A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 111


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 111. The Hypocrite (1)

There was a strange rumor making the rounds in the Divide Kingdom.

“Don’t you think His Majesty has changed recently?”

“They   say   he   doesn’t   frequent   Her   Majesty’s   chambers anymore. Apparently, he’s found himself a concubine?”

“Not only that, but they say he also invites young girls into his sleeping chambers every night.”

The Royal Palace Garden.

The  gardeners  who  gathered  there  exchanged  the  rumors they’d each heard as they trimmed the trees.

A place like the Royal  Palace was an awfully secluded place, where rumors could cultivate and fester over the course of an afternoon.

“The circumstances are becoming more and more unsettling. He’s been hiring strange people as guards…”

“Shh. He’s coming this way.”

At the gardener’s words, everyone went silent.

A moment later, a well-built man wearing an intricate cloak passed them. All the while, the gardeners tried their best not to let out a single breath as they focused on trimming the trees.

Once  the  parade  of  knights  tailing  behind  him  were  out  of sight,  the  gardeners  let  out  a  unanimous  sigh  of  relief.  He hadn’t heard anything. It would be hard to hear anything from that far away.

But  their  assumption  was  unfortunately  wrong.  As  they  let out a sigh of relief, the man gave a command to his knights.

“Kill all those who run their mouths within the palace.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The knights all headed towards the gardeners en masse.

After being faced with derision, he dismissed his servants and walked along the hallway. Lined with marble, it was extremely long.

Moments later when he reached his destination, he mumbled to himself as he gripped the doorknob.

[The oaths of the abandoned will  shine brightly even in the deep sea.]

As if it understood his language, the door opened.

The  place  that  was  finally  revealed  was  a  room  exuding  a sinister   air   too   dark   to   be   considered   the   king’s   sleeping chambers.

The King of Divide.

Clora Ars F. Baldershu.

As he walked into the bedroom, he opened his mouth.

“Is it to your liking?”

A voice whispered coyly into his ear.

“Hm, compared to what I’ve been through, it’s very pleasant here.”

A woman lay upon the big bed.

She didn’t hide her busty figure as she wore a revealing outfit, but there was something else that drew attention.

A   mask   that   was   embellished   with   intricate   gems   and feathers.

Though not evident, there was most definitely a beautiful face

hidden behind the mask.

She spoke in a gentle tone.

“I’m grateful to you.”

She rubbed her face on a soft pillow.

“I really like it here. Soft blankets and extravagant food, but most of all, being provided with an endless supply of virgins’ blood.”

It had been long since maids and servants, and even the queen consort  had  been  dismissed.  Not  a  single  person  within  the palace could frequent the king’s sleeping chambers.

The King of Divide took off his cloak.  As soon as he did, his strong and sturdy body shrunk as if it was never real in the first place, revealing a much slender body.

Now only the face bore a resemblance to the king of Divide’s figure.

“That’s a relief then. My head is about to split as I try to take care of things I’ve never done before.”

He grumbled with his back facing the woman. He groped his face, taking the “King of Divide’s face” off and placed it on the table.

And from his chest, he took out a clown mask and hid his face.

“There’s no other mask that suits me more than this one.”

Clown Mask donned his usual mad smile at the bottom of his mask. The last thing countless people had seen was that smile, before being gruesomely murdered.

He  approached  the  bookshelf  and  pulled  at  books  placed  in various  locations  in  a  sporadic  order.  As  he  did,  a  whirring sound filled the room, indicating that some kind of engine had to come to life. The bookshelf slid to the side with a creak.

A hidden area came into view.

As  Clown  Mask  and  Feather  Mask  entered,  the  door  shut automatically.

In the dim room, a young man wearing a Crow Mask and an old gray-haired man wearing a Skull Mask were seated.

A  massive  mirror  had  been  placed  in  front  of  them.  The mirror that spanned the entire length of the room displayed not only   the   major   facilities   of   each   nation,   but   also   detailed information that only locals would know.

The moment Clown Mask and Feather Mask took a seat, the mirror shivered as it continued to update information in real-time.

Small and big events were all displayed on the mirror in real-time.

Clown Mask had never seen an artifact more remarkable.

It was typically referred to as the Mirror That Holds Shadows.

With no limits, it could gather information about any ‘event’ happening from far away.  Even amongst all  other artifacts, its ability to collect information was astounding.

This artifact had played a big role in allowing the Outsiders to operate carefully while staying out of sight.

If   it   weren’t   for   the   artifact,   the   Outsiders   would   have dispersed long ago.

Skull   Mask   had   several   more   artifacts   of   this   level.   For someone to possess numerous artifacts of the highest standard, artifacts   that   could   turn   the   tables   on   the   most   dire   of situations, evoked a somewhat awe-inspiring sensation.

Clown Mask shifted his gaze back to the mirror.

Information continued to pop-up constantly.

As Crow Mask studied the information being displayed on the mirror, he used a long-distance communication device to send commands to his subordinates scattered across several nations.

“Troops at Lintholin join up with troops at Liheim. There will be a big scale movement of the heads soon. It’ll be a chance for us to earn a considerate amount of money.”

“Hebrion’s  troops  are  gathering  at  the  north.  An  extensive inspection   is   to   be   expected.   Halt   all   action   and   conceal yourselves as best as possible.”

“Sodune  Canyon’s  newly  appointed  commander  will  not  go easy on us. The information that’s been identified so far is likely a trap, so ideally we should… ”

Crow  Mask  led  these  people  who  didn’t  amount  to  much individually  and  challenged  the  entire  Hebrion  Empire  as  a whole.  He was once a commander that occupied the capital  of the empire that displayed tactics and strategies that made him a widely feared opponent at that time.

Now   as   an   Outsider,   he   gathered   information   using   the artifact,  which  he  then  used  to  predict  future  outcomes  and calmly design a strategy to slowly bring about the downfall  of the kingdoms.

A vast sea of information and an excellent commander.  The combination of the two was what truly allowed the Outsiders to make such amazing results.

Clown Mask turned to speak to Crow Mask who was moving around tirelessly.

“An official message came from the Western Empire today.”


Crow Mask turned off the communication device and stared blankly at the Clown Mask, as if urging him to continue.

Suppressing the desire to crack a joke, Clown Mask continued speaking.

“They  requested  the  right  to  command  and  also  requested additional soldiers from the Avalon troops that Divide appointed.”

“And their goal?”

“The demise of the Outsiders.”

The words that Clown Mask stated so casually was a direct declaration of an all-out war coming from the Western Empire.

But not a single person present was surprised.

The time had come.

Ever  since  the  event  in  Prichella,  the  five  nations  of  the Western Empire had unanimously agreed to join forces in order to  get  rid  of  the  Outsiders.  Until  now,  there  had  only  been empty promises of such plans, with no further action, in order to appease their citizens.  However, that had all  changed.  They had finally started making a move.

But it was a little too late. They’d already found a place within the  Western  Empire.  No,  they  hadn’t  just  found  their  place. They’d  grasped  the  entirety  of  the  Empire  and  its  military power. They held the entirety of Divide in their hands.

Clown Mask spoke.

“It’s best to comply with their requests for now. Just enough to save face.”

What they had a hold of was a section of the Western Empire. Their  goal  didn’t  stop  there.  They  still  needed  to  establish  a stronger position from the inside.

“Who’s sending the most troops?”

Clown Mask sneered as he spoke of the nation with the most hostile attitude.

“Prichella  Empire.  They  still  haven’t  recovered  from  their losses,  but  they  must  be  overflowing  with  rage  towards  the Outsiders. Heh.”

The sound of sneers rang across the room.  Soon, that sound was interrupted by Crow Mask’s command.

“Send double the number of troops to them.”



Clown Mask and Feather Mask cocked their heads. It was an order they didn’t understand.

“Can I ask why you made that decision? It doesn’t affect our organization settled here in Divide, but other organizations may be annihilated.”

“The others accepted that death was just a step away when they  decided  to  join  the  Outsiders.   Have  you  forgotten  the pledge?  The  Outsiders  all  prioritize  their  own  goals,  and  to achieve those goals, we use each other.”

The   Outsiders   were   an   organization   made   up   of   many different  groups  that  had  joined  forces.  As  they  merged  into one, a single pledge was made.

To achieve a goal, one may utilize others whenever they must.

The   organization   had   been   united   by   the   same   ideals. Individually, everyone had different motives.

Thus, the pledge had been made.

And  that  pledge  had  molded  everyone  into  humans  that wouldn’t stop at anything in order to achieve their goals.

Of course, some had been like that from the start.

As  Clown  Mask  was  listening  to  Crow  Mask’s  rationale,  he couldn’t help but grin with glee.



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