A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 110


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 110. Commander (4)

Benquick Feriamos.

A  commoner  that  managed  to  become  a  professor  of  runic language through hard work.

“Someone had to do it.”

There was no trace of the old professor that was well loved by his students in the words he spat out in a frosty tone.

His eyes glowed like a wild beast’s.

“How did you notice it was me?”

“There was no evidence. At first it was just a guess.”

Desir stated without a hint of emotion.

“But when I tried narrowing down the list of suspects to just those  who:  were  already  inside  the  surveillance  formation  of Hebrion Academy, had the skills to manipulate the stone, and had the motive to kill  nobles; there were only a few remaining suspects that met all of these conditions.”

It was at this moment where Benquick’s sudden attempt to flee was as good as a confession of guilt to being the culprit.

“I was in a hurry.”

“… You really did it, didn’t you?”

“What is the point of denying it now? Yes, I did it.”

What Desir was most concerned about occuring had now been fully realized. He locked the door with a spell.

Professor Benquick unleashed magic to block him from doing so. He was a Third-Circle wizard.

However, his magic instantly broke into motes of light and

disappeared before he could even properly form it.

This was a full analysis. His spell had been inverted before he could even react.

Benquick expected this but didn’t expect it to be so daunting seeing it in person. He could not help but emmenate a gloomy aura.

After  seeing  the  difference  in  skill  level,  he  was  essentially forced to just watch what Desir planned to do.

It only took a moment for Desir to block all escape routes and shove Benquick in the chest.

“Fourteen people were sacrificed due to what you did.”

Benquick nodded without even blinking.

“I’m well aware of what happened, Desir. I was watching the event too.”

“No grief? No remorse? Did these lives mean nothing to you?”

“It was a necessary sacrifice.”

A necessary sacrifice?

“People had to die without even knowing what cause they died for?”

Desir approached Benquick in anger.

It was only with this movement that Benquick felt something must   have   been   wrong   with   his   answer.   He   backed   up unconsciously.  Despite moving back so quickly, he didn’t stop talking.

“Look at the history of the world. The flow of history has only ever been changed by violence and bloodshed. ”


Books that had piled up on his desk had fallen to the floor. He had finally been backed into his desk.  There was no room for him to retreat further.

Benquick  anxiously  continued  speaking,  hoping  to  dissuade Desir from taking drastic action.

“Hebrion Academy is also not an exception to this.”

Desir’s  eyes  probed  Benquick’s  body  before  settling  on  his ring.

He  could  feel  a  high-density  of  mana  was  collected  at  this location.   Desir  could  tell   with  just  a  glance  that  it  was  an artifact.

Artifacts  are  treasures  that  have  a  low  chance  of  appearing after clearing a Shadow World. As a result, artifacts are not only rare, but typically have power beyond human cognition.

Typical examples of such treasures include Toa’s Crest which provides power on the level  of a Third-Circle.  There were also artifacts that help invoke high-level magic, like the one used by

Crow Mask that allowed him to invoke spells while skipping all of the other steps usually involved.

Although   many   artifacts   have   imitation   copies   floating around, using cutting edge modern technology that has reached the  current  pinnacle  in  magical   engineering,  none  of  those imitations have reproduced anywhere near the original  power of an artifact.

Artifacts  are  unpredictable  and  strong  since  they  transcend common sense.

For  that  reason,  Desir  couldn’t  take  his  eyes  off  Benquick’s finger.

“Hebrion Academy… was originally an educational institution set  up  to  cultivate  the  necessary  manpower  to  combat  the Shadow Worlds.”

A story that came from a distant past.

A  close  but  unreachable  past  where  all   of  humanity  was united  and  confronted  the  Shadow  Worlds  together  with  one

heart and a single purpose.

“The ideology of the Hebrion Academy has faded away a long time  ago.  Humanity  already  has  enough  ability  and  power  to clear Shadow Worlds.  Ever since then, humans have begun to fight amongst themselves. They no longer have a need to unite. If you have eyes, see the reality of the world, Desir. This is just a breeding  ground  for  nobles  to  abuse  the  common  people  and train them into dogs for their own pleasure.”

His tone was calm but intense hatred thickened the air with every word he spat out. He looked at Desir. It was as if he was looking for Desir’s consent.

“These schools no longer serve a purpose.  No, this structure itself   should   not   exist   anymore.   We   need   change,   Desir. Fortunately, the Shadow Worlds no longer pose a threat to the world,  and  as  a  result,  we  no  longer  need  to  unite  with  the nobles.  They are just enemies to us commoners.  Change only starts when we attack the enemy.”

The  books  scattered  on  the  floor  made  annoying  crunching noises as they were trampled by their feet.

“Desir, you shouldn’t have participated in this Party Competition or cleared the dungeon, even if your goal  was to raise the status of commoners. But there is still  a way to atone for this mistake. You are going to let me out of here right now. I still have a lot of work to do for the sake of commoners. ”

After his monologue concluded, a moment of silence passed.

Benquick looked at Desir’s face, but couldn’t fathom what he was thinking about.

Was  he  sympathetic  to  the  cause?  Did  he  understand  why things had to unfold this way?

No, that wasn’t it.

Benquick’s story did not touch Desir at all. Rather, it allowed him to make a decision.

Desir  had  hope  for  such  a  professor  that  had  been  trying various things to improve life for commoners.

But Desir no longer thought of him as a professor, he was just an Outsider.

“I don’t like you.”

Desir opened his mouth after breaking the long silence.

“Your way of dismissing the massacre in order to further your own  cause  is  clearly  wrong.  This  is  for  the  common  people? Who  the  hell   asked  you  to  do  that?  Don’t  put  your  own standards on others as if it is some kind of universal justice.”

Benquick spoke in a tone of self-mocking and self-loathing.

“… Yes, I knew you were like this. I knew you would lament our choice.”

The professor’s office was quite spacious. Six bookcases were arranged in a row.  Desir and Benquick stood off against each other  with  just  a  bookcase  separating  them  from  each  other. Benquick’s  face  was  visible  over  the  top  of  the  books  in  the bookshelf.

“But you do agree with our goal.”

“… ”

Desir agreed with their goal.

He  knew  better  than  anyone  else  that  the  Hebrion  Empire needed to change. Change was a necessary element not only for the Hebrion Academy but also for the entire continent.


“It won’t work out if we do it this way.”

If they continued down this path, the present situation may change for the better, but the future would still leave everyone in  hopeless  despair.  For  Desir  who  knew  the  outline  of  the future to come, such changes were meaningless.

In the first place, the premise itself was wrong.

The threat of the Shadow Worlds had not disappeared.

“People   and   nobles   have   to   work   together. We   must understand each other. We have to start from there.”

Benquick blankly stared at Desir. The words that Desir spoke didn’t seem to register at all. After a brief pause he enquired.

“Are  you  talking  about  unity,  Desir?  The  unity  between commoners and nobles?”

His lips subtly curled upwards. His face failed to hide a smile of utter derision.

“That shit can’t be possible.  The nobles as an entire species cannot possibly deign to join forces with commoners. Wake up from your dream! Wake up from your delusion!”

As  if  his  words  were  the  catalyst  of  a  reaction,  a  chain  of events rapidly unfolded.

Professor Benquick knocked over the bookshelf while

attempting to distract Desir with his response.  Like dominos, the  bookshelf  fell  towards  Desir,  obscuring  his  vision.  Desir arranged a spell while spreading his hands forward.

[Wand Blast]


A blast was shot.  The bookcase was shattered and the books were  torn  apart  and  scattered  everywhere.  Wood  debris  and paper hit Desir’s face.

Desir’s mind was working in overdrive as he speculated what the professor’s next move would be.

‘It is not teleportation magic considering that the artifact has not been triggered yet.  If so, is it an artifact that can only be triggered  by  certain  conditions?  Or  does  he  need  time  to  do something specific? '

Benquick’s voice rang out.

“He is a hope for us commoners.  He is the one who brings change to this world in a real sense.”

When   the   shattered   bookshelves   no   longer   obscured   his vision, Desir could now see the professor. There was no place to escape.

He had placed his other hand on his ring.

“He will truly build a society for the common people.”

Desir  was  nervous  as  he  seemed  to  be  pulling  out  a  trump card.

Desir prepared defensive magic and the artifact activated.

A wave of mana spread out in an instant.

At the same time, Benquick’s body stopped moving, as if it had become stone.  His joints then started to bend unnaturally like a doll’s. Soon ‘it’ raised its head to look at Desir.

Desir could now clearly see what features had been built into the artifact and frowned after discerning these.

“Long distance mind control… ”

Mind control.

Literally the art of controlling the mind of another person.

It  was  a  terrifying  force  that  stood  out  as  a  power  with  no close competitor. What could possibly harm that which couldn’t be seen? The person utilizing the magic would not be exposed to any direct harm.

‘But why was Professor Benquick dominated… ?’

It was while Desir nervously stood and watched the situation unfolding   in   front   of   him   that   such   an   unexpected   event occurred.


Benquick’s body began to rapidly dry out. All  of the blood in his body appeared to evaporate.  He became pale and skeletal. Anyone could see that his life was depleting at a rapid rate.

“Wait, what?!”

Desir doesn’t know what was going on, but now wasn’t the time to figure out the situation.  He couldn’t let Benquick just die. There was still  a lot of valuable information left to extract from him.

However,  Desir  could  only  helplessly  watch  Benquik  die  in front of him.


The  thin  lips  on  the  puppet-like  body  curved  upwards.  It looked like he was laughing at Desir.

Shortly after that smirk, his body which was now twisted like an old tree, collapsed.

Desir realized after seeing that smile.

‘Just to prevent information from leaking out… ’

While   Desir   was   staring   blankly   at   Benquick’s   collapsed corpse, a flurry of footsteps could be heard reaching the door.

After a small explosion, the door was smashed open and Prof. Brigitte and a few others entered the room.  Seeing them force their way through the locked door, it seemed that Benquick was confirmed as a suspect.

The faculty room was in a complete mess. A trunk lay open on the ground and its contents scattered across the room. The floor was also covered in splinters from shattered bookcases and torn paper from many books.

Of course, there was also Benquick, whose corpse looked like a dried prune.

Brigitte looked at Desir with an expression of utter shock.

“Desir, what is… What happened before we arrived?”

Desir opened his mouth while everyone’s eyes focused on him.

“Professor Benquick is the culprit.”

Almost instantly, the atmosphere in the room changed.

“So it is a commoner?”

“They make me sick.”

“They really are just scum.”

Insults were hurled without restraint.

The   group   that   entered   with   Brigitte   was   composed   of Hebrion’s Alpha Class graduates as well  as various members of prominent clans and families.

The  atmosphere  had  quickly  turned  heated  from  the  naked fury that these nobles unleashed.

After   all,   the   commoners   were   once   again   aiming   to overthrow the nobility.  Indeed, talented people lost their lives and the Hebrion Academy nearly suffered irreparable damage.

It was clearly obvious that Desir’s goal  of unity between the commoners and nobles would be simply rejected.

Desir didn’t want this to happen.

If  the  relationship  between  the  commoners  and  the  nobles worsened  more  than  it  was  now,  it  would  be  impossible  to prevent the coming disaster.

“… ”

He closed his eyes and thought deeply about it.

There was never going to be much leeway given though.

Fortunately, however, he was given the option to escape the situation.

‘I can’t help but… ’

He continued to murmur to himself internally.

‘Do not lose sight of your purpose.’

He finally reached a decision.

Desir opened his eyes. He then spoke to the graduates of the Hebrion  Academy  that  had  immersed  themselves  in  gossip about the commoners.

“But Professor Benquick didn’t do this arbitrarily.”


“What do you mean?”

With words that they couldn’t comprehend, one of the angry graduates stormed up towards Desir.

However, Brigitte stopped the graduate and addressed Desir in a calm voice.

“What do you mean, Desir?”

“That’s an artifact that clouds the mind of the wearer.”

Desir spoke calmly without any change in his facial expression.  His finger pointed towards the ring that Benquick was grasping.

While Brigitte stared at it, the graduates approached Benquick’s corpse and checked the authenticity of the ring.

All of the graduates were top-level wizards. The result of their analysis came quickly.

They confirmed Desir’s words as true.

“You mean, Professor Benquick didn’t do everything on his own, then… ”

Des1r spoke while suppressing the rising nausea coming from deep inside himself.

“Professor   Benquick   was   manipulated   by   the   Outsiders through  that  artifact,  and  eventually  lost  his  life.  That  is  the truth of this case.”



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