A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 139


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 139. Tracing the Attack (3)

In order to better manage the construction and distribution of mana circuits, there’s just one factory that produces them..

With  how  late  it  was,  the  factory  would  normally  be  stark empty.  Instead,  a  keen  eye  could  discern  a  pair  of  shadows strolling  around  the  compound.  Naturally,  it  was  Desir  and Pram.

They had hidden their faces with masks and concealed their tracks as much as possible with recognition reduction magic as well soundproof magic.

[While  I  understand  that  this  is  the  best  method,  why  did Desir choose me instead of Romantica or Adjest?]

Remaining   as   cautious   as   possible,   they   only   conversed through the texting feature on their communication pads.

[First of all, we’re the perfect match. You and me.]

Pram abruptly came to a stop.


[Yes. You’re a swordsman and I am a magician. It’s the perfect combination to fight any enemy.]

[… I guess so.]

[What did you think I meant?]

Resuming  their  previous  pace,  they  soon  found  themselves face-to-face with a giant door, warded by nearly a dozen security spells.

[One second.]

Desir touched the door with his hand. Within moments, all of the techniques protecting the door started shining little by little before shattering and scattering like snowflakes.

Desir’s spell  inversion incapacitated the security in less than 10 seconds. If the wizards who placed those spells were present, they wouldn’t be able to believe their eyes. With the obstructions dealt with, the door simply swung open.

Unfortunately, their path was barred with more than just the few measly security spells set up on the door.  Although every trap and barrier was meant to block intruders from entering, Desir was able to thoroughly disarm and destroy them as they steadily pushed forward.

Pram  typed  out  a  message  that  made  his  disappointment known.

[This is pretty sloppy for a state-managed facility…]

[This would have been reasonably secure back then, all things considered.]

This  factory  was  fitted  with  state  of  the  art  devices  and techniques.  It  would  have  been  nearly  impossible  to  intrude, even with decent skills.

However, that was if you judged it based on the standard of that time.

‘The problem is that these techniques are so old-fashioned by today’s standards.’

This technology was over 100 years old.

Whether it was cutting edge or mainstream for its time did not matter much; when compared to modern magic techniques, the defenses set up were more obnoxious than effective.

Above all  things, Desir’s true talent lay in the field of spell inversion. No magical  security system was able to demonstrate even a fraction of its capability against Desir.

‘If  they  had  used  physical  security  systems  too,  I  wouldn’t have broken through this as easily as I had.’

Encountering physical defenses would have drastically slowed Desir down.  That was why he had chosen to bring Pram with him, but since there had yet to be any, Pram did little more than walk beside Desir.

‘Such a one-dimensional defense… If only the Magic Kingdom had an ounce of humility. ’

The Magic Kingdom’s anti-magic bigotry was their theoretical downfall. Their misplaced pride in being the leaders of magical engineering  left  them  completely  vulnerable  to  someone  who specialized in deconstructing magic.

Their  arrogance  and  vanity  allowed  Desir  to  force  his  way through easily.

[This way, Pram.]

The purely magical  security system had ended up backfiring completely.  It  was  completely  dismantled  by  Desir  and  also happened to give him a massive lead on where to find what he was looking for.

By deliberately taking the path protected by stronger security spells, it wasn’t too long before they found themselves in a room filled with thousands of bookcases spaced out length-ways. Each shelf  housed  documents  that  appeared  to  be  the  records  on

delivered mana circuits.

Desir  and  Pram  started  searching  for  their  serial  number, scanning each book page by page.

[I found it, Desir.]

Thanks to the documents being properly sorted and classified, it took them a lot less time than expected to locate the serial numbers, matching what they had, in a book.

The last digit of the serial number found on their mana circuit had  been  worn  away.  While  this  greatly  narrowed  down  the scope  of  their  search,  it  meant  there  would  probably  still  be quite a few circuit boards that matched their search criteria.

Fortunately, their final list consisted of four people in total.

3-BYET1:   Krue   Panier,   27   years   old,   Lord   of   the   Panier Province.

3-BYET2:  Feuni  Raffelraff, 45 years old, Army of Sun-Frost-


3-BYET3: Kefsi Jen 31 years old and Loka Tropias 32 years old, Trading Conglomerate.

3-BYET4: Lan Pjen Akenios 88 years old, magician of Society Five.

Desir recorded their details into his communication pad.

They then swiftly retreated to minimize their chance of being detected. While doing so, Desir didn’t neglect to restore all  the security systems he had disabled or destroyed on his way in.

The chance of being caught was now incredibly low.

* * *

With their now narrowed list of suspects that had purchased the mana circuit obtained from Pureus’s lab, they could afford to properly investigate the four remaining suspects.

It was certain that one of these people had given the mana circuit to Pureus, even though it was a tightly controlled export.

Knowing  who  this  person  was  would  surely  be  helpful  in clearing the quest.

“Let’s each investigate one of these people.”

Desir’s  party  decided  to  split  up  and  start  simultaneously investigating the suspects.

Desir was in charge of Lan Pjen Akenios, a magician of Society Five.  He was a complete recluse, never leaving the lab that he was director of. His diligent focus on research was admirable.

This situation certainly increased the difficulty of any normal investigation. Realizing this, Desir obtained a job in the lab after demonstrating   his   strength   in   numeracy.   Desir   needed   to become the direct assistant of Lan Pjen Akenios in order to have even a chance at observing him closely, so in order to make this happen, he kicked out the previous assistant and took his place.

After close observation, he determined that Lan Pjen Akenios was  innocent.  He  saw  the  mana  circuit  matching  the  serial number   recorded   in   the   book   from   the   factory   firsthand, making it impossible for that circuit to be the one supplied to Pureus.

“OK, time for our regular report.”

Desir contacted his party via his communication pad at the time they had pre-arranged.

The first response was from Romantica.

[Panier  Province  seems  like  a  normal  province.  I’ve  found nothing special here.]

Romantica monitored every action of this Krue Panier using detection  and  wiretap  magic,  before  concluding  that  he  was innocent.

The two people that Adjest and Pram observed were also not the one they were looking for.

[I  checked  the  serial  number  of  their  mana  circuit,  but  it matched what was listed.]

[Mine too.]

There was no outcome whatsoever.  However, they couldn’t just accept this outcome.  They started discussing the direction of the investigation moving forward.

[One moment. Be quiet everyone.]

Romantica’s demand stopped the conversation.

[What’s wrong?]

[I’m going to revise the report I just submitted. I think I have the answer. I’ll send through a live video feed, so take a look at it.]

Desir stared at his communication pad. The screen made some static noise before clearing up and playing the video feed.

Desir grinned after seeing it.

Krue Panier and someone else were talking, and that person was someone Desir recognized.

It  was  Commander  Darren  Aleph,  the  Fifth-circle  magician who had ‘greeted’ them at the landing dock.

[I’ll do some wiretap magic.]

[He’s an excellent magician. Be very careful not to get caught.]

[Just leave it to me!]

Boastful Romantica invoked wiretap magic very, very cautiously.  After training with Desir, her magical  prowess had reached  the  stage  of  magnificence.  Darren  had  no  chance  of detecting Romantica’s spell.

“Is the research going well?”

“Unfortunately, there’s been no progress.  The research that was running in the Desert Flower City was nearly completed, but the lab was destroyed due to an unsavory incident.  A new lab is being prepared now.”

“On the land you told me to buy last time?”

“Yes.  The reason why I came here today is that I need some more ingredients to restart the research.”

“We’re  almost  at  the  breaking  point  for  pocketing  mana circuits.  Anything  more  than  this  will  be  discovered  by  the investigator.”

“Don’t  worry  about  the  investigators.  They’re  already  our people. What you’re worrying about is not going to happen.”

“That’s a relief… Commander, I need you to hurry up a little bit more. There isn’t much time left for my daughter.”

“You  don’t  have  to  rush.  I  was  going  to  do  that  anyway. You’re  not  the  only  one  waiting  for  the  completion  of  this

research. The theory is already completed, and all  that’s left is the execution. If you provide me with the ingredients correctly, I will meet the deadline without any problem.”

“I believe in you, Colonel.”

Krue went away for a while and brought out mana circuits from  somewhere  before  handing  them  over  to  Darren.  These were probably freshly made mana circuits.

Darren left immediately afterwards.

Romantica broke the silence.

[What are you going to do, Desir?]

“That man is related to the attack… ”

Desir interjected.

“Wait right there Romantica. I’ll get ready and meet you over




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