A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 123


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 123. Starling Party (1)

After  the  Founding  Day  celebration  ended,  winter  vacation began.

Romantica left on the train to the Prillecha Empire. She was unwilling to leave, but couldn't turn down her parents’ request to come home for the holiday.

Her  trip  home  was  unavoidable,  but  Desir  made  sure  to emphasize that she needed to continue practicing her imagery training during the vacation. This was both a necessity and the fastest way to ensure she could safely enter the Fourth-Circle.

Freechel   and   Takiran   also   left   for   their   hometowns   like Romantica.

Desir gave them their own assignments to allow them to be productive  and  to  keep  them  from  frittering  away  their  time just lazing about.

Pram, Adjest, and Desir stayed in the academy.  They had no place to go, so they decided to stay and focus on their training.

With renewed vigor and the recently afforded extra time to focus  on  his  training,  Pram  had  become  rather  proficient  in using his aura.

Pram  had  grown  stronger  by  ending  his  reliance  on  his Blankšum rapier.  He could now bring out his full  power with ordinary swords.

At first, Pram couldn’t control  his aura very well  and ended up  breaking  many  of  these  ordinary  swords.  When  he  called forth his aura, the swords would crumble under the pressure. Up  until   now,  he  had  only  used  his  Blankšum  rapier  that boasted the ability of holding an infinite amount of aura.  As a result, he had never needed to improve the fine control  of his aura.

Pram’s training had been a complete success.  He could now control  the  strength  and  intensity  of  the  aura  infused  in  his sword, drastically boosting his overall fighting ability.

At this point, Pram was at a level  that made it difficult for a wizard, like Desir, to offer further advice on.

Fortunately, there was a suitable person available to offer the much needed mentoring at the Hebrion Academy.

Hersaint-Blanc Tistachia.

He served as the master of the Knights of the Golden Hawk and was now a professor at the Hebrion Academy.

In the future, he would earn the nickname “Knight of Dawn” and contribute greatly to the clearing of the Shadow Labyrinth.

Hersaint-Blanc  was  one  of  the  few  top-class  Bishop-Rank swordsmen in the kingdom.

Since Desir could no longer offer effective advice to Pram, he could  only  approach  Hersaint-Blanc  and  ask  him  to  mentor Pram.

After Desir had pledged allegiance to the Emperor, a sort of cooperative relationship was easily established with the Emperor’s   closest   swordsman,   Hersaint-Blanc.   Due   to   this mutual   understanding,  he  was  more  than  happy  to  accept Desir’s request.

Adjest was finally able to achieve the Fourth-Circle.  It only ended up taking her three months to reach the required level of competency in using her imagery sense. While this had seemed like  an  eternity  to  her,  reaching  the  Fourth-Circle  at  her  age demonstrated her outrageous talent.

Her talents far exceeded the commonsense and left Hebrion Academy’s curriculum in shame in comparison

Desir  felt  he  couldn’t  be  left  behind,  so  he  also  devoted himself to his training.

A clue on how he could improve his new magic system had finally  been  found.   All   that  remained  was  translating  this theory into practice.

Winter break gave him the perfect opportunity to seek out a perfect combination for at least one of his spells.

Although there were thousands of ways his basic arrays and formations could be combined into new spells, only a handful of these would produce powerful yet cost-effective spells.

Desir  knew  it  would  be  very  difficult  to  find  the  perfect formation for a single spell, due to the number of combinations that  needed  to  be  considered,  multiplied  by  the  fundamental nature  of  this  new  magic  system.  This  magic  system  had  a structure reminiscent of the Tesseract artifact he had seen Crow mask   use,   meaning   multiple   magic   spells   needed   to   be calculated simultaneously.

Desir decided to complete his new spells one by one. First, he selected some of the most versatile magic amongst the Third-Circle spells and began experimenting.

However, there was one significant problem with this process:

In order to verify the effect of changing the arrangement of magic formations in the spell, it was necessary for him to invoke the combination. However, considering that the magical power required to fuel these spells was typically at a level higher than the  Fifth-Circle,  he  would  struggle  to  find  a  suitable  place  to practice.

Even  though  the  Hebrion  Academy  is  well  equipped,  even their  training  grounds  could  not  hold  up  against  Fifth-Circle magic.

‘But I will not give up with just this road block.’

Desir thus got in contact with Zod and suggested that he test the defence of the Aurora System. Doing this, he could hit two birds with the same stone. He could ascertain how complete the Aurora System was, while also improving his magic system.

As soon as Zod approved the request, Desir headed straight to Althea, where the headquarters of the Magic Tower was located. The Hebrion Empire and Althea were not close, but this was no longer a problem as the Emperor had given Desir permission to use the transportation gate as he saw fit.

The experiment began with Zod running the Aurora System in a large, open space.

The   Aurora   System   whirred   to   life. The   magic   stones powering it began to hum. A large film shot across the ground, completely covering it from any assault.  This technology was the culmination of years of dedicated research by the future Zod Exarion, widely referred to as the Great Sage.

Using his new magic system, Desir mentally formulated his first arrangement, and invoked the spell, firing it straight at the barrier cast by the Aurora System.

The  ground  shook  as  a  spell  equivalent  to  the  Fifth-Circle struck the shield.


A  deafening  blast  threatened  to  burst  their  eardrums  while the ground continued to shake as though it was the epicentre of a major earthquake.

But that was it. The Aurora System had completely neutralized Desir’s magic without leaving behind any trace of it. Furthermore,   the   shield   was   still   in   perfect   condition;   its defensive power completely unaffected by Desir’s literal  earth-shaking power..

Zod  checked  the  Aurora  System  to  make  sure  it  was  still working properly and shortly afterwards informed Desir of the results.

“The power of that magic is weaker than the previous one. Desir, how’s the mana consumption of that spell? ”

“No   change. Rather,   it   must   have   been   an   inefficient arrangement.”

Desir continued to study new arrays and repeatedly experimented with new combinations, but this didn’t mean he spent all of his vacation on these experiments.

He recalled the details of incidents from his past life, not yet forgotten,  and  gave  simple  advice  where  necessary  to  avoid accidents from occuring.

“Hasn’t it been a long time since you last inspected the power source  installed  in  each  Magic  Tower?  Just  in  case,  it  would probably be a good idea to conduct a large-scale audit at least once.”

“You’re right.”

Zod always heeded Desir’s advice. After just a few days, a full investigation  of  each  location’s  power  generation  had  been


“You were right.  I found a power pipe leaking at one of our branches. This could have led to a major incident. By the end of the year, a branch could have been frozen and suffered great losses.”


Through  Desir’s  directions  and  Zod’s  diligence,  the  many disasters  that  plagued  the  Magic  Tower  of  Desir’s  time  were completely avoided. Such incidents ranged from minor mishaps all the way to severe catastrophes.

The Magic Tower wasn’t the only recipient of Desir’s advice. He  also  regularly  communicated  with  the  Western  Kingdom Union through Priscilla.

Meanwhile, the battle between the Western Kingdom Union and the Outsiders was still underway.

At  first,  it  seemed  as  though  the  war  would  freeze  in  an eternal   stalemate,  the  two  powers  equally  matched  for  one

another.  However,  thanks  to  Desir’s  interference,  the  scales tipped drastically when the Hebrion Empire joined the Western Kingdom Union.

The  alliance  between  the  Hebrion  Empire  and  the  Western Kingdom Union had been much more effective than expected. By  sharing  intel   with  each  other  and  establishing  strategies together,  the  movement  of  coalition  forces  had  become  more efficient and easier.

As a result, the number of active hotspots of Outsider activity plunged   swiftly   and   steadily,   and   by   the   end   of   Hebrion Academy’s winter vacation, the Outsiders had begun to group up in a desperate last stand against the coalition forces.

The  allied  forces  judged  that  this  was  the  opportunity  to exterminate the threat of the Outsiders once and for all, so they poured almost all of their resources into the northern plains of Adenia where the Outsiders had rallied.

Lines  of  troops  stood  in  formation  on  opposite  ends  of  the plains. The two groups stood off, monitoring and probing each other.

Amidst   the   stand-off,   small-scale   skirmishes   occasionally broke out.

As  the  Outsiders  weren’t  committing  to  a  full  assault,  and were heavily entrenched on their end of the plains, it seemed like  this  stand-off  was  not  going  to  be  resolved  in  the  short-term.

‘It looks like the last struggle of a rodent caught in a rat trap… ’

If so, defeating this band of criminals would completely wipe out the Outsiders forces.

But   Desir   felt   a   rising   sense   of   discomfort.   So   far,   the Outsiders had yet to play one of their strongest pieces.

“Crow   mask   still hasn’t   made   an   appearance   here,   or anywhere else for that matter.”

Desir   received   his   information   from   Priscilla   who   was participating directly in this Battle of the Plains.

“It’s really strange.”

Desir tried to make sense of this discrepancy.

If  the  Outsiders  lost  this  battle,  their  fate  was  as  good  as sealed.

It was truly perplexing that they would keep a wizard on the level of the Crow Mask in reserve. He should have shown up by now.

In his past life, the Outsiders had never made a move like this. Desir wasn’t able to solve this with his knowledge of the past, like  he  could  fix  the  power  leak  or  find  Pram  a  mentor.  The Outsiders were a rogue element, where Desir had no trick up his sleeve, nothing to guide his actions. All he could do was provide his  insight  and  give  recommendations  on  which  tactics  to pursue and what to be wary of.

“They may be planning something. Please remain careful.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

As the vacation came to an end, Desir had managed to achieve tangible results in his magical  system research. He successfully developed spells powerful  enough to affect the Aurora System. Zod looked in sheer incredulity at the cracks that tarnished his pride and joy.

“It seems this spell is a bit too much of a heavy burden on the Aurora System.  It has power that is less than the Sixth-Circle, but  definitely  amongst  the  higher  tiers  of  Fifth-Circle  spells. What  makes  this  incredible  though,  is  that  the  base  of  it  is formed purely out of Third-Circle spells.”

In addition to the increase in power, the mana consumed has been   greatly   reduced   by   interweaving   and   arranging   the corresponding  spell  arrays  so  that  they  were  simultaneously derived, instead of being derived one at a time.

It  was  a  bit  of  a  let  down  that  Desir  had  only  managed  to improve a single spell to this level, but being able to successfully improve upon his magic system in the end, he could not help being excited none-the-less.

His choice to focus on the ordering of spells in the arrays had ended up being the right decision.

He had now proven that the power and efficiency of his spells could be improved by re-arranging the spell arrays, and further work would doubtlessly achieve further results in the future.

After much trial and error, Des1r had started to get a feel for the optimal arrangement of spells. It probably wouldn’t take too much longer to find perfect arrangements for his other spells.

It was finally time for the new semester to begin.



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