A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 121


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 121. The Empire’s Guardian (2)

The man that was walking towards Desir had concealed his face with a white mask.

He was at least two feet taller than Desir and had a fairly large build.  Like  the  other  guests,  he  was  in  a  suit,  but  his  outfit looked a bit simple in comparison to the other attendees. It was plain dark blue.

The  aura  that  he  exuded  was  noticeably  different  from  the other guests.  His overwhelming energy leaked out with every large stride he took, and his dignity overflowed from his broad shoulders.

Desir  was  certain.   This  person  was  the  very  Emperor  of Hebrion.

Guiltian Zedgar F Rogfelas.

The  one  who  had  been  titled  the  Empire’s  Guardian  for bringing the civil war to an end.

He was the Emperor who quickly stabilized a frenzied empire torn apart by a civil war, leading it to its full restoration.

“Nice to meet you, Your Majesty.”

Desir got up from his seat and greeted him with a slight nod.

Normally, this sort of behavior towards the Emperor would lead him straight to the guillotine, but Guiltian merely scoffed lightly.

“You seem to have some common sense.”

After sitting across from Desir, Guiltian encouraged him to sit comfortably.

“You’re in a rather unique position.  I’m sure you’re already well aware of that yourself.”

Understanding what Guiltian was referring to, Desir nodded.

“Yes, of course.”


Desir could feel Guiltian making a sly smile, even though the only thing visible behind the white mask were two chilly eyes.

“If   you’re   aware   of   your   position   then   I   assume   you’ll understand  what  I’m  about  to  say.  Are  you  aware  that  your presence feels like a threat to people like us?”

“What  do  you  mean  by  threat?  I’m  honored  by  your  high opinion of me, but I’m just a mere student.”

The moment Desir finished answering, he felt a chill  travel down his backside.

“Are you mocking me?”

The  Emperor’s  two  eyes,  the  only  thing  he  could  be  seen through the white mask, were frighteningly cold.

“You’ve  been  getting  a  lot  of  internal   support  from  the commoners.  It  seems  like  some  nobles  have  recently  begun advocating for you as well.”

As  Guiltian  said,  after  the  Party  Competition,  many  of  the nobles  who  had  maintained  a  neutral   relationship  with  the commoners started being more amicable.”

It didn’t feel right to say that the change meant that they were advocating  for  Desir  himself,  but  it  wasn’t  completely  wrong either.

Desir couldn’t deny his words.

“And internationally you’ve been building a relationship with the Magic Tower, and in some nations, you’re even being hailed as a hero.”

Guiltian’s cold words continued.

“I’m not an incompetent fellow who will regard someone like

that as a ‘mere student,’ Desir Arman.”

At his unexpected reaction, Desir held his breath.

“Which is why I want you.”

And as if nothing had ever happened, Guiltian had reverted back to the way he was when they’d first met.

‘It was an act.’

An  act  to  take  control  of  the  conversation.  Even  Desir  was momentarily overwhelmed.

“… May I ask why?”

Guiltian expressed his thoughts in an extremely calm tone.

“To strengthen the royal family’s position.”

It was an extremely calm tone.

“Hebrion Empire may look peaceful from the outside, but it is actually in an unstable position.  It’s been like this since I took the throne.”

In   the   past,   when   a   commoner   revolt   known   as   the Revolutionary Army occupied Dresden’s Royal Palace, the child Emperor was beheaded without a chance to leave behind any descendants  and  Hebrion’s  royal  bloodline  consequently  died out.

At the time, the Rogfelas family was considered to be next in line  since  they  carried  the  blood  of  Hebrion  Empire’s  first Emperor, Rusphena Hebrion.

For that reason, Guiltian was able to receive the full  support of four noble families and lead the united army of five families to win the war against the Revolutionary Army.  This brought the civil war to an end in just a year.

Like that, the current royal  family became the Rogfelas, and Guiltian Zedgar F Rogfelas became the Emperor.

No one dared oppose the head of the Rogfelas family being crowned Emperor.  His bloodline had succession rights and, as an individual, he boasted great achievements.

“Although it’s been a long time since the rebellion, the nobles are still oppressing the commoners.”

The nobles were afraid that history would repeat itself in the hands  of  the  commoners,  and  to  prevent  that,  the  nobles continued to do everything they could to suppress them.

“But the times have changed.  The commoners have become much more aware of the disparity in their treatment. Moreover, with the advancements made in magic and engineering, it has become  especially  easy  for  commoners  to  grab  hold  of  power that could kill the nobles.”

Looking  at  numbers  alone,  the  commoners  overwhelm  the nobles.   If  a  large  group  launched  an  attack  equipped  with modern  magical  equipment,  there  was  no  guarantee  that  the royal  family would be able to withstand it like they had in the past.

“The   commoners   are   no   longer   a   presence   that   can   be

neglected. This kind of oppression will only lead to another civil war. I cannot continue to overlook this.”

Desir  agreed  with  him.   If  the  discrimination  against  the commoners  continued  on  like  this,  he  truly  believed  that  a second civil war could take place.

“That is why I have always tried to prioritize the convenience of the commoners, even if it meant severing ties with several families.  I continued allowing commoners to enrol  in Hebrion Academy, and apart from punishing the Revolutionary Army, I’ve always treated commoners fairly.”

The nobles despised the commoners and demanded harsher punishments, but the Emperor refused.

“Consumed by the momentary rage and hatred, our nobility has  allowed  themselves  to  be  blinded  from  reality.  Alas,  how foolish.  Those who have been chosen to rule should prioritize practical  benefits over all  else. Instead, they’ve been caught up in their personal prejudices.”

The  nobles  still  viewed  the  hierarchy  as  though  it  was  an ancient feudal society.

“But  the  discrimination  against  the  Beta  Class  at  Hebrion Academy has only worsened to the point where having a decent learning environment is almost impossible.”

“It was hard to ask for more when the Professors were already so strongly against even allowing commoners to enroll  in the academy. But just as I was worrying about it, you appeared.”

The  appearance  of  Desir  Arman  was  nothing  short   of  a miracle.

Desir Arman immediately made a name for himself by taking the top ranking spot for his year as a commoner.  Not even a year  later,  he  formed  a  party  almost  entirely  composed  of commoners and cleared a Level Four Shadow World.

And more than anything, he thwarted the terrorist attacks of the Outsiders in the Prichella Empire and managed to protect the kings of the Western Kingdom Union.

Who else could have achieved this?

Commoners went wild at his presence.  They cheered at the birth of a great magician.

He was a hero.

“What I want to say is that we have similar goals. Don’t you want to free the commoners from the oppression of the nobles?

“… You want to keep the nobles in check.”

“You catch on fast.”

The moment he finished his sentence, the dancing and music in the party hall  came to a stop too.  The people that had been dancing in the center of the hall dispersed like a low tide. Sound filled the large hall as new conversations began.

“Come work for me.”

“It would be an honor. I’ll try my best.”

Desir answered immediately.

With a request like this, he couldn’t hesitate before answering. He couldn’t make it seem like he was weighing the pros and cons.

“That’s a good attitude.”

Creating a connection with the Emperor.

This was what Desir had wanted all along.

If  he  had  support  from  the  ruler  of  a  nation,  it  would  be extremely beneficial later on when he started training a military force to fight against the Shadow Labyrinth.

‘And it may be a chance to get close to Raphaello as well.’

Raphaello Cheringer.

One of the greatest swordsmen from the Cheringer bloodline.

He was one of the strongest human beings who had reached the end of the Shadow Labyrinth with Desir in his previous life.

He  was  most  likely  the  current  commander  of  the  Imperial Knights, so creating a connection with the Emperor would make it easier to get close to him.

‘Let’s see if we can be a little greedy… ’

The Emperor was the one who made the request, so there was still a bit of leverage that Des1r could take advantage of.

“However, I have one condition.”

“If it’s something I can grant, then I’ll do what I can.”

“I understand that the Western Kingdom Union has requested an alliance with the Hebrion Empire during their war on the Outsiders through the Magic Tower.”

“… Yes.”

“But you denied the request.”

“The   Western   Kingdom   Union   is   a   potential   enemy   of Hebrion Empire. As for the Outsiders, it goes without saying. Is there a particular reason to help them? I say let our enemies fight amongst themselves.”

“It’s not that I don’t understand your deeper intentions, but common sense won’t work on the Outsiders. If they aren’t taken care of this time, the Hebrion Empire will  eventually have to deal with a situation with the Outsiders stabbing us in the back while  we  are  preoccupied.  Instead,  it  will  be  better  to  knock them down once and for all for the nation’s future benefit.


With  a  sigh  of  contemplation,  the  Emperor  took  a  deep breath.

“So what is it that you’re requesting?”

“I want you to help with humanity’s common enemy. Promise

to dispatch troops to deal  with the threat the Outsiders pose, and send backup to the Wester Kingdom Union immediately. This is my condition.”



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