A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 119


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 119. National Foundation Day (3)

The old woman knelt down and bowed her head.

“I sincerely apologize.  My foolish grandson has made such a huge mistake.  I didn’t know that he would play a stupid trick like this.”

She earnestly apologized while staring daggers at Davinachon from the corner of her eyes.

Davinachon felt her glance and all  he could do was rub the back of his head out of embarrassment.

“Well,  it’s  all  fine.  You  even  refunded  the  money.  I  don’t really have anything to say.”

“Thanks  for  understanding.  If  you  give  me  a  chance,  I  can read your future precisely. We tell fortunes using a song passed down by our ancestors. Would you allow me to tell your fortune to expunge our shame?”

“A song?”

Desir  was  very  curious  about  it.  He  had  never  heard  about reading futures through the use of a song. When Desir looked at Adjest, she nodded her head in agreement.

“Thank you so much.  We’ll  try our best.  I think to properly convey our sincerity, my grandson should read your future. I’ll supervise him from right here, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Davinachon suddenly felt very tired, hearing that he would be reading to that creepy song.

“Gr… Grandma?”

“Shut your mouth! You better make it up to them double and triple! I’ll sing the song and you read. You learned how to read over my shoulder.”

She  announced  her  decision  with  utter  determination.  Her tone left no room for negotiation.

“Alright. I’ll try.”

“I’ll bury you in the ground if you don’t do it well!”

“That’s enough. I’m not the douchebag you think I am.”

Davinachon swept all the trinkets on the table off to the side, and then lit up a stick of incense before immediately blowing it out.  He then brought another stick of incense wrapped up in something red. The scent filled up the room entirely. Meanwhile, the old woman arranged some symbolic figures in the cardinal directions.

Desir and Adjest looked at what they were doing with gazes filled with curiosity. This was definitely quite a novel experience for them.

“I’m sorry that you had to wait.”

The incense immediately ignited into a big flame. Davinachon changed into a red robe.  In his hands, he was holding an old worn-out stack of leather cards instead of the fancy golden tarot

cards he had before. He deeply gazed at Desir and Adjest before sitting down in front of them.

“I’ll  read your relationship.  Before I start, I need a strand of hair from both of you.”

This wasn’t a hard task. Both Desir and Adjest handed him a strand of hair.

Davinachon  twisted  and  knotted  the  hair.  He  dropped  the string of hair into the flame.

“A person’s hair represents their destiny. The knot represents an intertwining of destiny: the relationship.”

Dark smoke spilt out from the flame and settled on the desk. Davinachon laid out the leathered cards. Within a moment, the cards were covered by the smoke and disappeared from view.

“Now  then,  I  need  to  spiritually  connect  your  souls  to  the cards. For this, we need the song.”

The old woman started singing in a deep and low tone.

“DeNa Lado, Kalips. DneLanKaniWai… ”

Desir thought that this turn wasn’t too surprising at all. The song  had  nothing  special  going  for  it  excluding  the  use  of  an ancient language for its lyrics.  She was just reading words out loud.   That  was  all,  he  thought.   However,  there  was  some strange  energy  building  up  in  the  room  that  appeared  to  be related to the song.

“…DeMoon, LaSiGal, CheBe,” and the old woman finished the song.

“Now, your souls and the cards are connected. You can select a card, but don’t flip it yet. Just look straight ahead.”

Adjest  followed  his  directions.  Desir  was  just  sitting  down, staring at the cards blankly, so Adjest had to poke his knee to wake him up. Desir quickly selected a card.

Davinachon received both cards and flipped them.

One of the cards had a picture of multiple swords.

“This card represents alliance, strong bond, or a concentration.”

Davinachon solemnly told them.

He, then, sighed and closed his eyes. After a while, he loudly exhaled out and opened his eyes.

“But, these swords have subtly disconnected. You can see the deviation. Each sword is blocking the word ahead. It is difficult to see positively.”


Adjest’s face tensed up.

Davinachon  continued.  He  now  flipped  the  card  Adjest  had selected.   This  card  showed  a  collapsed  world.   Amongst  the pieces of debris, there was a pillar of a temple standing.  If the

pillar  wasn’t  there,  the  card  would  have  looked  like  a  pile  of stones and rocks.

“No  matter  how  solid  a  temple  is  built,  it  will   someday collapse. There will be decay due to time, rain, snow, and wind. And when it hits its limit, it will collapse. It will lose its purpose and become a pile of rocks.”

Davinachon took a breath before continuing.

“Humans are no different from this.  We have a downfall  at least once in our life.  The heavier the ceiling we support, the heavier burdens and responsibilities we hold. And this makes it all the easier to fall.”

He pointed at the pillar.

“But  even  though  everything  falls,  there  is  a  pillar  that perseveres until  the end.  We know that this card is a temple because   of   this   pillar.   A   thing   that   still   exists   even   after everything  in  the  world  collapses.  Either  of  you  will  be  this pillar when the other faces a downfall.  The person will  be the support.”

Davinachon turned to face Adjest squarely.

“This   kind   of   reading   is   very   rare.   I   can   foresee   many hardships in your relationship, but as you two overcome each of them, one by one, your relationship will be all the stronger for it.”


After this, Adjest finally made a small smile.

A  strong  relationship.  She  couldn’t  figure  out  what  kind  of relationship Davinachon was talking about, but she was pretty satisfied with this result.

The incense was all  burnt.  The smoke began to swiftly fade away.  The reading was done.  Without hesitation, Adjest took out  a  gold  coin  from  her  pocket.  The  old  woman  refused  to receive  the  gold,  saying  the  reading  was  an  apology  for  the slight they made before, but Adjest insisted that they take it.

Out of the blue…


Desir laughed. He seemed very happy.

The old woman and Davinachon were surprised and looked at Desir. After a long time, Desir stopped laughing.

“It was a really great reading. The song was very impressive.”

Davinachon’s eyes widened. Desir put 10 gold in the box.


“Alright, we’ll go ahead. Thank you for the song.”

As they bid their farewell, Desir and Adjest took off leaving behind a wagon that had been stunned into silence.

‘What the hell just happened?’

The old woman picked up a coin in the box.  She observed it carefully and it was a real gold coin. And she found nine more of the pure gold coins in the box.

No fortune-teller in the central  part of the city could make this in an entire day.

“Grandma, I had thought that your song was helpless. I hated it.  I  couldn’t  care  less  if  this  tradition  was  cut  off  in  your generation.  I was a fool.  I was stupid to believe that the song was meaningless.”

Davinachon broke the silence with his rambling.

“So…  What  you  are  saying  is  that  you  want  to  carry  this tradition on?”

“Yes, I do. I finally realized how important it is. If you teach me, I’ll be honored to learn and carry on our tradition.”

“I’ve longed for the day when you would ask this of me.”

“There’s only me who can inherit this. Is there anyone else?”

“Oh, dear… ”

They  looked  at  each  other  with  eyes  filled  with  emotion. When the connection spanning the two generations was finally about to happen, the old woman suddenly frowned.

“Hell to you!”


“What? Why are you mad? I thought you’d be happy!”

“Screw you! Do you think I’d believe you? You only care about money!”

* * *

Desir   surely   overpaid   the   fortune-tellers   with   10   gold. Precisely, he paid this much not because he liked the reading,

but  the  method  of  fortune-telling.  Specifically,  he  liked  the ritual  and  the  song  that  it  was  based  around.  Once  the  old woman started singing, Desir couldn’t pay any attention to the reading, focusing entirely on the song.

It  was  a  very  mysterious  song.  According  to  what  the  old woman said, the song must have been passed down, generation to  generation,  over  a  long  period  of  time.  The  song  had  the power to shake his emotions.


The melody of the song was very ordinary. It didn’t have any special  passage,  nor  could  it  be  described  with  any  particular color. The lyrics were not unique at all, although Desir couldn’t understand the meaning of them.

‘They were just ancient words… ”

But the ancient words definitely moved Desir’s heart.

‘They were just regular words in isolation, but the energy in the   room   completely   changed   when   they   were   expressed

together in those particular phrases.’

If the words were arranged in a different order, Desir might have felt differently.

‘The arrangement of words, harmony… ’

Desir suddenly felt enlightened. His thoughts suddenly raced in a particular direction and he ended up thinking about magic.

‘I’d never thought about things in this perspective.’

He quickly thought about the magic structures he used.

Inversion,   dragon   language,   and   the   tesseract   structure. Desir’s magic structure that he newly invented was converting the dragon language into spells.

‘The  song  is  very  similar  to  the  tesseract  in  terms  of  its structure.’

Both   the   song   and   the   tesseract   magic   combined   lower levelled  spells  (words)  to  create  upper  levelled  spells  (verses). But  Desir  had  never  thought  about  the  arrangement  of  these building  blocks  when  he  cast  a  spell  using  this  new  magical system. It was as if he was randomly making verses without any concern for the arrangement of the words.

‘When  you  currently  sing  it,  it’s  just  words  put  together meaninglessly.’

As a result, Des1r could finish a phrase, but the phrase was pointless.

‘I really can improve my magic!’

If he could find the best combination of magic that he could cast in the tesseract structure simultaneously…

‘This could be the most brilliant innovation in this world.’



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