A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 127


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 127. Travelers of the Blue Sky (2)

After   saluting   them,   the   officer   that   escorted   Desir   and Romantica left the room.  Kei  then encouraged Desir’s party to sit. By the looks of it, all of his members were mercenaries.

“The reason I called all of you here is because there have been some changes made that aren’t written in the contract.”

He pointed at a city on the map that was spread out on his desk.

“Currently, Hebrion Empire has requested that in order to fly via the Empire, the interrogation should happen at this place. As there is an unnecessary stopover added to our route, arriving may take longer than we expected. Of course, we will be paying you extra according to the increase in time.”

He was saying that the contents of the contract could change.

‘It seems like he’s a polite, well-mannered fellow.’

Desir nodded.

“If you could do that for us, then we don’t mind too much.”

He didn’t know exactly what was going on, but in a situation like this, it was important to continue the conversation without making it too awkward.

“Then I’ll give you the new contract.”

Kei  pulled  out  the  contract  and  handed  it  to  Desir  and  his party members.

Written  carefully  on  the  contract  were  the  details  of  the assignment, the precautions, the rewards, and more.

It was lengthy, but to put it simply, the assignment was to protect an individual  so they could arrive at their destination safely. In other words, it was an escort mission.

‘It must be someone important.’

Reading through the contents of the contract, Desir could tell that whoever he was escorting was an important person.

The man standing in front of him was registered as a unique hero according to the system. Considering that he held the title of Grand Master, his skills were guaranteed.

The fact that they had to hire separate mercenaries despite him being here meant that the individual  they were escorting wasn’t anyone ordinary.

Desir turned his attention to the part of the contract where the precautions were listed out.

The precautions stated that due to the individual’s inability to communicate or move easily, they had to be escorted with extra caution.

Having  read  all  of  the  information  up  to  that  point,  Desir suspected that their escort target was the old man sitting on the hammock.

The old man could hardly be considered sane.  He stared off into space as he muttered unintelligible words.

He  seemed  extremely  out  of  place,  but  if  he  was  truly  who they were supposed to escort, it wouldn’t be strange to keep him here. Desir decided to calmly gather what he could about him.

Desir  and  the  other  party  members  finished  signing  the papers.  This  was  apparently  the  condition  to  enter  the  main scenario. An alarm rang.

[You have entered the main scenario]

[Kei  Hazumaryun has a very desperate goal.  He will  stop at nothing to achieve it.]

[- As mercenaries hired by Kei  Hazumaryun, you must escort Aldin Sepius]

[Aldin Sepius holds a big clue in achieving Kei Hazymaryun’s goal.  Aldin’s life will  have a grave impact on your progress in the quest.]

* * *

Due  to  some  unexpected  turbulence,  the  airship  started  to shake considerably. As the situation became serious, Kei headed towards the steering wheel himself. After Kei dashed out of the room, only the Starling Party and the old man were left in the room.

Having never been on an airship before, Romantica and Pram seemed to be enjoying the novel  experience of being caught in unexpected turbulence. They showed no signs of being nervous. In  fact,  they  couldn’t  even  hold  in  their  excitement  as  they bounded over to peer out the window in the room.

The  sun,  halfway  across  the  horizon  painted  the  desert  a scarlet red.

“Oh my gosh, it’s endless.”

“The southern desert really is massive. They say not even the Empire can manage all of it.”

The Hebrion Empire’s Padun Desert in the Ethena Region was probably the single largest region of land found anywhere on the continent.

“But it’s not a suitable environment to live in, so there aren’t any cities connected to the capital, excluding the Desert Flower City. There   are   probably   more   wandering   nomads   than citizens.”

As they were engaged in conversation, Adjest amused herself by skimming through several  books from the bookshelf in the room.

The  use  of  airships  had  decreased  significantly  in  modern times, so it was hard to find books related to it. However, there appeared to be many of those here.

Watching   the   other   members   of   the   party   enjoy   their respective activities amidst the turbulence, Desir smiled bitterly before shifting his gaze to the map laid across the table.

‘Things are going according to my expectation.’

That was the conclusion Desir had come to about the Shadow World.  He was already well  versed in details relating to such Shadow Worlds.

There were many potential threats while in air, but they could easily  be  solved  by  everyone  they  had  present  aboard  the airship.  If they could only reach Alteia, their destination, the Shadow World would be cleared.

‘We just need to assist Kei appropriately.’

The  threats  were  likely  to  fall  short  of  a  Level  3  Shadow World. However, the Starling Party had a great helper. A person whose caliber was truly incomparable to anyone else they could find in the Hebrion Academy.

Kei Hazymaryun, Grand Master.

The title of Grand Master during this period was only given to the best swordsmen.

Desir fully understood what the skill level of someone holding the title of a Grand Master would be like.  After all, one of the

final six people from the Shadow Labyrinth, Raphaello Cheriger, had also held that title.

While   he   couldn’t   be   exactly   sure   of   the   limit   of   Kei Hazumaryun’s   strength,   he   made   a   rough   estimate   using another Grand Master as reference.

‘If Kei’s skills are at that level, then a Level  3 Shadow World won’t be a problem.’

Confident   in   their   likelihood   of   success   in   clearing   the Shadow  World,  Desir  started  to  consider  what  would  happen afterward.

Right  then,  he  heard  a  low,  gloomy  voice  from  behind  his back.


Desir  took  his  eyes  off  the  map  and  looked  at  the  old  man sitting on the hammock.

Unlike  the  dazed  look  he  had  before,  he  was  now  smirking unpleasantly at Desir.

“Ah, so it was Sagan.”


Desir  questioned,  but  the  old  man  disregarded  him  as  he continued speaking.

“I  met  him.  I  only  watched.  I  did  nothing.  It  smells  very familiar. Sagan. Ah, was that why… Was that it?”

As the old man continued rambling on, all eyes turned to him.

Suddenly, he burst out into a fit of giggles.

“Tee hee hee. It’s no use. It’s pointless. Nothing matters.”

His hysterical laughter sent chills down the spine of everyone in the room.

As  nobody  said  a  word,  seemingly  having  lost  interest  in them, the old man went back to muttering to himself.

“Lottier, Anas, Kiriebren.”

Just then, footsteps could be heard as the door burst open.

It was Kei. In an urgent voice, he spoke to the Starling party.

“There’s something that you must take care of.”

“What happened?”

Kei responded in a very serious tone.

“A Wyvern flock has appeared.”

[Sub quest, the Wyverns have launched an attack]

[The Wyverns have attacked the airship.]

[  -  You  must  stop  the  Wyverns  in  order  to  protect  Aldin Sepius.]

A moment later, another alarm sounded in their heads.

[Kei Hazumaryun is still unaware of your ability. He wants to use this opportunity to confirm your power.]

[  -  Prove  that  you  are  skilled.  The  results  of  this  quest  will affect Kei Hazumaryun’s affinity for you.]

* * *

The  airship  shook  violently  at  irregular  intervals.  Through the screen shining from the steering room, a Gargoyle flapping its big wings could be seen approaching.

“The Wyvern flock is still approaching from the rear!”

A monster that glides through the blue sky, the Wyvern.

Once a Wyvern chose its prey, it was known to chase it to its bitter end, and due to its tendency to travel  in flocks, it was a difficult monster to hunt.

A number of Wyverns filled the screen. There seemed to be at least thirty of them.

“Load the mana cannon!”

With Kei’s command, the soldiers moved in perfect unison. Even at a glance, it was obvious that they were well-trained.

The  cannon  emitted  a  tremendous  amount  of  noise  as  it concentrated all of the power put in by dozens of wizards.

“Ready to fire!”


The mana cannon that finally launched created a ripple in air as the mana projectile struck the Wyverns.



The   launch   was   accompanied   by   the   sound   of   several deafening explosions.

Not a single trace of the Wyverns that were hit remained. But there were still at least twenty that remained.

“Get into a defensive formation to stop them from reaching the ship!”

The  mana  cannon  was  powerful,  but  it  required  too  much time to reload. Now there was no choice but to fight them head-on.

“Let’s head to the deck too.”

At  Des1r’s  words,  the  Starling  Party  members  nodded  and hurried out.

The wind that emanated from the desert at night time was ice-cold.

When   they   reached   the   deck,   the   Gargoyles’   crying   was noticeably louder.

“Romantica, reduce the number of approaching Wyverns as much as possible.”

It was time for Romantica to make a move. Aiming her rifle, she invoked a spell.

[Abarossa’s Storm]

A  violent  storm  hit  the  Wyverns.   Magic  that  had  almost reached   the   strength   of   a   Fourth-Circle   ripped   numerous Wyverns into shreds.

Romantica’s shot was extremely powerful, but what was scary about her magic was not the power, but the fact that there was no delay between her shots.


The  second  shot,  third  shot.   All   of  her  shots  were  fired instantaneously.

Unable  to  even  react  to  the  ranged  attacks,  the  number  of remaining  Wyverns  continued  to  decrease  as  their  brethren continued to be torn to pieces.

But even that had its limits.

As   the   Wyverns   continued   to   approach,   it   soon   became impossible to invoke powerful  magic.  If the airship was to get damaged and crash as a result, nobody would be able to avoid death.

As  the  Wyverns  continued  to  close  the  gap,  the  tables  had turned  and  they  now  had  the  upper  hand.  A  Wyvern’s  claws were extremely sharp, and their movements were nimble. Even

well-trained soldiers would struggle to deal with them.


One  Wyvern  snatched  up  a  soldier  that  was  slightly  out  of formation.  Dragged  into  the  sky,  the  soldier  was  ripped  into shreds and rain of giblets and gore poured down on the deck.

A   single   moment   of   vulnerability   could   result   in   brutal annihilation.



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