A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 118


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 118. National Foundation Day (2)

Like  any  big  event,  it  wasn’t  just  the  tourists  who  eagerly awaited Foundation Day.  Local  merchants, restaurant owners, and shopkeepers could barely contain themselves as the most profitable days of the year approached. Among these businesses, it  was  the  fortune-tellers  who  benefitted  the  most  from  the tourist boom. In Dresden, a huge number of people would line up to receive a consultation, desperate to learn their fate and luck for the year to come.

Of  course,  not  everyone  would  completely  accept  what  the fortune-tellers said, but they would still  test their luck once or twice for fun.  Banking on this tendency, many fortune-tellers had positioned themselves on available street corners. Davinachon, one of these fortune-tellers, had set himself up by the laurel tree. He had been traveling with his grandmother.

“There   are   trains   running   on   steel   railroads.   Magicians commute  by  teleportation  gates.   What  about  us?  We  have nothing.”

His complaints fell on deaf ears; his words could never make a difference. His   grandmother   was   very   old-fashioned   and wouldn’t   travel   using   anything   other   than   a   horse-drawn

wagon, made using the technology of their ancestors. Although he complained, Davinachon had given up on her long ago.

In  reality,  wagons  were  likely  the  perfect  tool  for  fortune-tellers.  Fortune-tellers  were  nomads  that  moved  from  city  to city  in  search  of  customers.  The  wagons  served  as  both  their legs to walk on and their feet to rest on.  When they found a good  spot,  they  could  stop  their  wagon  and  quickly  set  up business using the wagon as the base of their store.  The only inconvenience was that due to the space that their wagon took up, they couldn’t set up shop in the middle of a city.

‘No, that’s not our biggest problem.’

They had no customers. The Foundation Day celebration was extraordinarily large, yet there wasn’t a single person in sight.

The reason why was obvious.

Every street in Dresden held special events for the Foundation Day festivities, and the other merchants had already taken the best  spots  on  the  streets.  Therefore,  it  was  unnecessary  for people to walk all the way to a run-down hut displaced from the rest of the festivities.

“I told you. We have to get rid of this relic and set up in the center of the city. Damn you.”

As he finished complaining, he began to hear a creepy song emanate from the other side of the tent.  Goosebumps quickly spread  across  his  body.  Though  he  had  heard  it  hundreds  of times, it never failed to unnerve him. The low pitch of the song only served to heighten this effect.

“I  already  feel  shitty  today.  Can  you  quit  singing?  If  we’re lucky enough to have customers, your singing will  scare them off..”

The foreboding song came to an immediate halt.

An old woman, her face filled with deep wrinkles, shook her head.

“Tsk, tsk, why do you blame the song? If people do not come, it is because you lack faith!”

“Fine, so what if I lack faith? That song is unnatural! Every time I hear it, my body feels slick with sweat and my heart feels as though it’s been turned to stone!”

“Sacrilege!  How  dare  you  look  down  on  our  ways?  Your ancestors  have  sung  this  song  since  long  ago.  Our  fortune-telling is rooted deeply in this song.”

Davinachon couldn’t respond to her because he knew that she was right; it was not an ordinary song.  The song’s lyrics were composed of mysterious, indescribable words and the strange melody shook the listener’s emotions. Although he hadn’t been travelling for long, Davinachon had visited a large portion of the  continent.  No  matter  where  he  went,  nothing  he  heard came close to that wretched song.

“From the beginning, this song is a song that we sing when we tell  fortunes.  We were lucky enough to inherit this song from our  ancestors.  And  it’s  ridiculous  that  you,  a  fortune-teller, don’t  want  to  hear  this  song  just  because  you  don’t  like  the melody. Tsk tsk, your fortune-telling is never complete without this song.”

Before Davinachon could respond, someone knocked on the wagon. He frowned in displeasure.

“Whatever  you  say.  Just  don’t  sing  it  when  a  customer  is here.”

He spat out his reply and walked to the curtain.

‘I think that’s enough to stop her.’

Davinachon cleared his throat before addressing his potential customers.

“Yes, come on in. The door is open.”

As soon as he saw the customers walking in, he smiled. It was a young couple.

‘Aha, they are Hebrion Academy students.’

Davinachon   could   tell   that   they   were   from   the   Hebrion Academy at first sight. Dresden was a special city because it had the school of Hebrion, the largest school in the continent.

Many magicians and knights had studied and trained there, and consequently, they had achieved great fame and power.

‘Students are still students, however.’

Their appearance hinted at nobility. They probably came in to entertain themselves.  Davinachon was thinking that he could butter  them  up  with  some  sugar-coated  words.  They  should then happily pay a large sum of money. They were easy prey in his eyes.

‘They have their linked arms. Must be a couple.’

It  was  even  easier  to  swindle  couples.   He  simply  had  to encourage their relationship and heap positive comments onto them.  Most couples would be satisfied as a result.  Davinachon rubbed his hands together as his lips curved up into a big smile.

“Welcome! I’m Davinachon. I can sneak a peek at your future and   foresee   your   destiny,   measure   the   strength   of   your relationship, or whatever else you desire!”

* * *

Desir had already contacted everyone in the party using his communication  pad.  They  agreed  to  all  gather  at  the  theater where the first part of the Chronicles would be presented. This was their original destination anyway.

Unfortunately, to take the most direct route to the theater, Desir and Adjest would have to cut through the center of town: the Dawn Star Plaza. When Desir saw the sheer size of the mob they would have to force themselves through, he felt his heart drop.

“I don’t wanna go through that again.”

“I agree.”

“It’s impossible to go through that.”

“Let’s make a detour.”

“I like that idea.”

It   was   a   smart   idea.   The   outer   district   of   the   city   was practically devoid of all festivities. They could hear faint violin music drifting over the walls from the central district, and saw plenty of beautiful  flowers that bloomed along the sides of the streets. This detour ended up being a rather scenic route.

“I like the emptiness.”

It   was   a   long   detour   but   they   were   able   to   get   to   the destination  a  lot  faster  without  needing  to  weave  their  way through tons of people. As they walked down the street, Adjest suddenly stopped walking.


There was no response.

Desir turned his head and saw two horses breathing noisily. Next to them was a very old, worn-out wagon with a sign placed out front.

‘Sneak a peek at your future and foresee your destiny and love relationships – Davinachon.’

‘Futures of couples…’

A couple.

In a relationship.

Adjest  sighed  deeply.   These  words  wandered  through  her mind and left her dazed.

“Adjest, everyone is waiting for us. Let’s hurry up.”

Desir  anxiously  attempted  to  get  her  moving  again.  Sweat started to build up on his brow.

“Wait… ”

Adjest  pulled  Desir’s  arm.   She  did  it  without  consciously realizing what she was doing.

She calmly reasoned with Desir.

“I don’t think it’ll take that long.”


“That fortune-telling thing.”

And that’s how she calmly made her first step into the wagon.

* * *

The inside of the wagon was incredibly tiny.

“I can already foresee what you are here for.”

The inside of the wagon was filled with strange scents. A huge crystal  marble  reflected  clusters  of  light  into  a  corner  of  the room. A skull with a big hole in the middle of its forehead and a

broken sword… created a cheezy yet spooky vibe.

Davinachon addressed the couple standing in front of him.

“You are here to get a reading on your relationship?”

A guy with dark hair laughed at him.

“Sorry, but you’re far off the mark.”

The blonde girl  quickly responded.  She energetically nodded her head making the guy close his mouth.

‘New lovers. Shy, and embarrassed. This’ll be easy.’

“What’s your name?”

“Desir Arman.”

“Adjest Kingscrown.”

“Great names.”

In   Davinachon’s   mind,   he   planned   to   encourage   their relationship to make them happy and take money in exchange for the over-the-top flatteries.  For this, he needed to play his part well though, he needed to act things out a little.

“It will cost you one silver. Of course, you can pay more than that. It would be a great investment for your fortune.”

Des1r  handed  over  three  silvers  before  crossing  his  arms  in front of his chest.

‘This kid’s ballsy.’

Davinachon laughed silently.

“That’s  indeed  what  I  expect  from  a  noble.  I  have  a  good feeling about you two.”

Davinachon mumbled in awe while he started shuffling the deck of cards.  His hands moved quickly and skillfully.  He was well known for fooling people’s eyes with his nimble sleight of hand. He snuck a quick glance to make sure the couple in front of him were staring at the cards.  He then put the card that he ‘intended them to pick’ on top of the stack.

“Okay, I’ll read the fortune for your relationship!”

Davinachon grandly exclaimed as he started his show.

“How dare you try to fool your customers!”



Something cracked Davinachon on his hands and the stack of cards fell out of them.

“G… Grandma? What do you mean?”

“Stop the nonsense! You are the last offspring of our clan! You shouldn’t be faking a fortune-telling just because you’re tired or lazy!”

An old woman with silver hair suddenly barged her way into the hut and began shouting at the fortune-teller. She wielded a long stick in her hand as if it was a spear. Her swing made a loud noise, almost seeming to part the air.

“Who the hell  is the one defiling the sacred art of fortune-telling by deceiving guests! Damn you! It’s you! This stupid tin head did it!”

She continued her verbal and physical assault without taking a breath.

“Wa… Wait! Grandma!”

Davinachon tried to block the stick with his arms guarding up, but surprisingly the stick always managed to slip through his defences and strike him accurately on his head each time.





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