A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 108


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 108. Commander (2)

The mood in the hall  swiftly plummeted.  The parties in the room snuck glances at each other, sizing up each other’s stance on this pressing issue.

“You… You’re definitely insane.  Is your brain paralyzed due to fear? Are you seriously intending to let commoners lead us?”

“Isn’t this our best option?”

Radoria opened her mouth.

“If someone has enough qualification to do so, I think it’s only right for them to take command. Since it is Desir, the so called hero of Prillecha, nothing else needs to be said.  What do you guys think?”

If  anyone  in  her  party  disagreed,  they  didn’t  voice  their opinion.

Radoria  shrugged  and  stood  behind  Desir.  The  Red  Dragon

party members followed suit shortly afterwards.

“The Red Dragon party’s leader, Radoria von Doriche, hands command over the party to Desir Arman.”

“Why? How did this happen?”

Before  anyone  could  process  the  situation,  both  the  Red Dragon Party and Blue Moon Party, which belonged to the top echelon of the academy, were now under the command of Desir.

Just  a  year  ago,  this  was  something  that  one  would  be ridiculed for even imagining.  It was ridiculous to think that a party made up of commoners could display skills superior to a noble party, let alone a noble party willingly choosing to follow the directions of a commoner party.

As  a  result  of  this  unexpected  action,  the  mood  in  the  hall completely   reversed.   Nobles   that   had   previously   expressed naked disdain at working with commoners had now unconditionally changed their opinion.

“Wouldn’t it be better to work with them?”

“… It’s a commoner party, but it will be safer to join them as the Blue Moon party and Red Dragon party are there.”

“I don’t like it, but it can’t be helped.  Our lives are at stake here.”

They sided with Desir, one by one, and before too long entire parties  decided  to  join  Desir’s  newly  formed  raid.   Students continued to position themselves behind Desir.

Of  course,  not  everyone  willingly  joined  Desir’s  party.  The only people remaining in opposition to this idea were Welca, the first  person  to  raise  their  objection,  and  her  party  members. They stood on the other side of the room to Desir, defiant to the bitter end.

Welca  stared  at  Desir  and  puckered  her  lips  several  times before eventually opening her mouth.

“Well, if you really must be the commander, then fine. I’ll let you take control  of our party.  Consider it an honor for you to command us.”

“This wasn’t easy, but you made a really tough decision.”

“Well, yes. So… ”

Desir cut her off.

“You made such a difficult decision that I can’t help but make it up to you.”


“I will give you a special chance to gain some fame.”



Shouting resounded as people screamed from the top of their lungs. It was deafeningly loud.

Prof. Bridgette’s ears ached but she was unwilling to raise her hands to cover her ears.  Her eyes were glued to the panels in front of her, and she didn’t dare move in fear of missing the slightest detail.

The  atmosphere  quickly  morphed  from  one  of  shock  and horror into one that was slightly more positive and hopeful.

Cheering them on was all  they could do, even if the parties couldn’t hear them.

‘… I can’t believe it.  Are they really going to clear the third stage without letting anyone get hurt?’

“Students are able to clear out a Level  Four Shadow World this swiftly? This is surely unprecedented in our history of Party Competitions!”

The  display  panel   showed  the  raid  consisting  of  students clearing the dungeon at a steady but swift speed.

Monsters guarding the dungeon melted under their onslaught

and traps were easily dismantled. It almost looked like the raid was simply running unimpeded through the dungeon.  At this point, Bridgette was questioning whether this third stage of the dungeon   was   really   equivalent   to   a   Level Four   Shadow Labyrinth. She felt that there should have been more casualties from clearing a dungeon of this caliber.

Ever since Desir stepped up to take over as commander of the raid, the atmosphere in the judging room had greatly reversed. The students and spectators who were watching couldn’t help cheering as the situation continued to change for the better.

Desir’s voice sounded through the panel.

[Monsters will appear soon. Ready for battle.]

[It is a poisonous monster, keep your distance and use magic to deal with it.]

[There will be a trap at this point. Please prepare the detection magic.]

Desir’s  lead  was  outstanding  when  leading  a  party  with  six

members. However, when the number of people he led grew to the level of a raid, his leadership stood out even more.

Desir did not have any special talent in conducting such raids. Instead, he had more experience than anyone else.

Experience that he gained through numerous battles where he had to put his life on the line and live with the consequences of failure.

This experience allowed him to understand the characteristics of his enemies better than anyone else, and to also accurately predict what would happen in the future with only small bits of data to work with.

“They will soon break through on the left!”

Moreover, the people that he was leading would all  go on to clear Shadow Labyrinths in the future.  Desir was already well aware  of  their  abilities,  strengths,  and  weaknesses.  More  so than even the people themselves were aware of.

“Mr. Haripon, can you block the enemy’s support on the right

flank with [Raise Earth]?”

He  accurately  identified  these  strengths  and  weaknesses  of those that he led and used them in the right places at the right times.

He  was  only  sticking  to  the  basics  of  commanding,  but  he performed these basics to a level of mastery better than anyone else present would be able to.

Bridgette continued to silently monitor the panel  in front of. However, her curiosity got the better of her. The person closest to her was Prof. Pelstar.

“Where are they breaking through now?”

“They just broke through the middle of the third stage.”


“Yes, it’s very fast. They are moving more than twice the pace that we expected them to.”

Bridgette felt that sinking feeling that had been smothering her up until now started to lighten slightly.

Shortly  after  forming  the  raid,  they  had  already  broken through half of the third stage.  Regardless of how the parties arranged themselves or collaborated, no one expected them to clear the dungeon this fast.

‘Most of all, for commoners and nobles to join forces… ’

This was the first time since the civil war ten years ago.

Bridgette was dubious when Desir suggested uniting with the nobles. She thought he had no chance of prevailing against the noble supremacy that pervaded Hebrion.

However, Desir proved his legitimacy through his past deeds and eloquent speaking.  His legitimacy was further propped up by the support of the two premiere parties. The end result was his  party  being  included  in  the  raid.  It  didn’t  just  stop  there though. Desir became the commander of the raid!

He took command of a raid consisting mostly of nobles!

After  Desir  was  chosen  to  lead,  numerous  complaints  and concerns arose from professors who disliked commoners.

“Why is that commoner the commander!?”

“Figure out how to get in contact with the people inside the Shadow World right now!”

“Why  didn’t  Argeria  take  the  lead?  If  they  enter  the  third stage, there will surely be innumerable casualties!”

However, they all were all seated silently, staring at the panels in front of them with their mouths tightly closed, marveling at Desir’s masterful command.

Prof.   Pugman   Nippleka   was   the   leading   example   of   this phenomena.

As if denying that his initial outburst even happened, he was now calmly watching the raid easily clear the dungeon.

Inside  the  dungeon,  the  situation  was  not  much  different from that of the judging room.

“I  think  the  party  in  the  vanguard  is  the  one  that  initially opposed the raid?”

“They’ve been taking the lead all of this time.”

“They are crying! It seems they are happy to get the chance at leaving this dungeon safely.”

“Just how happy do they have to be to cry about it?”

People whispered amongst themselves, discussing things that might  just  make  Welca  faint  if  she  were  to  overhear  any  of them.

Despite everyone agreeing to join forces, there were very few parties  who  actually  followed  Desir’s  commands  and  orders without hesitation.

The  majority  of  the  party  leaders  had  reluctantly  handed command  of  their  party  to  Desir,  and  expressed  deep  disdain over  Argeria’s  choice  to  deny  leadership.  Whenever  possible, they complained about Desir behind his back and chose to bank their  survival  on  the  formidable  strength  of  the  Blue  Moon party  and  the  Red  Dragon  party.  When  Desir  gave  an  order, party members begrudgingly followed them.  However, as they continued to press onwards, it became more and more apparent that Desir’s aptitude for commanding far outclassed their own. They began to subconsciously accept Desir as their leader and started following his instructions willingly!

‘What Des1r’s accomplished is phenomenal. To not only unite all of the parties, but also lead them…’

Prof. Bridgette continued to contemplate.

‘If they continue at this pace, they should be able to clear the dungeon without incurring any more casualties.’

The students’ safety was no longer at risk.

Bridgette could finally sigh in relief at this realisation.

Then all that’s left on our side is… to find the culprit.

‘The culprit is amongst us.’

The  Hebrion  Empire  had  been  made  aware  of  the  dangers presented by the Outsiders due to events that had transpired in the Western Kingdom Union held in Prillecha. As a precaution, they had set up a specialised enchantment within the school. All of the magic professors including Bridgette had taken part in designing and implementing it.

The enchantment was designed not only to be powerful, but also   to   immediately   notify   the   magic   professors   if   it   was disabled or tampered with.

It was impossible to pass through this barrier without being caught.

In other words, the culprit must have already been inside the school before the magical barrier was invoked.

The culprit was likely an Outsider.  If so, it was going to be difficult to identify them in any simple way.  They also might

have disguised themselves as someone else.

‘Since  they  manipulated  the  variables  set  up  in  the  magic stone, it must be someone who’s good at handling such magic stones… ’

Bridgette turned her gaze slightly towards Prof. Pelstar.

Pelstar  was  an  authoritative  scholar  in  the  field  of  Shadow World studies, and was also so skillful that he could even create virtual Shadow Worlds with such magic stones.

In  fact,  he  was  the  one  organizing  the  Party  Competition every year, creating his own virtual Shadow World for the sole purpose  of  the  competition.  In  other  words,  if  he  wanted  to manipulate   the   Shadow   World   used   here,   it   was   entirely possible for him to do so.

“How  did  he  get  involved?  …  The  stone  should  have  been safely secured until the day before the competition… ”

But Pelstar seemed to be earnest in his self-blame.  He even started crying when these events played out on the screens in

front of them.

Bridgette shook her head.

‘It is too early to be certain.  First off, I need to gather more information to go by.’

Bridgette could only continue to think solemnly.

“… ”

Numerous   professors   from   the   Hebrion   Academy   were gathered in this room.

Amongst them, there was a professor silently staring at the communication panel.

His  stomach  twisted  in  embarrassment  as  he  looked  at  this situation unfold in a manner drastically different to how he had planned it to.

He  was  pretending  to  admire  the  raid,  applauding  when appropriate so as to not stand out from the others. However, he had begun to feel a bit on edge at the eeriness of this.

‘It’s only a matter of time before they start investigating this.’


The  raiding  party  cleared  yet  another  obstacle.  Excitement suffused the room as everyone cheered.

As they shouted, he twisted the ring on his finger to appease his growing anxiety.



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