A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 107


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 107. Commander (1)

The party that had arrived after the Blue Moon Party and the Desir Party was the Red Dragon Party led by Radoria.

Radoria  looked  tense.  She  seemed  to  have  figured  out  how serious the situation was.

The  number  of  Red  Dragon  party  members  was  five.  The conditions of the other parties were bound to be worse.

Beginning  with  the  Red  Dragon  Party,  other  parties  soon entered  the  hall.  Within  a  few  minutes,  the  empty  hall  was filled  with  people  and  the  ambient  noise  level  had  risen  as  a result of everyone talking.

Desir  turned  his  communication  pad  on  and  checked  the leaderboard.

He  immediately  noticed  that  one  of  the  Alpha  Class  parties had been eliminated.

‘All  of  their  members  were  out.  They  were  not  just  absent from this gathering.’

In total, six party members had been massacred.

Including the deceased from the Blue Moon party, the total number was nine.

Desir’s expression turned frosty.

‘I can’t allow any more casualties to occur here.’

Adjest tapped Desir on his shoulder.

“Every  party  in  the  competition  seems  to  have  gathered, Desir.”

“Yes. I believe so.”

Desir stood up.

Looking around, he could see dozens of people.  Fortunately, no party appeared to have made any further sacrifices to make it thus far. It was because he shared a map of safe passage in such a hurry.

They were all  curious about what the current situation was, and at the same time, looked somewhat dissatisfied.

The reason for this dissatisfaction was simple.

It  was  because  Desir’s  party  and  the  Blue  Moon  party  had arrived  earlier  and  were  blocking  the  entrance  to  the  Third Stage.

Parties who hadn’t figured out what was happening couldn’t help but complain in such circumstances. If Desir hadn’t shared his map, they might have even stood up against him.

“How long are you gonna hold us here?”

“I don’t understand what you are thinking.”

Their   patience   had   reached   their   limit.   Their   combined complaints created a raucous.

It was very noisy, to put it mildly.

“Would you all please listen to me for a moment?”

Desir’s  voice  rang  out,  but  was  soon  buried  under  another voice.

Someone  protested  against  Desir  causing  everyone  to  start shouting louder.

Desir sighed and arranged a spell  in front of himself.  Sound amplification magic.

His loud voice soon resonated across the hall.

“All  of the safeguards protecting us in here have been lifted. There  is  no  more  pain  relief,  no  surrender  declarations,  and above all, the death limit has been undone. In other words, this place is no different than a real Shadow World. If you die here,

you will actually die.”

“What… !”

One  student  who  had  been  fiercely  crying  out  about  how bullshit   this   blockade   was,   could   instantly   tell that   this declaration  was  probably  true  based  on  the  serious  look  that Argeria and Radoria shared.

The   seemingly   unrelenting   cacophony   of   noise   suddenly stopped, and the place instantly became quiet enough that one would be able to hear the sound of an ant crawling.  Everyone couldn’t  help  but  stop  to  focus  on  the  fact  that  Desir  was informing them of the grave threat of death.

“It seems that this is not a situation that Hebrion Academy can assist with, as nothing appears to have changed even though quite some time has passed since this began.  I think our only hope  is  to  proceed  and  clear  this  dungeon.  But  if  all  of  the parties are going to continue to compete against each other, as in the past, then the number of casualties will only rise.”

“So what do you propose?!”

Someone spoke and as if waiting for such a question, Desir instantly responded.

“I  suggest  we  unite  our  parties  and  form  a  raid  to  prevent further sacrifice.”

Again,  the  crowd  became  anxious  and  started  murmuring amongst themselves.

The  suggestion  was  indeed  reasonable.  Forming  a  raid,  by combining multiple parties into a single entity, would indeed increase their chances of survival.

But this was…


Welca, a single-ranker from the third grade and leader of a party, was upset at such a proposal.

“Don’t accept this lunatic’s crap, you guys!”

She yelled while shaking her finger at Desir.

“Do you think it makes sense to cooperate with commoners? We’re  just  wasting  our  time  on  crap  like  you!  How  dare  you think up such an unpleasant idea!”

Welca suddenly narrowed her eyes.

“Is this your plan? Did you think the commoners could be on par with the nobles just because you provided a map? We’ll take your idea of forming a raid, but we won’t cooperate with you.”


Desir smirked.

“You’re funny. Do you think you could have made it this far without the map I handed over to you?”

“That’s it… !”

“Welca, please. You’re just going to abandon everyone as soon as it’s convenient for you. In what sense of the word are you a noble?”

“… !”

Another Alpha Class student who had been listening up until now decided to speak up.

“We  were  only  able  to  reach  this  far  safely  thanks  to  the information on that map.”

Welca quickly responded in outrage.

“Still,  you  would  suggest  that  we  work  with  a  commoner’s party?!”

Romantica, who had been listening quietly thus far was about to lose it.

“Does she even understand what’s happening right now?”

Freechel,   who   in   the   past   would   be   terrified   in   such   a situation, now spoke confidently.

“All of the nobility that I have met are like this. Nobles always act the same.  Their pride and honor are more important than anything else to them.”

Pram looked to one side of the group.

“I’ll admit, it is usually like that. However, not everyone is the same.”

Pram looked over at a woman that was sitting in a corner.

Radoria von Dorice.

Leader of the Red Dragon party.

She was a lady of the royal  family, but she had never been seen   expressing   hateful   thoughts   directed   at   the   common people. Rather, she could currently be seen taking cues from a

commoner, Desir.

People looked towards Radoria for her response but she was just  staring  at  Welca  without  saying  a  word.  No  matter  how friendly   she   was   towards   commoners,   her   status   normally prevented   her   from   openly   standing   up   for   commoners. However,  Radoria’s  stare  directed  at  Welca  was  intense,  and everyone could feel an unusual mood emanating out of her.


Welca swallowed hard.

Radoria   was   the   leader   of   the   Red   Dragon   party   which represented the upper echelon of Hebrion Academy, even if she was only in the second grade. Not only was her personal ability comparable  to  a  third-grade  single-ranker,  the  power  of  the Dorice family was significant.

Under the sustained silent pressure, Welca had long lost her momentum.

The atmosphere across the hall had subtly shifted in favor of

agreeing to Desir’s proposal, due to the fact that he had shared his  map  and  because  he  had  a  level  of  skill  that  demanded recognition.

At that point, Welca has no choice but to bow down to the majority.   With  the  dissenter  taken  care  of,  Radoria  turned towards Desir and spoke.

“… Good. I agree with your suggestion.”

Thus the raid, made up of several top-tier parties was formed. Now it was time to determine the commander who would lead this raid.

“… ”

There was no one who hastily raised their hand.

The  situation  involved  taking  the  lives  of  dozens  of  party members into their hands and leading them successfully to clear a Shadow World. It was not a responsibility that could be taken lightly.

‘If I were to lead this party, it would be simple… ’

Desir  had  commanded  magical   forces  several   times  in  his previous life.

This situation was just too funny. Honestly speaking, it would be a cake-walk to break through the Third and Fourth Stages of this dungeon, leading a party of this caliber.

‘I can clear this quickly without sacrificing anyone.’

His   experience   as   a   Shadow   Dungeon   veteran   was   the foundation for this confidence.

But nevertheless, Desir couldn’t force this situation.

The nobles were finally willing to let slide the dissatisfaction of  joining  a  raid  that  included  Desir’s  party.  But  to  accept  a commoner as their leader? It would never happen under their watch.

Without knowing the cause of the anomaly, it was impossible to know what would happen in the future. In such a precarious situation, further disputes could only result in more death.

Desir decided to just observe how the situation in front of him unfolded.

And  after  breaking  a  moment  of  silence,  someone  opened their mouth.

“… Wouldn’t Argeria be the best leader?”

At   the   mention   of   his   name,   everyone’s   eyes   swivelled towards Argeria.

Argeria was ranked first in the Third Grade and praised as the strongest swordsman in the Hebrion Academy.

He had participated in several  raids on Shadow Worlds.  He also had experience in leading a large number of troops before.

Argeria, taking grasp of the situation, looked up.

“I can take command.”

He looked at Desir for a while and then turned towards the others.

“But I won’t be the one calling the shots. If I were to choose the  best  person  for  this  position,  I  think  it  should  be  Desir Arman.”

“Wait! Mr. Argeria, what are you talking about?”

Argeria replied without changing his expression.

“I’m being serious. I think the best person for the job is Desir. If he takes lead, we should be able to overcome this situation.”

“Does that mean he is better than you?”

Argeria nodded.

“Yes. Desir is more capable than me. He took the lead from us while leading a force of much lower capability. I even ended up receiving some assistance from him. As a commander, I have to admit that he is more capable than me.”

Welca, having finally calmed down, broke out into another fit of rage.

“You’re being ridiculous! Do you think the other parties will agree to that?”

“If  you  are  dissatisfied,  you  can  try  forming  another  raid. Further discussion would be pointless.  But let me tell  you one thing.”

Argeria took a deep breath.

“Whether you die here or live to see tomorrow depends on the decision that you make now.”

As the conversation proceeded seriously, Welca stomped over to Kelt and shook his shoulders.

“What are you looking at, Kelt! Do you have any idea what your party is trying to do? He actually wants the commoners to command   the   nobility!   Do   something!   It’s   obvious   how Professor Pugman will react!”

Welca  knew  well  what  Professor  Pugman  thought  and  was confident Kelt would stand up to disagree with Argeria. She also believed Kelt had a chance at persuading Argeria as he was the child of a duke.

Kelt’s answer, however, was far beyond her expectations.

“… I think it’s a wise choice.”

“… Wait, what?!”

Argeria turned to Desir.

“Argeria,  leader  of  the  Blue  Moon  party,  hands  over  the command of the Blue Moon party to Desir.”

The  Blue  Moon  party,  often  referred  to  as  the  strongest, acknowledged Des1r as their commander.



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