A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 141


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 141. Tracing the Attack (5)

“How did you manage to break in? The defensive magic on this facility isn’t that simple.”

They  sensed  somebody’s  presence  on  the  other  side  of  the room. A woman strolled out of the darkness.

“Another research group? Or a spy sent from abroad? Hmm, you guys look too young for such a violent mission.”

It was a woman with bobbed hair.

Wearing a long lab coat that reached her calves, every time she walked, there was a clicking sound coming from her high heels striking the floor. She looked at the cylinder in which the subject was contained.

“Given   the   fact   that   you   killed   valuable   data   producing material, you guys are clearly not part of the research industry. So who the hell are you guys?”

“Are you the general manager of this facility?”

“I’m  the  one  who  will   be  asking  questions,  not  you.  You should know your place.”

As  she  spoke,  the  nearby  mana  changed  subtly  for  just  a moment.  Desir  sensed  a  spell  on  the  level  of  the  Fifth-Circle based on the amount of mana she was using.

‘At this time, Fifth-Circle wizards are unlikely to be common, even in the Magic Kingdom.'

Desir guessed that she must hold a rather high position in this plan.  Given  her  demeanor,  it  wasn’t  particularly  difficult  to guess, and wasn’t far from the truth.

The  director  of  the  research  institute,  Totlina,  spoke  while reaching out towards Desir.

“Oh well, guess I can just drag you over and perform my own investigation.”

Her spell  was finally invoked.  The whole building shook as hundreds  of  earthen  spears  rose  up  out  of  the  ground.  They descended on Desir’s party like waves.

[Burst Fire]


Dozens  of  fire  bolts  were  instantly  invoked  by  Desir  and collided with the ground. None of the hundreds of stone spears retained  their  shape.  But  that  wasn’t  the  end  of  it.  Totlina invoked magic again.

[Stalactite Rain]

Sharp stalactites began to form on the ceiling and soon poured down on Desir’s party.



She had invoked this spell  at a tremendous speed.  However, Desir’s response was almost instantaneous.

[Sigh of Kizard]

Totlina  whistled,  betraying  her  slight  admiration  for  Desir, since he had managed to stop two consecutive attacks.

“Oh, you’re pretty good.”

She spoke with a relaxed smile.

“I’ll put my heart into this just a little bit more.”

Totlina beckoned and the walls of the lab began to wriggle like a bunch of living creatures.

As the research conducted here was dangerous and uncertain, the laboratory was not only equipped with defensive facilities; the   building   itself   was   constructed   out   of   solid   stone   and concrete.  This  made  it  the  best  battleground  for  Totlina,  an

earth  attribute  wizard.   She  held  the  utmost  confidence  in beating any enemy with her home-field advantage.


The development speed of a Fifth-Circle wizard is always very high.  Her magic was no exception to this, as it devastated the place   Desir   had   been   standing   just   moments   before.   Desir deployed defensive magic, blocking such spells, and shouted out a command to Pram.

“Pram, open the way.”

As if expecting this command, Pram dashed forward towards Totrina. He flitted along a path, as if enhanced with speed and reflex   magic,   narrowly   dodging   the   numerous   spells   that Totlina flung out. Tortlina snorted.

“What a riot!”

[Scream of Wriggling Earth]

Fourth-Circle magic.

Totlina was powerful enough to invoke Fourth-Circle spells in just five seconds.


Parts of the stone walls and floors were compressed into the shape  of  whips,  and  within  a  few  moments,  dozens  of  them could be seen.  It was clearly a powerful  magic.  Any place the whip passed was destroyed, leaving nothing but a gaping hole.. Countless whips blocked the way forward while the rest rushed forward towards Pram directly.


Pram did not slow down in the slightest, even as the menacing whips  bore  down  on  him.  His  rapier  flashed  brilliantly  and several  whips fell  to the ground. However, they regenerated in an instant. It was impossible to clear the way by removing these whips one by one.

[Scream  of  Wriggling  Earth]  was  a  notorious  spell   among

swordsmen.  The  infinitely  regenerating  whips  gave  a  wizard complete  control  over  the  battlefield,  limiting  the  movement and  actions  of  their  opponents.  For  swordsmen  who  need  to close distance and fight directly, the spell was infamous for just how oppressive it could be. Truly a spell that played into the ego of wizards of the Magic Kingdom.

‘It’s said that earth attribute wizards that reach the Fourth-Circle  must  develop  magic  like  this  in  order  to  deal   with swordsmen.’

Pram recalled the things he had learned while training with Desir.   The   most   important   thing   he   had   learnt   from   the training  was  how  to  remain  calm  and  cope  with  unexpected situations.  He  had  to  rely  on  the  hard  work  he  had  put  into honing his swordcraft.

‘This  magic  has  a  mechanism  in  which  every  whip  attacks enemies charging the caster from head on. But, if an opponent were to attack the wizard from a large enough distance… ’

Pram  was  not  afraid  of  getting  swarmed  with  whips  and approached  Tortlina  without  thinking  further.  It  was  an  act that could only be pulled off due to his full trust that he placed in his party members.

Approaching a certain distance, Pram pulled his sword back as if drawing a bow. With an explosive burst of power, he stepped forward and launched his Blankšum rapier towards the wizard with all of his power.

As he did this, Aura gathered at the tip of the rapier and was concentrated   into   a   single   point.   It   was   the   technique   of concentrating Aura until  the durability of your sword reached its limit.  It was one of the techniques that Pram learned from Professor Hersaint-Blanc to control the strength of one’s Aura.

A Blankšum sword is strong enough to hold all the Aura a user could possibly pour into it. This was the reason why it was often referred to as a material  with infinite durability. As a result of this,   the   power   of   the   sword   that   Pram   had   chucked   far exceeded Fourth-Circle magic.


The whips burst apart in all  directions as the rapier flashed by. A path had momentarily opened.


Right  on  queue,  as  he  called,  Adjest  kicked  off  against  the ground and leaped forward. Totlina quickly attempted to deploy a spell  as Adjest swiftly narrowed the distance to close-combat length.

All   that   Totlina   could   do   was   defend   herself.   She   had thoroughly lost the initiative.

[Dancing Thorns]

Up  from  the  ground  sprang  a  thorned  rose,  surrounding Totlina in an attempt to buy her breathing room.


Adjest’s sword struck the stone thorns, showering the room in sparks.

Totlina barely managed to fend off Adjest’s attack, but Adjest had  already  gained  the  initiative,  allowing  her  to  pressure

Totlina. Eventually, her relentless attacks gave her the opening she needed.

[Ice Speaker]

A flood of magic attacks were launched by Adjest.

It took a bit longer to compute and invoke upper tiered magic, and Adjest did not allow Totlina any opportunity to reverse the tables.


Totlina’s magic and Adjest’s sword clashed fiercely.  Enough sparks had been generated at the contact point between the two parties that there was sufficient heat to even start a fire.

In  this  brief  confrontation  between  the  two  forces,  it  was already clear that the situation was favorable for Desir’s party. No,  rather,  Totlina  found  herself  being  pushed  back  little  by little.

‘Who the hell are these guys?’

With  her  skills,  she  thought  she  could  quickly  subdue  the enemy without causing much damage to the research facility.

But it was purely her delusion. Desir’s party was not at a level that could be handled with composure and restraint.

Totlina was forced to gather the magic she was spending to keep the others in check.  She wanted to invoke higher tiered magic to see if she could win.

[Stone Break]

While   Adjest   responded   to   the   magic   just   sent,   Totlina suddenly widened the distance between them before invoking another spell.

[Vindell Earth]

Fourth-Circle defensive magic.

As  the  magic  was  deployed,  the  stones  and  rubble  lying around the room were lifted up and compressed around Totlina.

A cube-shaped wall was soon formed.

It was magic that was developed with one purpose in mind… defense. No matter how strong a blade filled with Aura was, it was not easy to break through this magic. As Totlina breathed deeply in relief and tried to calculate a Fifth-Circle spell, they pierced the wall.




A series of loud clashes rang out and cracks appeared on the wall  of the cube. A long time ago, Romantica had encountered this magic when fighting against a leader of the Outsiders who was attacking the Magic Tower.  For her, it used to be a magic strong  enough  that  she  couldn’t  even  conceive  the  idea  of

breaking it, but things had changed.

Romantica  now  had  the  ability  to  penetrate  even  Fourth-Circle defensive magic.

Totlina, who saw the wall  of the cube beginning to collapse, shouted urgently.

“Wait… Wait!”

“Are you trying to buy time with such a lame trick?”

Adjest  approached  Totlina  immediately.  Piles  of  stones  and debris lay scattered around Adjest.

“What a waste of five circles.”

Desir’s party had been harshly trained by Desir for the past year and had received all  kinds of experience as a result.  They were now too much for a lone Fifth-Circle wizard to deal  with on their own.

Seeing the approaching Adjest, Totlina crawled backward in fear.  Her  previously  relaxed  appearance  was  nowhere  to  be found.


Totlina tried to invoke magic out of sheer desperation, but the magical  array in front of her scattered instantly.  It didn’t take her long to realize that it was magic inversion.

But Totlina couldn’t believe it. There was certainly no wizard here   who   possessed   a   higher   circle   than   herself.   It   was impossible.

She traced back the mana to figure out who was blocking her spell invocation, and soon realized it was the boy.

Totlina,  who  looked  at  Desir,  could  plainly  see  that  he  had blocked her magic with tremendous computational speed.

“You little bastard… !!”

Tortlina cried out.

But her consciousness was reaped.

“Shut up.”

Before  she  knew  it,  Adjest,  who  had  still  been  approaching Totlina, punched her in the stomach.

“… !!!”

Totlina immediately collapsed into a heap.

No matter how strong Fifth-Circle wizards were, their bodies were no different from ordinary people. Adjest looked down in contempt at the fallen Totlina.

It  took  less  than  five  minutes  to  subdue  the  Fifth-Circle wizard. The result showed that they had achieved considerable growth, but no one was happy about it.

“This is a Shadow World, which means it actually happened.”

“… Yes.”

It was clear that people would flock here shortly, after having caused quite a ruckus in their fight. Desir began to destroy the lab  by  invoking  various  spells  before  the  interruption  could arrive.



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