeating the Mother Worm seemed simple enough.

But there was a cost.

Knowing what Romantica was about to say, Desir stroked his left eye as he smiled bitterly.

“I haven’t forgotten our promise. I won’t do anything to make you worry.”

Their promise.

Romantica  nodded  silently  as  she  recalled  the  conversation they had in Adeinia Kingdom’s top hospital.

“The  rest  of  you  may  be  skeptical,  but  please  trust  me  for now.”

Everyone looked like they had something they wanted to say,

but since time was against them, they soon enough decided to just focus on Desir’s instructions instead.

“Argeria, please block their path from the frontlines.”

Argeria was one of the most skilled swordsmen in the country. Without him, this plan couldn’t work.

“Pram  will  assist  you  in  maintaining  the  frontlines.  Please focus exclusively on defense.”

Argeria and Pram nodded.

Desir directed his attention towards Kelt.

“Kelt, please continue to drive the approaching enemies back with  magic.  Don’t  waste  all  of  your  mana  trying  to  clear  the entire horde. Just trim the frontlines to maintain their size. We can’t afford to lose more power. Romantica will cover for you.”


Unable  to  come  up  with  an  alternative  solution,  the  two members of the Blue Moon party had decided to follow Desir’s instructions.

“And Adjest and I will take care of that thing.”

Receiving Desir’s signal, Adjest nodded wordlessly.

After  Desir  had  finished  giving  out  his  orders,  Pram  and Romantica  headed  to  the  passage  where  the  majority  of  the Great  Worms  were  swarming  out  of.   Argeria  and  Kelt  also prepared themselves to fight.

With everyone heading towards the passage, only Adjest and Desir were left in the hall.

Desir gestured at the Mother Worm that was approaching.

“Now, we’re going to take care of that thing.”

“I wonder if that’ll be possible.”


As the Mother Worm drew nearer, she shot out acidic fluid.

Desir and Adjest avoided the acidic fluid by splitting off into opposite directions.  A rock vaporized with a gurgling sound at the spot they were both standing just a moment before.

“Adjest. Don’t worry about conserving mana anymore.”

“… Got it.”

Fighting with everything they had. It was the most welcome thing  she’d  heard  in  a  while.  Adjest  had  been  saving  up  her mana to cast a Third-Circle spell anyway. In an instant, the air flowing around her changed.


Magic  gathered  around  Adjest  as  a  palace  made  out  of  ice

materialized.  Majestic  ice  pillars  rose  out  of  the  ground  all around her, arranged in a way that left space for her. As Desir watched the palace emerge, he momentarily fell into contemplation.

‘Adjest’s ice palace can inflict continuous damage.’

It directly countered the Mother Worm’s ability to regenerate.

To take down a monster that could heal  itself endlessly, the only options available were to either deal a blow strong enough to kill it before it can regenerate, or to deal attacks faster than it can regenerate.

And Adjest’s ice palace magic was capable of doing just that.

Hundreds of ice spears materialized and flew towards Mother Worm. The magic pierced her skin and shredded the flesh.

However,  all  she  needed  to  do  was  curl  up  for  a  moment before all of the injuries on her body healed. She then attempted a counterattack by flinging her acidic fluid everywhere.


Colliding with the acidic fluid, one of the palace’s pillars fell down. Ice flakes and dust cascaded down.

“Is there a way to take care of that thing?” Adjest uttered.

“It’s simple. Blast it faster than it can regenerate.”

“Blast it faster than it can regenerate… that could work.”

Easier said than done though.

“Maintaining the ice palace at a point where it can consistently inflict that much damage is hard Desir.”

Since they couldn’t fell  the beast in one blow, the only other option  was  to  damage  it  to  the  point  where  its  regeneration could no longer keep up.

But no matter how much they thought about it, the attacks had  to  be  made  by  a  magician  of  at  least  the  Fifth-Circle  to slaughter a monster of this caliber in one go.

But  was  it  possible  for  anyone  here  to  invoke  Fifth-Circle magic?


The ice palace activated once again and hundreds of ice spears were flung at the Mother Worm.

However,  the  blow  wasn’t  strong  enough.  No  matter  how much mana Adjest had, she was only a Third-Circle magician. Dealing  an  attack  on  the  level   of  Fourth-Circle  was  simply beyond her current ability.

Amidst the fighting, Desir started to speak.

“I   have   a   plan   in   mind,   but   it’s   crucial   to   completely immobilize the Mother Worm first.”

“No problem.”

Even without the details, Adjest believed in Desir and rushed headfirst towards the Mother Worm.

[Magic Sword: Ice Strike]

As  her  magic  sword  took  shape,  she  faced  off  against  the Mother  Worm.  Invoking  the  ice  magic  within  fractions  of  a second, the ice palace covered for her.

A one-man army.

The  Mother  Worm,  who  was  hard  to  take  down  with  the might of all six members of the Blue Moon party, was having a hard time advancing past a lone Adjest.

When it came to skill, Adjest clearly was superior.

‘Now all that’s left is to knock it down with a single blow.’

But  could  Desir  invoke  magic  strong  enough  to  overthrow Mother Worm in an instant?

Of course, if he used draconic magic, taking down the Mother Worm would be easy.

However, he had barely succeeded in invoking draconic magic in the Prillecha Empire thanks to the help of Priscilla and Zod, two  of  the  most  powerful  individuals  in  the  world.  Without their backup and support, there was no way he could invoke it on his own.

Without  draconic  magic,  there  was  no  magic  he  had  at  his disposal  that he could use as a finishing blow.  Crow Mask had also pointed out this flaw.

That was Desir’s limit as a Third-Circle magician. It was a wall that could only be bridged with the help of an artifact.

---But all of this was based on the standard of his past life.

Through  the  incidents  in  Prillecha,  Desir  had  been  able  to experience  new  things  that  he  hadn’t  in  the  struggles  of  his

previous life.

‘Crow Mask.’

Des1r smirked as he expressed his thanks to the being that he hadn’t encountered in his old world.

‘Thanks to you, I’m surpassing my past life.’



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