A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 122


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 122. The Empire’s Guardian (3)

Music began to fill the hall again, and voices died back down as the party soon returned to full  swing.  This time it was an extremely lyrical  melody.  The piano and cello’s harmony rang out sorrowfully in the party hall.

However, even with everything going around them, Guiltian’s eyes were blisteringly cold. This time, it wasn’t an act.

“Do you understand what you’re asking for right now? You’re asking me to stop the sun from rising.”

Desir hung his head as he responded.

“I’m  making  this  earnest  request,  knowing  full   well   how disrespectful my actions are.”

“You’re not wrong.  Getting rid of the Outsiders at this time may be the best choice for the nation.”

Guiltian expressed his agreement towards Desir’s opinion.

If  Hebrion  Empire  were  to  join  hands  with  the  Western Kingdom  Union  to  drive  the  Outsiders  back,  the  two  nations could successfully put the events of the past behind them and get rid of any lingering anxieties.

In addition, the Emperor of Hebrion could acquire a valuable tool   –  Desir.   He  would  be  able  to  gain  the  support  of  the commoners like he had wished to.

There was no reason to decline.

‘The only problem would be the backlash from the nobles who still hold a grudge against the Western Kingdoms… ’

The   conflict   between   the   Western   Kingdom   Union   and Hebrion  Empire  was  deeply  engraved  in  the  history  of  the nations  and  dated  back  centuries.   This  fact  has  influenced matters to this day.

With the appearance of the Shadow Worlds, the two empires made   peace.   But   as   if   it   were   coded   into   their   DNA,   the animosity between the two nations hadn’t disappeared.

‘A short term issue for long term gain… ’

There was still lingering tension between the two nations, but in the present day, it had become less noticeable.

It  was  possible  that  some  nobles  still  opposed  the  nations’ cooperation, but it wouldn’t be hard to convince them.

The Empire’s Guardian, Guiltian Zedar F Rogfelas.

Something like that was a matter too easy for him to address.

But  if  he  was  still  hesitating  to  accept  Desir’s  proposal,  it meant that there was another hidden reason.

As  if  he  could  read  Desir’s  innermost  thoughts  through  his eyes, Guiltian started speaking.

“The reason I’m not accepting your proposal  is not because it’s hard to do.  It is far too suspicious of an offer to passively

agree to. Why is the destruction of the Outsiders so important to you?”

Guiltian was expecting Desir to set additional conditions. And as expected, Desir did.

However,  it  was  an  unexpected  request.  Even  if  he  were  to fulfill  those  conditions,  there  was  nothing  for  Desir  to  gain. Therefore it was natural to be off-put by his proposal.

Desir replied, unshaken.

“It’s to survive.”

“To survive.”

“The Outsiders are a big threat.  And I have ruined many of their plans. I’m most likely already regarded as an enemy that must be eliminated.”

“I suppose so. Your presence is like a thorn in their side.”

“All  the Outsiders must be taken care of to ensure my own safety. No jewel out there is more important than my safety, so I proposed a condition that is the most beneficial to me.”

Desir  had  already  anticipated  that  the  emperor  would  be doubtful of his proposal. And as the very person who had ruined the Outsiders’ plans until  now, he had prepared a reasonable justification.

Guiltian spoke with narrowed eyes.

“Yet you didn’t limit your target to the Outsiders, but instead you’ve broadened your target to humanity’s common enemy.”

The  Emperor  keenly  pointed  out  the  loopholes  in  Desir’s argument.

But Desir had seen that coming as well.

“The main goal of my proposal is not the purging of Outsiders, but rather, the reconciliation of the two nations.”

The   reconciliation   of   Hebrion   Empire   and   the   Western Kingdom Union.

That was currently Desir’s most ambitious goal.

“To be honest, the Outsiders aren’t an immediate threat. They are  quite  troublesome,  but  not  to  the  point  of  becoming  a genuine threat to the nation.”

Guiltian nodded at Desir’s words.

“However,  I  am  always  concerned  about  a  threat  that  may strike us at any moment. To prepare for that day, I believe that all  unnecessary  conflict  should  stop  and  that  we  should  join forces.”

He   didn’t   think   that   simple   tactics   would   persuade   the emperor.

“For example, something like the level of the Shadow Worlds suddenly increasing could happen.”

“Something like that is impossible.”

“There is nothing we can be certain of.”

For this reason, Desir had no choice but to reveal some of the truth.

“If the whole of humanity is threatened, it’s everyone’s safety that needs to be ensured. However, my safety is also included in there, so I think it’s a beneficial proposal for me as well.”

Guiltian probed Desir with a suspicious gaze.

“So you’re saying you’ll  give up a definite gain for a threat that may or may not exist.”

“As long as there is uncertainty, we must be prepared.  If we find ourselves in such a situation, it’ll already be too late. That is why I’m putting forward this proposal. This time, exterminating the threat of the Outsiders will be the start of an alliance  between  the  Western  Kingdom  Union  and  Hebrion Empire.”

The threat that the Outsiders posed had been revealed.

Through their past actions, the Outsiders made it clear they were  willing  to  sacrifice  many  innocents  in  their  quest  for revenge and eventual equality.

‘Which is why I’ll make use of you.’

Desir decided to turn the Outsiders into a rallying cry for a better world.

The  presence  of  the  Outsiders  would  be  used  as  a  starting point to unite humanity.  The threats in plain sight would be used as the foundation of an alliance to prepare for the Shadow Labyrinth.

Guiltian, who was silently listening to Desir’s claims, closed his  eyes  and  thought  for  a  moment  before  opening  them  to speak.

“Alright.  I  accept  your  condition.  However,  some  parts  of your  proposal  remain  ambiguous.  How  many  troops  do  you

want to send to the Western Kingdom Union? What qualifies as an alliance with the Western Kingdom Union?”

“I’ll leave that up to you.”


‘There is no way he’d determine that a disaster like a Shadow Labyrinth isn’t a threat.’

Back  then,  even  without  a  proposal   like  this,  all   nearby nations joined forces to fight against the Shadow Labyrinth.

Which   is   why   Desir   didn’t   feel   the   need   to   make   any additional demands.

After he made his point, Desir kept quiet. Saying anything else could  make  the  Emperor  grow  suspicious,  which  would  only make more problems for him in the future.  Desir knew where he should draw the line.

“You’ve maintained a moderate position.”

Guiltian seemed pleased by Desir’s attitude.

“From now on, to stand up to humanity’s common enemy, Hebrion  Empire  will  dispatch  troops  strong  enough  to  defeat the Outsider threat.  And following that, we will  also dispatch troops to the Western Kingdom Union who is currently at war with the Outsiders.  In exchange, you will  pledge allegiance to me from today forth.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency. I will do my best.”

“Our conversation today was quite enjoyable.”

Guiltian took something out from his pockets as he rose from his seat.

“You’ll be needing this from now on, since you’ll be working for me.”

The  medallion  was  made  of  gold,  with  beautiful   patterns exquisitely engraved into it.

“It’ll be easier to think of this as an identification card. You’ll be able to freely use the teleportation gates if you show that to the guards.”

“… !”

The teleportation gates.

Gates  were  structures  enchanted  with  teleportation  magic. They allowed one to arrive at their destination in mere seconds, no matter how far away the destination was.

However as they were only open for the usage of VIPs and for various   military   purposes,   Desir   couldn’t   access   them.   No matter how famous he became, he would never have access to them.

But he had just been given the authority to access them as he pleased.

“I hope we can continue this good relationship.”

Guiltian walked away.  In an instant, he blended in with the other masked individuals, and soon, he had disappeared.

* * *

Desir returned to the Hebrion Academy. The other members of his party hadn’t returned yet, as the office was still deserted.

After  brewing  some  tea,  he  took  a  seat  on  the  sofa  and organized his thoughts. Once he got a whiff of the tea’s aroma, his thoughts seemed to straighten out.

‘A lot of things happened today.’

Desir had persuaded the Emperor during their conversation to sympathize with the Western Kingdom Union.

‘For now, Hebrion Empire has agreed to support the Western Kingdom Union, so the Outsiders are more or less dealt with. They probably won’t have the leeway to continue rampaging as they have been so far.’

For  the  moment,  he  had  taken  enough  direct  action.  The Emperor didn’t oppose the idea as much as Desir had expected, so their discussion ended quickly.

‘And I’ve even been given permission to use the teleportation gate.’

The golden medallion he had received from the Emperor felt heavy in his pocket.

Until  now, it had taken a long time to travel  to the Western Kingdom Union. This meant that visits were hard to arrange.

But now that he was authorized to use the teleportation gate, he could arrive in an instant without wasting any time.

‘I could even go to see how Zod is progressing on his research. I’ve been too busy with my own affairs, to take the time and go visit him..’

But  his  biggest  achievement  today  by  far  was  that  he  had come up with an idea to improve his new magic spell.

‘The  importance  of  its  arrangement.   Moving  forward,  I’ll have  to  figure  out  which  arrangement  works  best  for  each formula by trying them out one by one.’

It was going to require an immense amount of effort. After all, he could think of at least ten thousand possible combinations off the top of his head.

‘But I have to do it. Currently, it’s the only way to improve the power of my magic.’

As he finished organizing his thoughts, he laid down on the sofa to relax.

Outside   the   window,   he   could   see   snowflakes   gracefully falling from the sky.

It was a wintery night.

The anniversary of the nation’s founding was almost over.

Desir pulled out a piece of paper that listed all  of the events that happened in his past that he had taken the time to record, before they started to fade from his memory.

The paper was filled with notes. Each event was recorded with its relative importance and its rough date.  Like last year, this year was filled with incidents of various importance.

Among those events, Des1r’s eyes were fixed on one point.

3614, the appearance of higher tiered Shadow Worlds.

Since returning to the past, there wasn’t much time left until the first wave of higher leveled Shadow Worlds appeared.



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