A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 117


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 117. National Foundation Day (1)

January 4th.

This was the day that the first emperor of the Hebrion Empire founded the country, and ever since there has been an annual celebration of good times and national pride. This day is known as Founding Day.

The capital  of the Hebrion Empire, Dresden, was the largest city in the empire and as a result, holds the largest Founding Day celebration across the country. The city was crowded with people   travelling   from   places   far   and   wide,   including   the Hebrion Academy. There were lots of things to see in the streets and it soon got much busier than normal. People in groups held each other tightly to prevent getting separated or lost.

Even  though  the  activity  of  the  Outsiders  had  been  more threatening   recently,   the   citizens   of   Dresden   did   not   feel nervous  or  unsafe  being  out  in  the  open.  Many  international intelligence agents, mostly Hebrion Academy alumni, returned to  Dresden  and  worked  on  the  security  of  the  event.  One  of them was even the famed ‘Knight of Light.’ Any concerns about safety could be whisked away, knowing that he was ensuring their safety.

There was a large number of Hebrion Academy students in the crowds.  It was a long overdue break, something that they had not gotten for quite a while. They enjoyed the festival all night long. When the academy finally decided to release students for the Founding Day festival, the entire student body had praised their decision.

Desir was one of the students who admired the decision made by the school. Desir still had many things to do, but he decided to dump his burdens off of his shoulders and take a short break. He had not taken any days off since returning from the future, and this was a rare opportunity for him to just relax without making  any  specific  plans.  It  was  a  reward  that  he  treated himself to.

The other party members felt the same way. They had worked so hard for so long. They wanted to forget everything and just enjoy  the  night.   They  took  their  Clothes  Lines  off,  instead dressing up in their favorite outfits. They ate all  the food they wanted.

“I don’t even know how long it has been! The sweetness of freedom! I missed this so much!”

Romantica shouted between mouthfuls of sweets.

“That’s  way  too  much  of  an  exaggeration!  We  were  only separated from this by a wall.”

Takiran dutifully pointed out before Romantica interjected.

“Yeah, you’re right, but it’s a completely different world over that single wall. The place hidden behind that wall is the world of conventions and boring practices. Outside the wall is a city of fantastic freedom where you can eat food all you want.”

Freechel,  who  by  the  way,  found  a  visitor’s  brochure  from somewhere and was studiously checking out and making notes about recommended landmarks.

“It  says  here  that  all  the  popular  restaurants  hold  special events at certain times, and gives us a warning to avoid those places during the rush hour.”

“But it also recommends we visit the event at Lubenia Garden, even though so many people are expected to be there.  Do you think that place is any good?”

“I’m not sure… I haven’t tried their food before.”

Desir  was  listening  to  their  conversation  and  jumped  in  to help them out.

“So Lubenia Garden is a steak place. They have food for 1/10 of the regular price only from 1 pm and 2 pm. The food is good. I remember their sauce was great.”

“Oh, nice.”

Pram  thought  about  something  delicious  in  his  mind  and ended up bouncing around in excitement as a result.

Desir felt the enthusiasm from Prams’ eyes.

“You can eat their food anytime, but there are some events we can only see during the Founding Day Festival.  So we should check  those  out  first,  what  do  you  think?  I  think  the  most popular performance is ‘The Chronicles’.”

“You’re right. All the brochures emphasise that we should not miss the Hebrion Chronicles.”

The  Hebrion  Chronicles  was  a  play  that  retold  the  entire history of the Hebrion Empire. The plot was pretty interesting since the history of the Hebrion Empire was quite dynamic. The play was full of special effects and light displays, and of course, it  was  the  premiere  performance,  even  in  comparison  to  the other works that are presented during the entire year.

It had five chapters altogether.  Interestingly, the entire play was not performed at a single theater. There were five different theaters spread across the city, each playing a different chapter from the story.

“The first chapter will be held at Dawn Star Plaza in an hour, Desir.”

“Okay, then let’s head over there.  If you see something you want to eat or buy on the way, let me know anytime and we’ll make a quick stop.”

Desir took off in the direction of the plaza.

Desir’s party had some room in their budget.  They had just received  their  grants  from  the  Mage  Tower  and  were  able  to obtain additional funds from demonstrating such a great feat of competency in the Party Competition. In all  actuality they had more than enough money, they couldn’t possibly use it all here.

Adjest was standing in front of the group, it was clear that she was tired from being pushed and pulled by the crowd.

Desir suddenly recalled that she had been busy following the party members all day and had not even eaten anything yet.

“Adjest, do you want to eat something?”

“Eat… Not really.”

“Don’t you crave something that you had once as a child or used to have all the time? Like ice cream, waffles, or the like.”

Seizing the opportunity to jump in, Pram suddenly chirped at the group.

“If we have a destination set, let’s go already! If we get there late, it will  only be harder to find seats and all  that.  You too, Adjest. You need to hurry up.”

Pram pushed Adjest.

Romantica   came   out   of   nowhere   and   pulled   Desir   in   a direction opposite to where the group was heading.

“Desir, you said we can buy anything we want to eat? I want that. Can you get me that?”

“Romantica, that’s… ”

“Right now! If we are one second late, it’ll be all sold out!”

In  a  moment,  Desir  and  Adjest  were  pulled  apart  and  a distance  quickly  formed  between  them.  Pram  and  Romantica looked at each other while they were pulling Desir and Adjest far apart, and smiled at each other.

‘Never allow them a chance.’

‘Never a chance.’

They continued to pull  them apart while they walked along the streets in opposite directions.  The group looked at a water fountain   and   grabbed   some   snacks   at   a   bar. Pram   and Romantica  had  their  eye  on  them  every  second  and  did  not allow them a moment of reprieve.

The group eventually ambled over to the Dawn Star Plaza to see the Chronicles performance.

It  was  already  a  busy  street,  but  it  got  even  busier  in  just moments. It didn’t long before it became so crowded that it was hard enough just finding a way to thread through the people.

“What in the world… ”

“Look over there.”

Romantica pointed to a place that had a sign with a picture of a loaf of bread on it.

‘Bethward Bakery’

It   was   a   very   famous   bakery   that   had   expensive   cakes. Bethward Bakery had branches everywhere in the empire, but this particular branch in Dresden had chocolate cake which was considered a must-try for all tourists.

“Look at that line. It’s freaking long.”

“Well, this place is very popular after all.”

“I don’t think that’s the only reason here.”

The   number   of   people   in   the   line   was   abnormally   big. Something must have happened here. Pram hazarded a guess.

“Um, maybe it’s the event time at Bethward Bakery?”


The group suddenly had a premonition of something bad to come.

“… We need to escape from here.”

They hesitated for just a few seconds, but that was enough time for more people to gather and block the paths around them completely.  On top of that, the crowd had pushed them down the street quite a bit already, and there was no way to get back to where they entered from. They decided to go against the flow in the crowd, in an attempt to make it to the opposite side of the street that the bakery was on.

“Excuse us. We’re trying to go through.”

“Excuse me.”

One step at a time, they waded through the crowd.

By  then,  the  mascot  of  a  cat  figure  standing  on  top  of  the Bethward Bakery building opened its mouth.

“We’ll  now  begin  the  Bethward  Bakery  event!  We  are  now selling 500 limited chocolate cakes for 1 bronze!”

It was a disaster. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for all the people on the street to surge forward towards the bakery in even greater numbers than before.

“Wh… Whaaat?!”


Desir’s party was swept up by the tsunami  of people.  Desir looked around, but couldn’t find anyone around him. They had been forced apart in all directions by the flood of people. As he panicked  for  a  second,  a  hand  grabbed  his  hand  tight.  Desir couldn’t see the face, but assumed that it was one of his party members.  He squeezed the hand tightly so that he didn’t lose this person.

‘I need to get out of here first.’

Desir passed by one person at a time and finally got out of the frenzied  crowd.  His  top  was  partially  unbuttoned.  Someone

swung an arm and hit him in the stomach. He was a complete mess.  Desir  tried  to  get  things  together  and  tidy  himself  up. After  taking  a  deep  breath,  Desir  asked  if  the  person  on  the other side was okay.

“Are you okay?”

“You don’t have to worry about me.”

It was a very calm voice.

When Desir raised his head and looked in the direction the other  person  was  standing,  he  could  quickly  make  out  their appearance.

A silver blonde.

The person who Des1r had been holding hands tightly with for the  entire  time,  thinking  that  it  was  just  one  of  the  other members, was actually Adjest.



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