A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 115


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 115. Season in Snow (2)

After catching up on the material in front of himself, Desir let out a sigh of relief as he finished up his planning for the day. He had done enough pre-work to keep abreast of the large changes that could affect his plans.

There   was   another   problem   that   required   his   undivided attention next though: the development of his own power. Pure politicking could only get one so far, at the end of the day, one needed  enough  strength  to  defend  oneself;  let  alone  enact change on the scale of countries.

‘I’m not strong enough.’

This was Desir’s self-evaluation.

Desir had just formed a Third-Circle spell with the power of a Fifth-Circle wizard, but the amount of power he could use was still not enough. The problem with his new system of magic had also now become apparent.

‘If I consume all of my mana firing off a single spell, I can’t do

anything else in a fight without a colleague to continue the fight for me if I fail to finish the job in a single strike.’

The   method   of   combining   and   unleashing   several   spells consumed  far  too  much  mana.   But  because  of  this  unique property,   the   amount   of   force   Desir   could   fire   was   much stronger than firing off multiple spells with the same amount of mana.  However, the power might as well  be useless with how inefficient it was in terms of mana.

Desir remembered his goal and could feel that this half-assed approach would not be enough.

For this reason, Desir spent the next two months struggling desperately  to  improve  the  effectiveness  of  this  new  magic system.  He frantically eked out what little extra time he could find in his schedule while also reducing the time spent on eating and sleeping.

His messy room reflected just how desperate he was.

Desir’s desk was littered with paper and empty cups of coffee.

The floor was no different.  Books lay strewn all  around his studying area.

[The Weaknesses of Magic Arrangement Systems]

[What is the Most Useful Magic System?]

[Insights on Shadow Worlds Vol. 3: Types of Magical  Worlds and their Significance]

He used the names of his party members to borrow as many books as he could from the library, but even this amount was insufficient for his needs.

He put his all into this endeavour but had nothing to show for it. It could be considered a complete failure.

He  had  researched  many  related  topics  and  used  all  of  the material  he  could  get  his  hands  on,  but  there  was  no  way  to perfect this magic system any further.

‘I can’t do this on my own.’

When all hope seemed lost, Desir desperately felt the need to consult with somebody.

Fortunately, Desir had an advisor more reliable than anyone else.

Zod Exarion.

The  only  Seventh-Circle  wizard  and  the  chairman  of  the esteemed Magic Tower, the leading magical  company in both magical research and production of magical equipment.

Desir regularly liaised with Zod as a technical  advisor to the Magic  Tower.  Essentially,  Desir  would  describe  his  ideas  and theories,   and   Zod   used   these   to   formulate   groundbreaking theories or design earth-shaking equipment.

It  was  in  this  way  that  the  Magic  Tower  had  developed technology at a far faster pace than in Desir’s previous timeline.

Desir hastily cleared his desk before placing the communication pad on it and starting the call.

-Good, I managed to catch you; I wanted to share the results of the Aurora System test.

“I called you today to request advice on a topic that has been troubling me.”

-That’s  interesting.  You  have  never  come  to  me  for  advice before. I’ll help you as much as I am able to.

Zod seemed quite surprised at this development.  It was the first time Desir had sought advice on something. Zod could not help feeling intrigued, as this topic must be truly puzzling to stump Desir.

“I’ve  been  researching  a  magic  system  recently,  but  it  was hard to improve further.”

-A magic system? Go ahead.

Zod, slightly leaking his disappointment, didn’t expect much from Desir’s question as the modern magic arrangement system was a complete system that could no longer be improved.

“Let me explain where I am at first… ”

Desir  began  to  explain  to  Zod  the  principles  of  his  magical system.

Initially,   Zod   was   amazed   little   by   little,   but   as   Desir continued, he became very silent.

The   silence   stretched   to   an   awkward   length   after   Desir finished explaining.

-Amazing. I knew you were great, but I didn’t think you were capable of something like this.

After  breaking  the  silence,  Zod  expressed  his  admiration  of Desir.

“There are still too many things I need to do to improve it.”

-No, it’s great. Although it consumes a lot of magical power, it can   be   said   to   have   risen   beyond   the   power   that   can theoretically be expressed in our modern magical system…

Since it was impossible to explain the draconic magic system, Desir  only  explained  the  way  he  arranged  the  structure  by borrowing the structure of a tesseract.

But Zod caught on immediately.

-This…  It’s  the  magic  system  you  used  in  Prillecha.  Am  I right?

“… … Yes.”

Zod couldn’t help but sigh. A genius was a genius, after all.

-I’m sorry, but I can’t think of any method to improve it right now. To be honest, I could barely understand a small portion of the magic that I saw back then.

“Is that so?”

-Unfortunately, I wouldn’t even know where to get started.

For the great sage, Zod Exarion, the concept of draconic magic was a realm entirely outside of his cognition.

Desir was forced to give up with a sigh. There was no way to continue if even Zod couldn’t help.

Though some regret remained, he decided that there was no choice but to admit defeat for the time being and refocus his efforts otherwise.

With his focus no longer dedicated to the new magic system, he could now devote his time to the next high priority.

The Aurora System.

The ultimate shield created by humanity, implemented and

used near the end of the Shadow Labyrinth in his past timeline. It   was   the   technology   that   Desir   and   Zod   were   trying   to implement with the greatest of care.  This was due to the fact that they talked about this topic first.

-We were able to successfully implement the system such that it’s capable of defending against Sixth-Circle magic. If we could solve  the  outrageous  amount  of  magic  stones  it  consumes, there’s no reason it couldn’t remain active permanently..

“You’ve already managed to construct it?!”

-Yes. I’ve filled in some of the parts you’ve advised us on.

It had taken much longer to complete the Aurora System in his  previous  life.   Because  of  the  Shadow  Labyrinth,  many talented  people  had  lost  their  lives  and  it  was  not  as  easy  to invest the required money and time under such circumstances.

But now, people had been able to devote themselves purely to the development of this technology, and money was not an issue either. Thanks to this, the rate at which new technology could be  researched  was  exponentially  higher  than  it  had  been  in Desir’s past life. At this rate they would be able to quickly catch

up to the technology level that was prevalent near the end of his previous life.

-We were able to design a portable version as well. It’s single use though, as a trade-off, and the functionality of it is slightly lower than the stationary version. It can barely hold up against a single Sixth-Circle spell.

In other words, an item that can be used once before getting discarded.  Considering  the  material  and  production  cost,  this was definitely something too costly to be treated as a disposable item.

But Desir felt that this was good enough. Being able to defend against  a  Sixth-Circle  spell  without  draining  the  user’s  mana was  an  extraordinary  feat,  capable  of  changing  the  tides  in  a desperate battle.

“This is good enough. Thank you very much.”

-Honestly, Desir, I haven’t gotten this excited in years! Thanks to  you,  the  Magic  Tower  has  made  significant  technological advancement. Now let’s talk about the next project…

Desir cut off Zod as he attempted to switch topics.

“The Aurora System is far from completed.  It’s only barely enough for practical use as it is.”

-Barely? Did you just say ‘barely’? Did you not just say that this was good enough?

Zod’s tone increased by several octaves. He was upset at Desir telling him that the technology that he had poured his heart and soul into, was only barely usable. He had just completed it after a great deal of trial and error over a long period of time.

The  Aurora  System  was  one  of  the  key  technologies  for clearing the Shadow Labyrinth.

If   the   development   of   it   wasn’t   stopped   here,   it   could relatively easily be improved to match the level of development completed  in  his  previous  life,  but  it  would  not  easily  be improved beyond that.

However, Desir couldn’t be satisfied with just that.

He shouldn’t be satisfied with just this.

This time, it had to be developed further.

“The  goal  is  to  make  something  strong  enough  to  stop  the magic I used in Prillecha.”

Zod laughed at this notion. After all, he had witnessed Desir’s draconic magic with his own eyes.

-Do you think that will be possible?

“If you think it is impossible, we should stop here for now and move  on  to  the  next  project.   Actually,  the  purpose  of  this project  was  to  make  something  easy  to  commercialize,  so  it doesn't matter if you move on to the next topic. It could be more advanced,  but  what  can  I  do  if  you,  the  only  wizard  on  the continent who can develop this Aurora System, says no? ”

-You drive me crazy.

Zod laughed. He had a pleasant smile on his face.

-You know me too well. My pride would be wounded if I failed to exceed your expectations after hearing such a bold claim!

“Then please do so.”

With   Zod’s   enthusiasm   reinvigorated,   discussion   of   the Aurora System came to a close.

It was now time to wrap up any remaining loose ends and end the call.

-Oh, Desir. It should have arrived by now.

“What do you mean?”

-My New Year’s gift to you all. I hope the students like it.

“Thank you for taking care of us. There’s no one in this world who wouldn’t like something that the Lord of the Magic Tower

personally sent them.”

-Thank you for saying that. Then I will get in touch with you again soon.


When Desir ended the communication, he noticed that there were  dozens  of  messages  in  his  inbox.  When  he  checked  the sender,   most   of   them   were   from   Romantica. Dozens   of messages, but the contents of them all were the same.

-When the hell are you coming?

Des1r  easily  guessed  the  reason  behind  Romanica’s  frantic urging and just smiled bitterly.



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