A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 134


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 134. The Pinnacle (2)

‘Is this really the pinnacle of alchemy?’

The  Homunculus  had  a  body  that  was  superior  enough  to withstand Desir’s magic. However, as the attacks continued, the hard body began to be destroyed little by little.

It was far too weak. It was far from being called the pinnacle of alchemy.

[Burst Fire]


The Homunculus’s skin was cracked, muscles were torn, and bones were broken.

It had been thoroughly crushed by Desir’s magic.

Desir decided to end it; there was no need to drag this out any longer.

[Wind Press]

A Second-Circle spell  that forcefully restrained enemies with wind pressure.

The  Homunculus,  whose  body  had  been  fractured,  couldn’t overcome the wind pressure and flew into the wall.

Desir  reached  his  hand  out  and  aimed  his  next  spell  at  the Homunculus. The spell quickly arranged itself in front of him.

[Fire Spear]

A fire spear fell down on the Homunculus.


A heavy scream shook the basement. A cloud of dust billowed

out. Accompanying the shockwave was a bright light; a sign that the defences of the Homunculus had been annihilated.

Desir turned his attention to Pureus.

“It’s over, Pureus. The Homunculus you were so proud of has been destroyed.”

Despite  the  fact  that  the  Homunculus  had  been  completely annihilated, Pureus was still smiling.

“There  is  nothing  you  can  do  anymore.  Surrender  without resistance.”

“Hahahaha. Foolish wizard. Do you think you have won? Do you not understand the meaning of eternal life?”


Just as Pureus finished speaking, something stirred amongst the dust. Desir turned around to look at it.

It was the Homunculus.

It  faced  Desir,  looking  as  it  did  when  it  stepped  out  of  the coffin at the start of the battle.  It was in pristine conditions, looking as if it had never even been in a battle.

‘Regeneration… It doesn’t look like that kind of thing… ’

If it had the ability to regenerate, it would have shown signs of restoring itself as he was attacking it. However, in the battle so far, no such thing could be seen at all.

‘This is something more than regeneration.  It must be some kind of psychedelic magic that makes it look like it’s damaged.’

Desir  couldn’t  tell  for  sure,  but  intuitively  knew  that  there was something afoot here.

Desir reached out to the Homunculus.

While he was not sure, he just had to subdue it again to clarify

his doubts.

‘Whether it be a hallucination or something else, I will subdue it again and find out!’

He didn’t know what power it had used, but the Homunculus wasn’t his opponent anyway.

After  Desir  finished  arranging  his  thoughts,  he  started  to invoke spells on the Homunculus again.

However, in reaction to Desir, the Homunculus’ body seemed to have shrunk. It disappeared from Desir’s sight in an instant.

Before Desir could even react, Desir felt a sharp pain on his left arm. The pain was unbearable, almost as if it were on fire.


Despite feeling a tremendous amount of pain, Desir completed the arrangement of his spell.

An  intense  shock  wave  struck  the  Homunculus  and  it  was blown off its feet by the force, burying itself halfway into the nearby wall.

Desir was astonished.

‘It managed to attack before the spell was activated?’

Its speed had become incomparably fast in comparison to the last clash.

Even  with  improved  reflexes  and  muscle  strength  from  his strengthening magic, he was completely unable to respond.

The Homunculus pulled itself out of the wall  and looked at Desir. It stood still, as if observing Desir.

‘Something has changed.’

This creature that had just jumped around without thinking before, now had a look of intelligence on its face. As if it were

carefully contemplating the best way to attack next.

Desir invoked another spell. Simultaneously, the Homunculus began to move.

It was so fast that it left behind an afterimage, creating the illusion of there being multiple copies of it all over the place.



Desir’s magic streaked through the air and smashed into the innocent wall.

The Homunculus had been slowly closing the distance before realizing that Desir’s magic couldn’t hurt it.

‘It has the ability to gradually improve its judgement. I can’t take my time dealing with it anymore. Since that’s the case… !’

Desir had internally admitted that he could no longer shoot down the Homunculus with a single-shot magic.

Upon reaching this conclusion, he decided to pour all  of his effort into a long-ranged attack that it could not avoid.

[lce Crown]

It was one of the top-class spells amongst those of the Second-Circle.

He  was  planning  to  arrange  this  larger-scale  magic  while retreating  from  the  Homunculus  that  would  be  preoccupied with that spell for a while.

“What… !?”

At that moment, however, the Homunculus rushed towards Desir.

Unexpectedly, it took the attack magic directly and approached him.

The speed it moved at was beyond imagination. It never even gave Desir a chance to unleash defensive magic.

Instinctively, Desir lifted his arms to defend himself.


A tremendous impact sounded.

With it, the mana capacity of the Clothes Line had dropped sharply.   As  the  Clothes  Line  offset  the  shock,  Desir’s  body bounced back.

Immediately after Desir shook his head to clear it, he saw the arm of the Homunculus descending on him to split his head.

[Sigh of Kizard]

Fortunately,  Desir  was  bounced  back  by  the  Homunculus shattering the defensive spell he barely got off in time.

Unfortunately, the Homunculus’s continuous attacks did not let up.




Explosions emanated from its simple yet powerful fist swings and kicks.

Moreover, as his vision on his right side was greatly reduced, this kind of close-range combat was very unfavorable for Desir.

‘In order to respond to this speed… ’

Desir remembered the way he handled the Chimera.

A spell arranged itself in front of him.

[Water Wall]

Desir summoned a cylindrical wall of water, blocking him off from the Homunculus on all sides.

[Winter Ice]

The water around him froze immediately as it formed.



The body of the Homunculus approached Desir with the exact timing he had hoped for. As it was partially through the water wall, it also froze under the influence of the spell combo.

It was trapped on his right-hand side.

Desir  unleashed  a  spell  of  the  Third-Circle  while  feeling  a bloodcurdling sensation at how close this encounter was.

[Summon Lighting]

So far, with the exception of defensive magic, the only attack magic he had been using was at the Second-Circle to conserve mana.

However, Summon Lightning was a Third-Circle spell. It may not be the pinnacle of Third-Circle spells, but it definitely could not be discounted.

An   intense   thunderstorm   swept   the   ice   wall that   had temporarily trapped the Homunculus.

There was a dazzling flash as lighting filled the enclosed room.

Within an instant, an extreme current of electricity penetrated the body of the Homunculus.

Using  such  a  spell   while  surrounded  by  water  definitely wasn’t safe, but it was certainly effective. As Desir expected, the Homunculus’s face was soon burned black.

The current was so powerful  that Desir could see its red and blue blood vessels bursting all over its body.


It screamed in pain.


At the same time, the ice sphere that had restrained it was broken, and thousands of shards of ice were flung out.

A blue hand reached through the ice shards and made a swipe at Desir.

‘What the hell is this ability?’

He couldn’t make any sense of it.

It  truly  felt  like  he  had  done  significant  damage  to  the Homunculus.  The  manner  in  which  he  had  done  it  was  even completely different from last time. How exactly the Homunculus was recovering was far beyond his comprehension and outside of his realm of experience.

Although he couldn’t figure out what it was, it was easy to figure  out  what  it  wasn’t.   From  the  amount  of  damage  it sustained  and  how  it  seemed  to  instantaneously  revert  to  a perfect condition, it wasn’t a form of regeneration or an illusion effect.

‘Within a moment, it was back to its original shape.’

It was as if this was its natural state.

Anyone would be dumbstruck

Desir could only feel  bitter at the mana expenditure for such inconclusive results.

[Raise Wall]

A stone wall  soared out of the ground to block its path.  The Homunculus didn’t care and charged straight through it.

The  sturdy  stone  wall  was  torn  apart  like  a  sheet  of  paper under the Homunculus’s strength.

“… !”

But   Desir   wasn’t   there   when   the   Homunculus   smashed through the wall.

The Homunculus’s eyes swivelled from left to right in search of Desir. Instinctively, it then looked up.

Desir was standing on top of the collapsing wall and had just finished arranging a spell.

[Burst Fire]

Dozens of fireballs, each drawing different paths, rushed at the Homunculus.

The Homunculus kicked against the ground, leaping backwards   as   it   read   the   fireball’s   trajectory,   and   nimbly escaped.  It appeared to be reading the paths as if it were one step ahead at all times. An absolute feat of aerobatic mastery.

Fortunately, with the Homunculus preoccupied, there was a brief  respite  for  Desir  to  gather  his  thoughts.  This  window would be brief though, as Desir had barely managed to distance himself from it.

With  how  the  Homunculus  had  evolved,  Desir  struggled  to find a solution to his predicament. Before, attacks were easy to get off, but functionally useless due to its healing ability. Now, however, Desir was struggling to find opportunities to attack; even if he did damage, it would just regenerate itself. In effect, any attack Desir could make would be meaningless.

‘But  that  doesn’t  mean  that  I  can  solely  rely  on  defensive magic.’

Defensive magic was not able to respond to the variety and

strength of attacks from the Homunculus.

Unfortunately   for   Desir,   the   Clothes   Line   had   begun   to approach its limit.

[Warning:   Clothes   Line   has   less   than   20   percent   mana remaining.  The  defensive  capabilities  have  been  significantly reduced.]

Desir’s  position  could  only  get  worse,  the  longer  the  battle went on. It was clear that Desir had lost the advantage.

During the battle, the Homunculus began to handle its power with  a  higher  level  of  finesse.  There  were  fewer  gaps  in  its defenses and its attacks became even more relentless. Attacking and  defending  against  this  creature  had  become  significantly harder.

It was clear now that it would continually evolve.

The  more  it  battled  against  Desir,  the  more  difficult  it  was going to be for Desir to handle.

Desir’s   mana,   on   the   other   hand,   became   increasingly exhausted. Less than half of his mana pool remained.

‘If it continues like this, it will be rather dangerous.’

If   the   essence   of   Homunculus’s   ability   was   regenerative power, it could be dealt with in the one-go by any attack that had overwhelming might.

If Desir used all  of his remaining mana, he might be able to finish things off once and for all.

However,  he  was  not  convinced  that  Homunculus’s  ability was regeneration. After hitting it with [Summon Lightning], he was   almost   certain   that   the   source   of   its   longevity   was something else.

Desir’s expression slowly distorted.

“What a pathetic display.”

Pureus smiled, savoring Desir’s expression.

“It’s  very  sad  that  you  cannot  even  comprehend  this  great wisdom.   The   truth   that   your   trivial   brain   dare   not   even imagine. I at least want you to know what truth is overwhelming you in this battle.”

Pureus stared at the Homunculus with ecstatic eyes.

“The truth that I have embodied into this creature is not just eternal  life.  A truth on that level  would just allow one to live forever.  This is the true pinnacle of alchemy.  And that power is… !”


An explosion shook the room slightly.

Desir   had   succeeded   in   blowing   an   entire   arm   off   the Homunculus using a Third-Circle spell.

However, the fragments of the arm that were scattered across

the floor soon re-attached themselves to the stump of its arm and reformed a perfectly functional arm.

Des1r couldn’t believe his eyes.

It wasn’t anything like a regenerative ability.  It felt like an ability that reversed time, restoring it back to its original state.

“It’s controlling Causality.”



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