A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 135


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 135. The Pinnacle (3)


If there is a cause, there will be a consequent result.

It was one of the laws that governed this world.

And Pureus said that the Homunculus in front of him could manipulate causality.

‘It’s possible he’s lying to manipulate me. But if it’s true… ’

Desir  looked  at  the  Homunculus,  who  was  pursuing  him closely.

A  monster  that  could  instantly  restore  its  body,  no  matter how much it was damaged.


Judging  from  the  situation  so  far,  it  felt  indisputable  that Pureus had told him the truth.

Desir soon found himself in the worst situation.

‘It wasn’t a recovery ability, but an ability to return itself to the past.’

It  was  restored  to  its  top  condition  without  any  delay  or apparent  resource  usage.  It  was  a  power  that  defied  common sense.


The continuous cry of the Homunculus snapped him out of his stupor.

When the Homunculus attacked with full power, the defensive spell that had been holding until that moment finally reached  its  limit  and  shattered.  It  put  all  of  its  power  into kicking against the ground to narrow the distance with Desir.

[Storm of Abarossa]


A wind bullet tore through the upper body of the Homunculus. It was Romantica’s sniping spell.

Desir noticed that Romantica had arrived.

‘She’s arrived on time.’

Desir sighed and distanced himself from the Homunculus. Of course, as before, its body restored itself in an instant.

[“What the hell is that monster?”]

Through the communication magic cast by Romantica, a voice tinged with embarrassment could be heard.

[“It’s a monster with a strange recovery ability. Make sure to

focus  on  slowing  or  stopping  it  rather  than  thinking  about outright defeating it.”]

[“I'll hold it in check as much as possible.”]

Romantica’s sniping magic was fast and accurate.

If the Homunculus showed any gap in its defence, her sniping magic destroyed its body.



With the sniping magic now providing covering fire for Desir, the Homunculus couldn’t rush as aggressively as before.

Desir,   who   couldn’t   even   find   an   opportunity   to   take   a breather just moments before, could now find the time to sigh and contemplate on the best action to take.

‘Indiscriminate attacks are useless.’

He needed a method to reverse this situation.

No, if it controlled causality in the first place, how the hell could it even be defeated?

No matter how hard they try, it was impossible to cope in any way if the results of all their attacks were just ignored.

‘Then, how high is the possibility of that Alchemist lying?’

Desir desperately mused.

‘Is there any information that I have missed? Is there even just one weak point? Its ability is only used to restore its own body. Then, is the scope of the ability limited to itself? Based on what  we  are  aware  of  in  our  time  period,  his  research  had failed… So what’s this in front of us?’

Desir’s  brain  began  to  run  wild.  He  combined  all  his  past research,  his  theoretical   discussions  with  Zod,  what  he  had

observed   from   the   Homunculus,   and   searched   for   some common thread to serve as a basis for theoretical weaknesses.

After  a  few  moments,  he  realized  that  the  Homunculus’s power and combat style contradicted each other.

‘Why did it need to avoid my attacks?’

The Homunculus did not need to evade Desir’s attacks, as long as it could eliminate all of the resulting damage.

On the contrary, it was a valid judgment to take advantage of its merits and just take that damage in exchange for being able to dish out damage of its own.

‘If  it  really  can  control   causality,  it  should  disregard  its wellbeing in order to deal more damage. Something isn’t adding up.’

Desir followed this train of thought and arrived at the logical conclusion.

“Well, I’ve spent a lot of time here. Let’s finish things up.”

As   soon   as   Pureus   bounced   his   finger,   the   Homunculus stopped moving and placed its legs firmly on the ground. It was as if it was putting down roots.


The  sound  of  the  muscles  and  bones  twisting  and  tearing could  be  heard.   The  shape  of  the  Homunculus,  which  was originally in a humanoid form, began to gradually shift.

These changes soon reached a level  where the creature could hardly be recognized as a human.

After a while, the atmosphere around where the Homunculus stood was greatly distorted.

Desir  and  Romantica’s  bodies  stung  and  all  of  their  senses were signaling that they were in imminent danger.

Desir, who was much more sensitive to mana than Romantica,

felt an enormous amount of it gather around the Homunculus in just an instant. He couldn’t help but feel surprised.

In order to unleash magic, it is necessary to collect mana and arrange it into a spell.

Depending  on  the  magic  system  used,  the  way  these  steps were  performed  may  be  different,  but  these  steps  were  not something that could be skipped.

However, the Homunculus which manipulated causality was different. It produced only the result of collecting the mana and focused  all  of  that  resulting  energy  in  front  of  itself  without going through any process.

“Shit… Romantica!”

Desir immediately started running toward Romantica.

Pureus laughed.

“Hahahaha! It’s no use running away!”


Pureus  stood  proudly,  his  eyes  in  awe  at  the  power  of  the Homunculus.

It was because the magic that the Homunculus developed in front of his eyes was not at the level that a Third-Circle wizard could block.

Up until now, it had not used this ability as it had been used to suppress  the  wizards  for  later  use  as  experimental  material; something that couldn’t be done if their bodies were obliterated.  But Pureus changed his mind as it became hard to suppress Desir after Romantica joined.

Pureus looked in the direction Desir had headed.

To  reach  the  surface,  one  had  to  leave  through  the  single hallway that led to this room. There was no way to escape the attack.

No, it didn’t really matter even if they escaped.

‘I’ll blow up the city.’

He had reached the point where he had already created such a fuss that people would flock to this city, and it was impossible to continue research here any longer.

The city was of no value to him anymore.

“Well, let’s make the uncivilized realize their helplessness.”

As  he  made  his  declaration,  the  enormous  energy  that  was condensing in front of the Homunculus was released.

In an instant, the entire area flickered with a blinding white light.


The  energy  summoned  by  the  Homunculus,  equal  to  Fifth-

Circle magic, ripped through the laboratory and the surrounding areas.

A moment later, when Pureus opened his eyes, all he could see was  a  dark  night.  His  laboratory  was  gone,  leaving  no  trace behind at all.

Pureus,  who  had  been  smiling,  suddenly  noticed  something and his face turned stone cold. He realized that the Lord’s castle and all  of the other mansions were fine, with the exception of his own.

After a minute, the dust around Pureus began to settle.  The blast  had  only  been  partially  effective;  something  had  clearly blocked his attack.  When he looked around for the source, his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“This is impossible… !”

Before him was a huge shield emanating a dazzling brilliance, with two people standing behind it without even a scratch on them. Naturally, they were Desir and Romantica.

Pureus could hardly comprehend the situation.

There was no way a Third-Circle wizard could block such an attack. It was impossible.

“What the hell did you do!?”

“Do you actually expect me to answer that?”

Desir sighed to himself.

‘If we took out the Aurora System just a little bit later, there wouldn’t have been any trace of us left.’

The Aurora System, a project significantly accelerated due to Desir’s advice, had already reached the point where it could be put into practical use as a portable, but consumable, shield. And Desir had brought it into the Shadow World this time.

The magic stone in the device that Desir held crumbled into ash.   At   the   same   time,   the   Aurora   System’s   shield   also disappeared.

‘I can’t stop it now if it attacks again.’

To  make  a  portable  Aurora  System  required  a  tremendous amount of money. It was impossible to bring multiple copies of it, even for Desir.

‘I have no choice but to do it now.’

With the loss of a safety net, it was impossible to remain on the defensive anymore.

Thus, he now had no choice but to attack.

Desir,  without  any  further  hesitation,  began  to  prepare  the best spell he had available.

A very complicated spell arranged itself in front of him. It was a   maximum   powered   spell   that   only   Desir   could   perform. Naturally, it used his new magical system.

Pureus shouted as he noticed the unusual atmosphere.

“O-One more!”

Ignoring   all   of   the   usual   steps   in   casting   a   spell,   mana gathered rapidly in front of the Homunculus.  And it was soon fired at Desir.

At the same time, Desir’s magic was completed.

A huge flame storm painted the sky red. The magic that Desir had  spent  a  long  time  finding  the  optimal  arrangement  for showed power incomparable to before.

The energy fired by the Homunculus was swallowed up by the huge   flames   and   disappeared.   These   huge   flames   did   not diminish  in  the  slightest  and  slammed  into  the  Homunculus directly.


The  fire  blazed,  as  if  threatening  to  burn  down  the  entire

world, before quickly fading away and eventually disappearing.

The manipulation of causality had made it as if Desir’s magic had never appeared.

Desir realized this fact and his anxiety shot through the roof. If even this was blocked by the Homunculus, then there was no way left for him to survive.

The  intense  heat  subsided  and  revealed  the  Homunculus standing on melting ground. Its body was heavily burnt and its limbs were shattered.

Obviously,  the  power  of  causality  manipulation  had  been activated,   but   the   body   of   the   Homunculus   had   not   been returned to its top condition.

Desir realized that there was an abnormality in the body of the Homunculus.

‘Isn’t it a power that can be used indefinitely?’

‘If  I  only  had  the  material  from  a  Third-Circle  wizard,  my research will be complete!’

Desir remembered the conversation with Pureus. Pureus said that  the  experiment  was  unfinished,  apparently  because  he couldn’t get his hands on the right experimental subject matter.

‘The reason why he needed a wizard… ’

Pureus was an alchemist handling both magic and alchemy. It was inevitable that his study also included magical elements.

Des1r looked closely at the Homunculus, which was wrecked beyond repair. Moving was impossible for it.

And he could detect something in the Homunculus’s body.



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