A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 116


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 116. Season in Snow (3)

“What took you so long?”

As Desir opened the door of the party’s office, he was greeted by Romantica’s annoying cries.

Stepping  into  the  office,  Desir  was  surprised  to  see  boxes stacked like small mountains in the center of the office.

“… What the hell are these?”

Desir had expected a few gifts. It had long been a custom for parents   to   send   gifts   to   their   children   in   the   New   Year. However, considering that there were six-party members, the number of gifts was too large.

“These  gifts  are  from  various  places!  Desir,  you  sure  are famous!”

Freechel’s  words  were  true.  Of  course,  there  had  been  gifts from the party members’ families, but there were also gifts from

a wide variety of companies and notable people.

“I understand Prillecha, Magic Tower and the Eru Conglomerate…  but  Kire  Trading  Company?  Where  even  is that?”

Amongst  the  places  where  the  gifts  came  from,  there  were some places they didn’t have any direct relation with.

“During  the  attack  in  Prillecha,  there  were  a  lot  of  tourists there, so maybe it’s one of them?”

Desir nodded as Romantica’s suggestion seemed reasonable.

When  Desir  stopped  Dadenewt  from  destroying  Deltaheim, the capital of Prillecha, there had been tourists from all over the continent due to the Yellow Ocean Competition.

If someone did you a favor, it was only common courtesy to send a gift.  And in this case, it wasn’t just a favor; Desir had saved their lives.

Nevertheless,  it  was  the  Western  Kingdom  Union  that  had sent the most gifts.

After he single-handedly neutralized the assault on Prillecha, Desir gained great renown not only in Prillecha but also from the kings of Adenia and Arunbeth. The luxurious gifts made it clear just how much favor they had for Desir.

“I was waiting for Desir to join us before opening them.”

“Yes.  So sit down quickly.  My hands are tingling and I can’t wait any longer to open these.”

“We   have   arranged   them   in   order   of   distance   from   the Hebrion Academy. You can open them up in this order.”

They looked too excited.

As soon as Desir sat down, Romantica began to tear into the wrapping paper.

“Oh?! I told you to open them in order, Romantica!”

“I’ll start with the ones from my hometown!”

“Hmm? A gift to Romantica? Then I will open this.”

“No, wait! Pram, put that down right now!”


The gifts that had been pain-stakingly arranged began to get randomly mixed up. The mountains of gifts soon collapsed and the room consequently started to look incredibly messy.

‘They are still kids after all.’

Desir  shrugged  and  sat  down  next  to  Adjest  who  had  been sitting quietly up until now.

“Good morning.”

“… Good morning.”

Yes, this was Adjest.  Desir really liked the calmness that she exuded.

Meanwhile, the first gift was revealed. It was a gift from the King of Prillecha.

“What a nice badge. It seems the office looks empty, but this will be great to liven it up. ”

Freechel  looked  at  the  badge.  Her  eyes  twinkled,  indicating that she knew exactly what it stood for.

“The fact that the King gave the country’s badge to someone means that he absolutely trusts them! It’s a pledge that the King will assist you when you need it!”

“The gift from Arunbeth… It’s a ticket for the Lujean Theater! They are even royal  seats that allow one to sit in the perfect position to see the stage!? Incredible! These are worth 200 gold on the scalping market right now!”

“This is sent by His Majesty the King of Adenia… It’s a rare santhruleaf herb.  It has a very unique taste and aroma when brewed as a tea.  People say it is impossible to get a hold of in winter, but he has sent this to us.”

As gifts from the kings of various countries, everything that they had received was difficult to obtain as an individual, and all were consequently precious.

It was finally time to open the gift sent from the Magic Tower.

There were two gifts from Zod. From the notes on the box, the gifts were for Takiran and Freechel.

Zod was one of the biggest supporters of the Desir party, and the support he had provided had been of great help to the Desir party thus far. As a result, the others weren’t very disappointed or dissatisfied, even though they didn’t receive a gift of their own this time.

“Oh! Oh!! Look at this, it’s a great sword.”

When   the   first   box   opened,   a   great   sword   that   glowed brilliantly in the dark was revealed. It was a sword forged with black iron.  Black iron was somewhat heavier than steel, but it was  far  harder  than  any  regular  alloy  of  steel.   It  was  the preferred material  of many swordsmen due to its combination of strength and weight.

In  addition,  shield  magic  was  enchanted  on  to  the  sword which allowed it to simultaneously have a high offensive and defensive  might,  affording  the  wielder  more  options  during battle.

When  Takiran   demonstrated  the   shield  magic,   the   party members responded with amazed applause.

When the next box opening revealed a book.

The party was a bit embarrassed to see that gift was some old book.

Freechel, on the other hand, treated it as if it was some kind of valuable treasure.

In  response  to  the  puzzled  reaction  of  the  party  members, Freechel  passionately explained what exactly this gift entailed. So passionate in fact that spit flew from her mouth, spraying the room

“This is a rare old book that went out of print a long time ago! Most  of  them  are  now  lost,  so  you  can  just  imagine  how expensive this would be to obtain these days! And he didn’t just send a copy, this is an original… ”

Both of the newer party members seemed to love the gifts that Zod had sent.

‘He   must   feel   the   results   of   our   cooperation   have   been fruitful.’

With those two gifts as the highlight, the unboxing continued. The gifts unveiled were varied and each time a box was opened, a round of applause as well as exclamation or laughing could be heard leaking out of the party room.

It was as this kind of atmosphere continued that Adjest also picked up one of the boxes from a pile in front of her before opening it.

There was a muffler in the box. It was made out of a luxurious wool  and the embroidery of blue thread intertwined with red thread intimating that it was a muffler filled with heavy feelings from the sender.

Adjest gazed at the tip of the muffler.


It was the initials of Desir Arman.

Adjest picked up the muffler and looked at Desir as if she was possessed.

Desir smiled, fully immersed in the infectious happiness of the other  party  members,  before  suddenly  turning  to  match  the gaze that was avidly boring a hole into the side of his head.

Adjest was at a distance of less than half a meter. It was close enough to let him feel her warmth.

“… ”

For a moment, Desir’s breath stopped.

Before Desir regained his wits to ask ‘why’, Adjest moved.

For a while, Desir felt dizzy from the soft scent that lingered in the space around him.  Desir’s reaction was so delayed that the  back  of  Adjest’s  hand  caressed  his  cheek  without  any resistance.


Awakened  Desir  leaned  back,  but  Adjest  pulled  the  muffler and dragged him back towards her.




Desir said nothing until the muffler was fully wrapped around his neck.

As the muffler was finally wrapped around Desir’s neck, their eyes met.

Her golden eyes shook like a wave breaking against a shore.

Adjest hurriedly lifted her hand from the muffler, shrinking back as if a child touching a toy that they have been told should not be touched.

“… ”

In  the  party  office  which  had  been  raucous  just  moments before, there was now only silence. It was as if the prior noise had been a lie.

No   one   dared   open   their   mouth   to   break   this   awkward tension.  The  office  which  had  never  been  quiet,  was  finally soundless for the first time.

“Your name was on it.”

Adjest attempted to excuse her behaviour after the awkward silence had truly become unbearable.

No one else spoke up though.

The awkward silence began afresh.

The door opened. Desir thanked God for the distraction.

“… What’s going on? It’s exceptionally quiet in here today.”

It was Professor Bridgette. She looked around with a relaxed smile like always.

While looking around the office, it was apparent to everyone that she was happy seeing Des1r.

“That muffler goes really well  with you.  It was worth all  of the hard work.”

“Is this… a muffler that you knitted, professor?”

“Yes. I knitted it. Do you like it?”

“Yeah. I like it. Thank you very much, Professor.”

Bridgette looked delighted at the gratitude expressed for her gift.

“I  was  going  to  give  one  to  each  of  you,  but  due  to  my inexperience in knitting, I ended up taking too much time to make just one of them.”

“Don’t mind it, thank you, professor. What brings you here? Do you have something to tell us? Don’t you?”

Romantica   desperately   blathered,   attempting   to   forcibly change the topic of discussion.

“I  think  I  came  in  at  a  fairly  appropriate  time.  Right,  Miss Romanica. I am here to share the good news with all of you.”

Professor  Bridgette  stiffened  slightly  before  speaking  in  a slightly less casual tone.

“As  you  all  know,  January  4th  is  the  day  when  Emperor Ruspena Hebrion founded the Hebrion Empire.”

It   also   happened   to   be   the   day   that   the   largest   festival normally takes place in the Hebrion Empire.

“Normally, we would hold a festival each year at the Hebrion Academy, but for a number of reasons, that won’t be happening this year.”

“Yeah? How is this good news?”

“Rather, I just became very depressed, Professor.”

Bridgette laughed at the response from the students.

“Instead,   on   this   day,   we   decided   to   relax   the   school regulations and allow students to go out into the city and enjoy the festival.”

Romantica immediately intensely focussed all of her attention on Prof. Bridgette.

“Really? Are you serious, Professor?”

“Of course, I hope you spend a wonderful time out there.”



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