A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 109


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 109. Commander (3)

[You’ve secured the legacy of Awonbetz.

Awonbetz was a magician who worked hard for a very long time.   He  left  behind  all   of  his  magic  in  the lab  where he conducted his research.

You have effectively cleared the dungeons created by Awonbetz.]

The dungeon attack was finally over.

As soon as the information panel  that had popped up inside the dungeon started to fade, the Shadow Gate started to work again.  The  remaining  students  who  participated  in  the  Party Competition filed out of this gate.

The number of personnel  remained the same as at the time the parties joined forces to form a raid. They had succeeded in clearing the dungeon without further casualty.

After  the  raid  entered  the  third  stage,  not  a  single  death occurred.   Some  were  injured,  but  most  were  not  seriously injured.

The professors were surprised that such a thing could really happen.  The difficulty of the third stage was close to that of a Level Four Shadow World.

Those   who   participated   in   the   Party   Competition   were excellent   enough   to   have   previously   cleared   Level Three Shadow Worlds. For them, a typical  Level  Four Shadow World was not a big deal.

However, even in the case of Level Four Shadow Worlds, the difficulty  is  said  to  be  at  least  three  or  more  difficulty  levels higher  if  the  relevant  information  is  not  obtained  prior  to tackling  the  Shadow  World.  A  party  can  truly  never  be  too cautious when it came to clearing Shadow Worlds, regardless of their alleged difficulty level.

“… He really saved us all.”

“That’s impossible. How could they clear the dungeon at such a speed without any casualties?”

Many professors were left puzzled, even after witnessing this miracle with their own eyes. After all, the difficulty of the third stage was directly comparable to a Level Four Shadow World!

“I’m glad to have a student of this caliber.”

The   professors   overlooking   the   ensuing   line   of   people shuffling out of the shadow gate took immediate action.

Medical staff was waiting for them to arrive, and immediately began to evacuate the injured students.

“All injured students should move over here!"

“Where are you hurt?”

“There is a serious injury over there!”

“It’s  a  miracle  this  person  is  standing  right  now!  Medic, emergency patient! Let’s move this boy first!”

With the injured dealt with, the professors and students that had  watched  the  situation  unfold  through  the  judging  panels proceeded to flock over to congratulate the returnees.


“Are you okay?”

As Radoria emerged from the shadow gate, Red Dragon party members approached her in an attempt to cheer her up.

“I’m okay. But Patrick… ”

“I’m glad the remaining people are safe. Patrick will surely be happy to know that the rest are safe.”

The Blue Moon party followed the Red Dragon party out of the gate.

Initially there were six of them, but only four left the gate.

Someone barged through the crowd to approach them.


It was a Pugman Nipleka. Pugman didn’t care about who saw him, instead choosing to just hug Kelt.

“Kelt, my boy… ”

“… ”

Many were surprised by this action that was very unlike the Prof. Pugman that they knew. After considering the circumstances though, it didn’t seem so odd afterall.

Except for the Duke of Nipleka, Kelt was the only remaining blood relative of Pugman. No matter how badly he appeared to treat him, he cared greatly about his brother.

Pugman freed Kelt from his embrace and then encouraged the other party members to rest.

Lastly, Desir and his party strolled out of the gate.

Everybody’s  attention  immediately  honed  in  on  the  Desir party.

The eyes of those who had personally witnessed Desir’s ability through the panel had completely changed to how they were in the   beginning.   Not   only   his   individual   skill   but   also   his masterful  leadership.  He  was  clearly  the  most  skilled  person across all grades of the Hebrion Academy.

Desir  Arman,  the  man  who  led  the  raid  and  successfully allowed everyone to return safely.

However,  Desir  wasn’t  swept  away  in  the  commotion  and didn’t neglect to check the damage he had kept tally of while inside  the  dungeon,  against  what  Prof.  Bridgette  had  seen  on her end outside the dungeon. He wanted to ensure that the data he had was correct.

“How many victims are there, professor?”

These were the first words that Desir spoke to Bridgette.

Bridgette sighed and solemnly replied.


He was only aware of nine victims.

As the number of victims was greater than what he had kept tally of, Desir’s eyes immediately sharpened.

Bridgette noticed Desir’s intention and elaborated further.

“There was a party in the Beta Class that entered the second stage.”

It was hard to reach the second stage with the skills of typical beta class students. It would have been completely safe for them to withdraw or drop out in the first stage, but the combination of abnormal circumstances ended up making this impossible.

“Damn it.”

Desir sighed.

‘If only I had noticed a little bit faster… ’

No abnormality had occurred in the first level where most of the   dropouts   occurred.   Moreover,   it   was   hard   to   suspect anything was wrong after they had witnessed defeated parties safely leaving the first level.

The anomalies that occurred from the second level  onwards made the criminal’s purpose crystal clear.

They were aiming for the death of Alpha Class students.

It was clear that the sole purpose of the offender was just that. This time there was an exception, but usually the only parties that manage to enter the second stage are from the Alpha Class.

Then why did the criminal target the Alpha Classes?

‘The purpose of the criminal can only be those two things.’

The  first  would  be  the  removal  of  all  talent  that  form  the central force of the Hebrion Empire in the near future.

The Alpha Classes who participated in this party competition were the cream of the crop of the Hebrion Academy.  If all  of them had died, Hebrion Academy would have been in serious danger.

And the other purpose was the one possibility that Desir was most concerned about.

That is…

“How are the things going?”

As this bad feeling started to rise in Desir, he turned towards Bridgette.

“We are doing our best to find the culprit.”

Prof. Bridgette   never   lied. The   Hebrion   Academy   was investigating  the  manipulated  stone  and  attempting  to  figure out who the culprit was based on the traces of magic that they had found.

The  highest  level  of  wizards  were  all  mobilized,  and  as  a result, it would not take long for the results to materialize.

“You   did   very   well,   Desir.   Your   efforts   will   forever   be remembered.”

It was Justin, the Dean of the Hebrion Academy.

He  had  a  neutral  stance  that  neither  favored  nor  abhorred commoners, but after seeing Desir in action, his impression had favorably changed regarding commoners.

Justin  conversed  with  Bridgette  and  Desir  in  an  attempt  to bring things to an end.

“You  spent  several  long  hours  clearing  this  dungeon.  You

must be so exhausted.  Why don’t you go take a rest and leave everything else for a later time? ”

Justin’s words entered one ear and went out the other. Desir continued to pivot while looking around the room.

Many officials and spectators, including various students and professors, crowded the area. The area was so crowded that the exits were even obscured.

“Yes, I will.”

During the pandemonium, Desir managed to catch a glimpse of a professor that slipped out of the room.


The man swept his belongings off his desk into a trunk that he was carrying. The trunk swallowed up items that added up to be tens of times larger than what a normal trunk of that size could store.

There was no time for him to separate and orderly pack things one  by  one.  He  had  to  hurry.  Somehow,  he  had  to  leave  the academy before surveillance was intensified.


Finally, he lifted the frame hanging by the window, pulling the paper out of the hidden space behind it and shoving it into the trunk.

Through the gap in his unbuttoned coat, was a tie loosened to the halfway point.

He looked tired and dishevelled.

But  he  didn’t  have  the  luxury  of  time  to  neaten  up  his appearance.

His escape was urgent.

The  wizards  of  the  Hebrion  Academy  who  were  currently investigating the stone were definitely excellent. It was obvious

that they would soon figure out that he was the culprit.

He couldn’t afford to be caught.

His goal had not yet been realized.

The man squeezed his hat and grabbed the doorknob with the hand that was also holding the trunk.

The door opened quickly before he even managed to turn the door  handle.  He  was  momentarily  embarrassed  as  the  door swung open and the trunk handle slipped out of his hand.

The load of items hastily shoved into his trunk erupted out, covering the floor.

The  intruder  looked  down  at  the  mess  covering  the  floor before  turning  to  look  at  the  man  blankly  looking  around himself.

“Where are you going so urgently, Professor?”

The voice was as familiar as it was hateful.

“I’m glad you escaped safely, Desir.”

“I’m sorry for the concern I may have caused.”

“I’m  so  happy  to  see  that  you  didn’t  get  hurt.  I  was  really worried about you.”

The man referred to as a professor by Desir hastily began to clear the items littering the floor.

“Thank  you  for  your  concern.  But  as  I  can  see,  you  have  a bunch of items packed into your trunk.  It seems like you are intending to go somewhere far away.”

“Oh,  Yes.   I  have  some…  something  urgent  to  go  on…  a business trip.”

The professor walked back to the door after closing the trunk. He placed his hand on Desir’s shoulder.

His was clearly signalling Desir to move out of the way.

But Desir stood fast and refused to move.

“Why did you do this, Professor Benquick?”

After Des1r said this, Benquick’s face which always had a smile plastered onto it, rapidly hardened.



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