A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 106


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 106. The Clue to Transcendence (3)

Desir summoned his mana. It was a level of mana that reached the level of the Third-Circle.

The mana arranged itself around him, assuming a geometrical form that started revolving around him endlessly.

The steps in casting a spell are as follows: arranging the magic into  formations  derived  from  a  set  equation  specific  to  each spell,  followed  by  exciting  the  magic  enough  for  it  to  start revolving around the caster and eventually invoke the spell.

‘Although I can only execute an imitation of it…’

However,  by  using  various  spells  and  shaping  them  into something that looks like the Tesseract that was used by Crow Mask, Desir was granted a hint toward what could allow him to surpass his previous limits.

The Tesseract artifact essentially allowed the caster to use a spell that mutated and combined many low-level spells to forge high-level spells.

‘I’ll use that concept.’

By  combining  the  draconic  magic  system  and  the  Tesseract spell   style,  they  could  be  blended  into  a  single  arithmetic equation.

Desir   merged   these   new   magical   structures   he   learned, creating a new spell that could be used.

Together,   the   spells   merged   elegantly   and   stretched   out beyond Desir.

Considering   that   multiple   spells   had   to   be   analyzed   and formatted simultaneously, the required level of calculation had long passed what a Sixth-Circle magician was capable of.

This should have been a feat impossible to achieve with the skills of a Third-Circle magician, but Desir had made it possible.

Adjest struck back against the tail  that flew towards her and took  a  step  back  in  the  process.  Her  breathing  had  become

labored due to the never-ending battle.

As she regained her breath, the numerous spells that shot out from the ice palace restrained the Mother Worm.

In a low voice, Desir spoke with Adjest.

“Adjest, invoke defensive magic with all your might.”

Adjest’s eyes drifted to the spell that was being formed ahead of Desir.


It   wasn’t   normal   in   the   slightest.   Getting   a   hunch   that something  out  of  the  ordinary  was  about  to  happen,  Adjest decided  to  follow  Desir’s  commands  instead  of  questioning them and wasting time.

[Kijard’s Sigh]

Five  layers  of  ice  formed  a  shield  in  front  of  them.  It  was Kijard’s Sigh, known as the strongest magic of the Third-Circle.

Just as the defensive spell was finalized, a blazing red ring of fire was drawn beneath Mother Worm.

As Adjest gazed at Desir with unadulterated excitement and reverence, he opened his mouth.

[Fire Storm]

Fire Storm, a Third-Circle fire attribute spell.

Adjest  found  this  rather  dubious.  There  was  no  way  Desir didn’t   know   that   Third-Circle   magic   wouldn’t   inflict   any damage on Mother Worm.

She knew he wasn’t someone to do something without a good reason, so she started questioning him.

“Desir, what on earth…”

Before Adjest had a chance to finish vocalising her question, a tremendous shockwave struck the magic that she had cast.


In an instant, two out of the five layers that she had put up were vaporized. Gritting her teeth, Adjest focused her remaining magic on maintaining the layers that were left.

‘There’s no way a Third-Circle spell can be this powerful…!’

As she shifted her gaze ahead, Adjest’s pupils widened.

All she could see was a ghastly tempest of flames.

The unbearable heat swept over everything in the hall.

The numerous spells that had bound the Mother Worm, the ice palace, all of it simply melted away as if it were just regular ice.

Although two of her five barriers had been instantaneously vaporized, the fact that any of them remained was a sign that the attack’s range had been greatly limited by an astonishingly high degree of control.


A sickeningly painful scream rang out.


Amidst   the   red   flames,   a   big   black   figure   desperately thrashing around could be seen.

It writhed in pain as it was engulfed in scorching flames. The acidic fluid it desperately shot out evaporated without a trace in the face of the blazing heat.

Soon,   the   fire   that   looked   like   it   was   ready   to   swallow everything  had  died  down.  Confronted  with  the  sight  before her, Adjest could not hide her disbelief.

The Mother Worm, who with her endless regeneration had caused the strongest party, the Blue Moon party, to retreat in despair, had been wiped out completely without leaving even a single trace behind.

Was this truly something that a Third-Circle magic spell could achieve?  It  didn’t  take  a  prodigy  like  Adjest  to  know  such  a thing was impossible.

The  magic  that  Desir  had  invoked  could  hardly  be  called normal.


Adjest hurriedly checked Desir’s condition, glancing up and down  his  body.  She  wanted  to  confirm  whether  he  had  been hurt invoking that monstrous spell.

Desir spoke to her with a wry smile.

“I’m okay, Adjest.”

This indeed wasn’t a lie. He hadn’t collapsed, nor did he have any visible injuries.  Besides being light-headed, there were no other symptoms at all.

“Forget about me, the others still need help.”

Desir pointed at the passage. The battle was still raging on.

They  had  taken  care  of  the  Mother  Worm,  but  the  battle wasn’t  over  yet.  The  countless  Great  Worms  that  had  been summoned by Mother Worm were still running loose.

“But… ”

“I’m okay. Really.”

Adjest hesitated for a moment, but once she heard a scream coming  from  the  passage,  she  had  no  choice  but  to  follow Desir’s words.

“I’ll be back soon.”

Once Adjest left, Desir stumbled as all the tension flowed out of him. His head was spinning.

‘That was more exhausting than I expected… ’

He had been confident that he wouldn’t lose to anyone when it  came  to  his  calculation  skills,  but  even  for  someone  like himself, using a new calculation technique to invoke a spell had completely worn him out.

‘I was fine when I used it against Tyrant-Tula though… ”

It was most likely because he had invoked a spell  of a much higher level.

Desire   looked   around   him.   The   aftermath   of   his   magic remained in the hall.

The  Fire  Storm  had  been  so  hot,  the  stone  in  the  hall  had melted. The lingering heat excited Desir.

It  wasn’t  perfect.  Having  not  practiced  it  much,  even  the origin of his calculation could be considered flawed. Nevertheless, the power was incredible.

With  just  Third-Circle  mana,  he  had  been  able  to  invoke  a spell with the power of a Fifth-Circle spell. He had surpassed the limits of the Third-Circle.

For Desir, who had been unable to escape the crutches of the Third-Circle   due   to   his   inherently   limited   mana,   it   was   a momentous occasion for him.

‘With some practice and fine-tuning, I may be able to use this regularly.”


‘They really don’t give me a break, do they?’

Desir   heaved   a   sigh   and   stood   up   as   his   fantasy   about introducing a new magic-based system that could go beyond the limitations of the existing calculation-based system was interrupted.

He started invoking a magic spell as he approached the battle that was furiously raging on against the Great Worms.


An hour later, the battle had finally come to an end.

Miraculously, no one else had been sacrificed during the battle against the Great Worms.  However, the sudden emergency in addition   to   the   prolonged   battle   had   exhausted   everyone physically and mentally.

They gathered the bodies and laid them all  down in a corner of the hall.

The  silence  that  came  after  the  battle  was  overwhelmingly heavy.

People had died.

They would have resolved themselves to be prepared to die at any   moment   when   they   decided   to   challenge   the   Shadow World.

Even   so,   the   anguish   that   came   along   with   death   was unforgettable.   That  applied  to  Desir,  who  had  experienced numerous deaths first-hand as well.

Freechel   was  pitifully  trembling  like  a  leaf  and  traces  of anxiety  could  be  heard  from  Pram,  who  was  comforting  her. Romantica  appeared  to  be  unaffected,  but  the  unexplainable situation seemed to have left her somewhat anxious.

Only   Adjest,   Desir,   and   the   Blue   Moon   party’s   veterans remained calm.


Argeria,  the  Blue  Moon  party’s  leader,  studied  Desir  as  he spoke with his party members.

He knew that Desir was a skilled magician. That was a truth that had been fully proved through all  of the feats that he had

achieved so far.

Even   so,   rumors   about   the   event   in   Prichella   had   been exaggerated, as usual.

Everyone would have thought the same way.

It didn’t make sense that a mere student took down a demon that had wreaked so much destruction on Deltaheim, the capital of the Prichella Empire.

‘But he took down a Mother Worm with a single spell.’

There was no choice but to admit it. He had already surpassed the limits of a student.  What he had achieved today suggested that the rumors may have been true.

The other party members must have shared similar thoughts as  they  all  sat  there  in  silence,  when  usually  the  very  act  of sitting near a commoner would have displeased them greatly.

Amidst the grim mood, Pram spoke up.

“Do  you  think  the  information  we  sent  out  about  the  map went through?”

Desir nodded as he replied.

“Of course it did. We saw it being received on the Blue Moon party’s communication pad.”

“That’s true, but… ”

Des1r had sent out a map that outlined a safe route to all of the other parties that had participated in the competition.  If lives could no longer be guaranteed in this place, danger had to be avoided as best as possible.

“For now, our priority is for everyone to join forces.”

There couldn’t be any more sacrifices.

That  was  why  they  were  waiting  for  other  parties  at  the

entrance to the Third Stage.  Feeling an approaching presence, Adjest sounded the alarm.

“Someone’s coming.”



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