A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 129


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 129. Travelers of the Blue Sky (4)

The sun’s heat was intense.

It went without saying that the heat of the desert was extreme during the day.

The sand was boiling hot and the dry air burned their throats every time they breathed.

What was even worse were the temperature swings. While it was  hot  in  the  day  time,  the  temperature  dropped  down  to freezing temperatures in the evening. The desert’s climate was simply too inhospitable. One could say that it wasn’t a suitable habitat for humans.

Desir and Romantica walked along that very desert.  If their legs ached, they took a break, and if they needed water, they made some with magic.

To all  those who traveled the desert, finding water was the biggest concern, but magicians who knew how to invoke water magic didn’t have to worry about that.

Romantica  stared  at  Desir’s  back  as  she  trailed  along.  She opened her mouth a few times in an attempt to speak, but she gave up every time.

She’d  already  missed  the  right  time  to  voice  her  gratitude. Romantica wasn’t straightforward enough to thank him now.

But the one obvious fact made her waver.

‘He risked his life to save me.’

If he hadn’t jumped in as soon as she fell, he wouldn’t have made  it  in  time.  Simply  put,  there  hadn’t  been  a  moment  of hesitation.

Every time she was reminded of this fact, her face burned as if the sun had increased in temperature.

Meanwhile, Desir was thinking about his next steps.

‘This was unexpected.’

By this point, they should still  be on the airship undertaking their mission.

There were other threats waiting for them, but overall, the Shadow World would have been easy to clear with the Grand Master’s help.  But not even Desir expected things to turn out this way.

‘They did say they’d be taking a break in the middle.’

That  was  probably  their  only  chance  to  get  back  onto  the airship. The problem was whether they would be able to arrive at that city in time.

‘It’s impossible to reach it by foot.’

Even if they were to ride a carriage, there was no hope. In that case, they had just one other option.

‘I’m pretty sure there was a city around here somewhere… ’

It  was  when  Desir  was  trying  to  recall  the  map  to  find  his bearings.

“Desir, what’s that?”

A massive structure stood where Romantica was pointing.

It  was  a  utility  pole.  The  long  pole  stretched  out  towards another one somewhere off in the distance.

The structure that was placed awkwardly in the middle of the blazing desert was so absurd it almost amazed them.  Building something like that in the middle of nowhere was quite a feat.

“Hermes’   Wing.   It’s   a   magic   utility   pole.   It   was   used frequently by the Empire before the development of communication  magic.  It  was  used  for  many  other  purposes besides communication too.  It allowed magical  networks to be connected between cities.”

“I can’t believe they’re connecting cities with something like


“Realistically   speaking,   it’s   impossible   to   connect   all   the places  people  live.   That’s  why  it’s  pretty  rare  to  see  them outside big cities.”

There was only one place in the southern desert that could be called a big city.

“The  Desert  Flower  city  must  be  somewhere  around  here. We’ll get there if we follow where the utility pole leads to.”

Desir let out a sigh of relief.

If it was the Desert Flower city, there was no doubt that all the conditions  would  be  present  to  allow  for  them  to  regroup.  If they missed this opportunity, there likely wouldn’t be another.

‘There must be a teleportation gate here.’

Unlike  in  modern  times,  teleportation  gates  were  almost impossible to come across, but if it was the Desert Flower city,

there was no doubt they’d see one.

‘After reorganizing, we’ll use the teleportation gate.’

Having  decided  on  his  next  course  of  action,  he  started heading towards the utility pole in the blazing heat once more.

They eventually arrived at Desert Flower city and needed to be  inspected  by  the  guards,  but  Desir  and  Romantica  had already  made  identification  cards  for  each  major  time  period before entering the Shadow World.

They easily slipped into the city.

Most of the buildings in the city were built by shaving back rock  or  hardening  sand,  which  explained  the  lack  of  taller buildings.

“Desir. People keep staring at us.”

The citizens eyed the two warily, but that was to be expected since  they  were  wearing  black  suits.  Both  the  attire  and  the

color were unsuitable for desert environments.

They had no choice but to stop by a store to buy some clothes. Luckily they still held on to the deposit that Kei had given them.

“Is that how you travelled through the desert?”

“That’s right.”

“… Hmm.”

The merchant clearly exuded hostility towards these outsiders. He demanded they pay twice more than the locals.

Romantica was livid but after weighing up the consequences of causing a scene here, ended up paying full price.

Having somewhat blended in, Desir and Romantica stopped by at a nearby restaurant to eat.  Romantica wolfed down her food  as  the  pair  had  been  unable  to  get  a  proper  meal  since embarking on their journey across the desert.

But  something  seemed  off.  There  were  a  lot  of  seats  in  the restaurant, yet no one dared to sit close to them.

Desir called an employee over.

“Why is everyone here so wary of outsiders?”

“I can’t have my mouth run in front of an outsider like you.”

“I suggest you think again.”

Desir tossed him 10 silver.

The employee quickly took it and hid it before anyone could notice.

“It’s because there’s been an increase in mysterious disappearances lately.  Every night, they disappear one by one. We can’t help but be wary of strangers.”

“Is that so.”

So that was what had happened.  If that was the case, their hostility was valid.

Desir determined that they needed to leave the place as soon as possible.

“I want to go to the Lord’s castle. Which way is it?”

“Just pass through the northern market and turn right.  But before   you   meet   the   Lord,   you’ll   have   to   meet   the   Sage. Commoners like us can’t see him unless we get approved by the Sage.”

“The Sage?”

“He is an amazing Sage that turns lead into gold. Not even a magician would be able to do that.”

Desir was able to get some more information after that.

Once the employee stepped away, Romantica whispered.

“Did  you  hear  that  Desir?  The  Sage  is  most  definitely  an Alchemist.”

An Alchemist.

People of such professions had mostly disappeared as alchemy was  replaced  by  magic.  The  foundations  of  alchemy  could  be applied to magic as well, so the idea of it still lived on. However, its applications in modern times were limited.

Regardless  of  who  their  opponent  was,  they  didn’t  have  a choice.

It  was  customary  to  get  approval  from  the  Lord  to  use  the teleport gate. It seemed that they had no choice but to meet this Sage.

Desir  and  Romantica  first  headed  to  the  Sage’s  residence, which the employee pointed them in the direction of.

The Sage’s home was extremely massive. It was situated right in front of the Lord’s castle, making it structurally impossible to meet the Lord without passing through it.

Before them was a long line that made them sigh just from the sight of it.

As they unwillingly headed to the end of the line, the man standing  in  front  glared  at  Desir  and  Romantica  with  hostile eyes, but after finding out about their situation, didn’t bother them any further.

About an hour had passed and it was when they were about to pass  through  the  main  gate.  Desir  was  able  to  confirm  that mana detectors had been installed at the gate. They would have sent a signal inside after detecting Desir and Romantica’s mana.

‘They were waiting for magicians to show up.’

Sure   enough,   one   of   the   servants   approached   Desir   and Romantica moments later.

“You two please come this way.”

They escaped the line and went through the residence’s back door, arriving at a large room.

There, the servant bowed his head.

“My master is waiting for you.”

The moment they entered the room, the smell of gunpowder wafted  by.  The  room  was  filled  with  various  solutions  and metals.

From the room that appeared to be a lab, a man greeted them.

“May all creations of goods be with you.”

“… ?”

“This is the greeting of alchemists.”

“Is that so.”

At his explanation, Desir and Romantica also bowed to greet him.

Being the first to raise his head, Desir spoke to him.

“The Lord must put a lot of faith in you since everyone must gain approval from an Alchemist before seeing him.”

“That’s to be expected.  The city runs smoothly because I’m around.”

“I heard you make gold. From my understanding, making gold seems to be a very advanced form of alchemy.”

As   Desir   stated   the   information   he’d   heard   from   the employee, the Alchemist laughed.

“Everything   was   conducted   through   legitimate   research. These are the books, and these are the materials that were used during the research. Please feel free to take a look.”

Desir stared blankly at the documents that were presented to him.

“What is the reason you’re showing me all this?”

“Excuse me?”

His face stiffened momentarily.  He then burst into laughter and put away the documents he’d presented to Desir.

“Hahaha, I’d assumed you’d be curious.  Don’t they call  it a magician’s thirst for knowledge?”

A  thirst  for  knowledge?  It  was  a  ridiculous  excuse.  Des1r immediately realized what his actions meant.

‘He’s mistaken us for investigators.’

He had presented the research material, as if expecting them to ask for it.

‘There must be something he’s guilty about.’

Just then, an alarm rang out.

[A second main quest has been detected]

[As  of  now,  it  is  only  a  hunch.   Gathering  more  detailed information will allow you to start a new main quest.]



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