A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 126


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 126. Travelers of the Blue Sky (1)

The fact that the Starling Party was planning to clear a Level 3 Shadow  World  with  just  four  party  members  shocked  many people.

Wherever they went, people gossiped in hushed voices.

“I can’t believe that a party that was established less than a year ago is already trying to face a Level 3 Shadow World.”

“And with barely four people on top of that. Wouldn’t that be too difficult?”

“If they pull  this off, doesn’t this mean we may see a second Hebrion Academy party knighted?”

If  a  group  were  to  single-handedly  clear  a  Level  3  Shadow World, their power and teamwork would be officially acknowledged  by  the  empire,  and  they  would  be  empowered with  the  same  authority  as  a  knight  of  the  empire.  This  was common   knowledge   amongst   the   citizens   of   the   Hebrion Empire.

A party of students being no different from a real party meant that  this  rule  naturally  applied  to  parties  with  the  Hebrion Academy.

An   added   bonus   was   that   any   party   that   gained   this qualification  did  not  need  to  worry  about  completing  their schooling  and  could  accept  work  outside  of  the  academy.  In other words, they would immediately become independent.

Currently, the only party that had this privilege was the Blue Moon Party.  Thanks to that, they were able to freely take on various jobs not available to the other students.

Desir highly valued this authority.

‘The   future   is   constantly   changing.   Unless   I   know   with certainty what is about to happen, the power to go independent will be a vital tool.’

If they could successfully clear a Level  3 Shadow World this time and obtain the opportunity to work without any restrictions, they would finally be able to move forward with

several projects that he had painstakingly planned.

This  was  why  defeating  a  Level  3  Shadow  World  was  his highest priority on the to-do list for this year.

The Shadow World that they were about to enter was one that dealt with a historic event in the Ethena Region.

Desir  had  already  pieced  together  some  basic  intel  on  this Shadow World, based on what he remembered of his previous life.

‘They said it would be rather easy to clear.”

He  didn't  remember  all   the  details  but  unlike  last  year's Shadow World, this year's would be more straightforward and basic.

Although a Level  3 Shadow World would be a cause of alarm for Desir, he was confident his party would have the power to clear it at their current level.

‘Although  it  would  have  been  much  better  if  there  was  an artifact or two in this Shadow World… ’

From what he remembered, there was only one other Shadow World in this batch or the last that had the potential to drop an artifact on a perfect clear.

Desir actually had experience with the artifact in his previous life. Both Kelt and himself had experimented with it and used it while  sparring  with  each  other.  It  had  the  ability  to  apply spiritual  magic to an area as large as a city. Depending on how well  it  was  used,  it  had  power  equal  to  tactical-level  magic, making it one of the main sources of power in future raids on Shadow Worlds.

‘If things are proceeding like the original  timeline, then Kelt should have it by now. And if my past life is anything to go by, he will be able to use it effectively.’

In his previous life too, Desir felt that it would be better for Kelt to use the artifact than himself.

Shadow Labyrinths weren’t something that Desir could take on   single-handedly,   which   was   why   he   always   needed   to

consider the most effective way of clearing them while taking steps to minimize the risks involved. He also had to think long-term and consider the best approach to allow for the parties to continue growing and reach their maximum potential for future Shadow Worlds.

“For real. I never dreamed that I would be standing here like this.”

While   Desir   was   consumed   in   his   thoughts,   Romantica mumbled as she stared at the Gate 1 which had already arrived, unbeknownst to them.

Gate  1  was  only  used  by  those  who  were  targeting  Level  3 Shadow Worlds. In other words, those that used this gate were pitting   themselves   against   Shadow   Worlds   of   the   highest occurring difficulty level.

For that reason, Romantica’s reaction was to be expected, and Pram’s nervousness was apparent.

“Desir  Arman,  Pram  Schneider,  Romantica  Eru,  and  Adjest Kingscrown. These are the members that will  attempt clearing the  Level  3  Shadow  World  that  has  opened  up  in  the  Ethena

Region. Is this correct?”

“That is correct.”

“Do you agree to all the clauses related to the participation of Shadow Worlds?”

“I agree.”

“Then  I  will   now  open  the  Shadow  Gate.   The  connected destination   is   Ethena   Region. Please   note   that   you   may experience momentary dizziness after the teleportation.”

The gate opened. And the blinding light encompassed them.

* * *

[You’ve entered the Shadow World]

When Desir re-opened his eyes, he was standing on the deck of a ship with a cool breeze blowing across the bow.

As he attempted to make out the rough noises around him, he studied his surroundings closely. Looking around, he saw some old-fashioned engines powered by magic stones on either side.

On closer inspection, what could be first mistaken as a ship clearly  wasn’t.  Of  this,  Desir  could  be  certain.  There  was  no mast, and above all else, they were not at sea.

Desir headed towards the railing and looked down.

It  was  a  vast  desert.  Desir  guessed  that  it  was  the  Padunsa Desert that spanned the Ethena Region. The occasional villages that they sailed past looked like miniature models on a table; they had to be incredibly high up..

That’s  right.  The  thing  that  he  was  riding  on  was  floating midair.

If so, then the thing that Desir was standing on was obvious.

‘An airship, huh?’

An airship.

Using an engine powered by the magic of these stones, it was a method of transportation fit to represent the technological level of a civilized society.  In terms of status, it was comparable to that of trains in modern society.

The  biggest  advantages  of  airships  were  that  unlike  trains, they  were  able  to  pass  over  mountains,  and  they  weren’t restricted by railways.

However,  due  to  the  large  amount  of  investment  that  was needed to produce engines that could float, they were impossible  to  mass-produce,  and  each  country  only  produced them for military purposes.

In  modern  times  where  the  number  of  wars  had  decreased significantly, they were merely seen as relics of an age long past.

‘It  wasn’t  too  long  ago  when  airships  were  still  being  used actively.’

Using  the  airship  as  evidence,  Desir  was  sure  that  the  time period he was in wasn’t too different from what he had recalled.

The airship itself wasn’t very big, but that didn’t mean it was shabby.  The  size  was  small,  but  the  interior  seemed  rather modern for its time.

Just  as  Desir  was  examining  the  airship,  people  in  military uniforms roamed around the deck.

“Check the coordinates!”

“Damn it! I told you to keep an eye on the fourth engine as it’s running low on power! If we had left it any later, we would have had a problem!”

“The route to the capital Alteia is clear!”

The quest hadn’t been activated. This meant that there was a condition he hadn’t met yet.

As Desir was pondering about the quest that wasn’t activating,

someone spoke to him.


When he turned around, Romantica was standing in front of him.

Once she confirmed that it was indeed Desir, her face lit up.

“Haah,  I’m  so  glad!  You  don’t  know  how  nervous  I  was, thinking that we might’ve been completely separated like last time.”

As if she’d recalled a bad memory, Romantica shook her head in distress.

Desir responded to her in a solemn but serious tone.

“Did you pick up any information?”

“No, nothing in particular. What about you?”

“First of all, the time period of this Shadow World is roughly 120 to 140 years in the past.”

“Really? How’d you already figure that out?”

“The airship we’re on is heading towards the capital Alteia.”

“Isn’t Alteia the city-state where the Magic Tower is?”

“It is.”

As  if  receiving  some  inspiration,  Romantica  sorted  through her  memories  in  search  of  anything  relevant.  After  a  short moment, she exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh, there was a time when Alteia was the capital, right?”

It was as she said.

In modern times, Alteia was a city-state so it wasn’t referred to as the capital of anything, but at the height of its prosperity, there  was  a  time  where  it  was  an  important  part  of  a  magic empire.

“Right.  This  Shadow  World  is  based  on  an  event  from  120 years  ago,  before  the  collapse  of  Kuma  Merilson,  the  Magic Empire.  Considering  that  the  airship  was  invented  140  years ago, we should be somewhere in between those two dates.”

“A Shadow World intertwined with a Magic Empire… ”

“We’ll   have   to   wait   and   see   what   other   details   we   can uncover.”

In   less   than   ten   minutes,   Desir   had   managed   to   gather information on their surroundings.

To Romantica, that was an admirable feat.

“So here you were, mercenaries.”

A  man  clothed  in  what  seemed  to  be  an  officer’s  uniform headed towards them.

Like  his  attire,  his  gait  was  extremely  disciplined,  but  his expression  was  pleasant  like  that  of  a  traveler  exploring  the azure sky.

Desir naturally responded to him.

“The view from here is quite spectacular.”

“The view that we see from the sky is truly marvelous. Even more so with a beautiful woman.”

Despite  his  mischievous  joke,  he  still   addressed  Desir  and Romantica in a respectful manner.

Through  this  exchange,  Des1r  had  confirmed  that  they  had taken the identity of mercenaries, and his polite attitude was evidence that they held power that couldn’t be discounted.

“Unfortunately I’ll  have to ask you to save the view for later

on. The Major is looking for you.”

The room that the officer led them to was organized neatly, and the big windows allowed them to enjoy the outside scenery.

As Romantica was looking around the room, she stopped in surprise. Pram and Adjest were inside, waving softly.

Who knew that the four of them would be able to meet up this quickly? They were off to a good start.

“Major, I’ve brought in the rest of the mercenaries.”

Inside the room, there were two other people beside Adjest and Pram.

One was an old man sitting on a hammock and blankly staring off into space, eyes out of focus, as he muttered unintelligibly. The  other  was  a  very  handsome  young  man.   His  clear-cut features resembled a sculpture and his excitement was palpable.

The young man wore a white uniform, and a long sword was

sheathed on his waist.

[You’ve   encountered   the   unique   hero,   Grand   Master   Kei Hazmaryoon]

[He is one of your ‘most powerful’ helpers in this quest line and  he  is  one  of  the  important  characters  in  your  scenario. Make sure to maintain a good relationship with him. If you are unable to receive his help, the difficulty level of your quests will increase.]



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