A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 138


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 138. Tracing the Attack (2)

It only took two days for the airship to reach Altea, the capital city of the Magical Kingdom from Grinpell.

When   Altea   finally   appeared   through   the   window,   Kei gathered everyone from Desir’s party.

“We will  arrive in the capital  shortly.  Let us terminate your contract at this point. Thank you for your hard work.”

Kei  signed their contracts, designating them as a completed mission.

The mercenary contract would be fully terminated once they submitted their signed contract to the mercenary guild in the Magical  Kingdom.  They would also receive the balance of the bounty.

The first main questline would be cleared with this.

After saying bye to Kei, Pram spoke up, as they headed back to

their rooms.

“This  quest  was  quite  simple  for  a  Level   Three  Shadow World."

“It’s not over, so you can’t quite relax yet, Pram.”

Pram nodded at Desir’s sage advice.

If things went smoothly, the Shadow World would have been cleared. However, they were forced to enter the hidden second main questline.

Desir’s face was filled with anxiety since even he didn’t know anything about these series of events. It wasn’t even recorded in the history books they had studied up on.

Desir  glanced  at  the  room  where  Kei   and  he  had  held  a conversation.

‘Under normal  circumstances, the first quest and the second quest tend to be related in a major way.  I wanted to collect as

much information as possible… ’

Sword Grand Master, Kei  Hazmaryoon was not one who was easily befriended.

Though his likability with Kei  had sufficiently increased, he still didn’t say anything beyond what was necessary.

He  was  never  loose-lipped,  even  when  he  was  chuckling affably. If anyone attempted to delve into a sensitive topic just a little bit, he’d block them by changing the topic.

As a result, Desir had to give up on getting information out of him.

Leaving his disappointment behind, he loitered around for a while. The airship landed on the field soon enough.

Altea had a lifeless atmosphere compared to lively Grinpell.

The  skyline  was  blocked  by  skyscrapers.  People  wore  dark-colored clothes and were very quiet.

As  Desir’s  party  descended  onto  the  landing  field,  someone walked towards their airship. It was a middle-aged man with a big scar on his cheek.

Desir secretly ascertained their mana circle. He was roughly a Fifth-Circle.   Even   for   the   Magic   Kingdom,   which   had   an incomparably stronger magical  force than other kingdoms, to be  a  Fifth-Circle  mage  was  no  simple  feat.   This  man  was powerful.



Soldiers saluted him in unison as they saw him.

But he frowned as if seeing something utterly unpleasant.

He saluted Kei who was standing on the deck half-heartedly.

“Good job, Major Kei Hazmaryoon.”

“Commander Darren Aleph, we successfully obtained ingredients, so you don’t have to visit us like this.”

“Well done for completing this mission with such a body that is utterly devoid of magic.”

“…  It  was  definitely  not  easy.   It  would  be  the  same  for magicians.”

He chuckled.

“Do not make a mistake of equating swords and magic, Grand Master.  While  we  magicians  split  the  ocean  and  blow  away mountains,  you’d  slice  with  your  sword  through  a  few  mere obstacles at most. Even though you’re referred to as the Grand Master, you’re no exception.”

He jabbed his finger at Kei’s chest. His attitude was certainly very rude.

However, Kei laughed and brushed his hand away.

“So, what did you visit us for? I don’t think you came all this way here just to tell me that.”

“I’m here to check if all the ingredients arrived safely. It’d be very troublesome to have any issues before we commence the experiment. Anywho, who are those people?”

He gestured at Desir standing on the side.

“They’re the mercenaries that I hired to guard the airship.”

Guards for the airship.

Desir  did  not  miss  it,  even  though  it  was  only  made  as  a passing comment.

‘We were hired to guard Aldin though.’

Desir realized Kei was hiding the existence of Aldin Sepius. He

didn’t  know  why,  but  it  was  certain  that  Aldin  couldn’t  be exposed here.

“That’s unusual. I didn’t think you’d hire mercenaries.”

“It’s because we lost too many subordinates to carry out the order of his majesty.”

“In  some  ways,  it’s  a  natural   consequence.   Why  do  you operate soldiers with weapons in this day and age? You are the only unit that uses weapons now.”

He looked around the soldiers, then spoke with a wide smile.

“Well,  it’s  very  easy  to  get  soldiers  with  weapons.   Your management is worth considering, in the sense that what you work with is always available in great supply.”

“Commander,   I   would   appreciate   it   if   you   would   avoid speaking as if my subordinates are expendable.”

“Why? Are you offended?”

There was a long pause.

Kei stared at Darren quietly.

“Well, anyway, I want to see the ingredients.”

“… This way.”

Kei  spoke, but he looked incredibly subdued.  He glanced at Desir’s party and gestured at one of the officers.

“Officer Penen, please take the soldiers to the guild carefully. They wouldn’t know their way around here.”

“Yes, sir.”

* * *

Officer Penen was quite an interesting man. He had

introduced  Desir’s  party  to  Kei   right  at  the  beginning.   He grabbed a carriage and joined Desir’s party.

Desir looked back at the airship.

“That  man…  However  high  his  rank  may  be,  he’s  way  too rude.”

Penen shook his head from side to side.

“Well,  that’s  what  it  is  like.  Magic  skill  is  the  standard  for everything in the Magical Kingdom.”

Just as he had said, everything was decided by magic skill  in the Magical Kingdom. The most excellent magician became the king.

“As  you’ve  seen  in  person,  nobody  can  reach  Major  Kei’s sword skill, but people in the Magical Kingdom are overly proud of  their  superb  magic  skill.  They  detest  and  are  ashamed  of soldiers that wield weapons.  I consider it a miracle that Major Kei got promoted to the rank of major at all.”

His title of Sword Grand Master suited him perfectly, seeing his   piercing   energy   he   employed   while   cutting   down   that Transcendent Wyvern.

But his rank was only a major. The most powerful swordsman of his times. It was unthinkable for a man with his skills to be treated like this.

“You must respect Kei very much.”

“Of course.  Not just me, everyone in the unit must feel  the same as I do. Major took care of and trained people like myself who have no talent in magic. He made our lives livable. I would do anything for him.”

Penen’s voice was very dignified, evidently filled with pride.

“There  was  hardly  anyone  who  could  keep  up  such  a  rude attitude in front of him until  now, due to his majesty’s favor. But  since  his  majesty  began  to  favor  some  magician  from  a foreign  country,  things  like  that  have  become  increasingly common.”

Penen finished with a sigh.

They arrived at the mercenary guild while chatting away.

Penen bowed his head slightly when all of Desir’s party got off the carriage.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

The officer closed the door and went away.

Desir felt he had gained some small details that might come in handy later.

‘I’ve got great information.’

Desir’s party handed the receptionist their mercenary contracts from the Sword Grand Master in the mercenary guild.

As expected, they got a system message.

[-‘The last hurrah’ Quest has been completed.]

[The main quest in progress remains.]

[Please complete the remaining quest to receive a full clear.]

[Rewards will be added up after clearing the remaining quest.]

Desir stretched his arms.

“So we have one last quest.”

The   remaining   quest   was   the   elimination   of   the   power backing Pureus.

Their clue was a fragment of a mana cluster they had obtained after killing the Alchemist.

Desir pulled out the mana cluster. There was a serial number on its backside.


The last letter of the serial number was illegible.

Desir pondered aloud.

“Mana   clusters   were   only   manufactured   in   the   Magical Kingdom.  They  were  managed  very  securely  to  prevent  the technique from leaking.”

In order to make magical artifacts, a catalyst was required to gather the mana.

In   the   modern   days,   mana   stones   were   created   by   an enchanting method designed by Zod, whereas the only way to mass-produce   a   similar   tool in   these   times   was   making something like the mana cluster they held a piece of.

It was obvious how valuable mana clusters would have been.

People  were  only  allowed  to  purchase  them  after  a  strict background investigation.

Romantica spoke up.

“As  mana  clusters  are  thoroughly  managed,  there  must  be records of people who bought them. We need to check those and find out who purchased the mana cluster matching this serial number.”

“But there’s no way they’ll show such records to outsiders like us, is there?”

Pram’s comment was absolutely correct. There was no way an outsider like them could look at such sensitive internal records.

“Yes,  I  suppose  so.  But,  just  because  they  aren’t  willing  to show us, doesn’t mean that we cannot see them.”


Desir turned to Pram.

“You don’t always have to use gentlemanly means.”



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