A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 142


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 142. Tracing the Attack (6)

Desir’s party had gathered in a hotel room.

The  windows  were  covered  with  black  cloth,  allowing  no sunlight to enter, and soundproofing magic had been deployed to  prevent  the  sound  of  the  interior  from  leaking  out.  The furniture had also been pushed against the walls already.

Desir sat in a chair and watched the Fifth-Circle wizard from the lab, Totlina.

She was tied up tightly to the chair by rope and glared at Desir with a venomous look.

She had already abandoned all  further attempts at resistance against them.

After coming back to her senses, she originally made a few attempts. She had even attempted to use magic, but every time she tried to, Desir just inverted her spell.  A wizard unable to invoke magic was simply helpless, so she couldn’t do anything else to resist.  The spells inversions also served the purpose of

breaking her spirit.

“There’s a lot I’d like to ask you.”

Desir spoke softly.

“If   you   want   to   live,   you’d   better   answer   the   questions without a hitch.”

Totlina still had a cynical look on her face.

“What if I don’t want to answer?”

“Then I’ll have no choice but to resort to torture.”

“Do  you  really  think  you  can  open  my  mouth  using  such  a crude method like torture?”

“That’s something you’ll have to see for yourself.”

“Why don’t you just kill  me? You won’t get any information from me, boy.”

The thought of confessing due to ordinary torture didn’t even cross her mind. She was an army figure. From the onset of their career,  once  they  demonstrated  a  certain  amount  of  ability, defense against torture had been drilled into them.

“Then, I can’t help it.”

Desir  strolled  around  Totlina  stopping  behind  her  without any further words. He then tightly re-bound the rope that was restraining  her.   She  would  not  be  able  to  shake  even  the slightest in the chair now.

Totlina spoke after laughing maniacally.

“You know what? You’ve touched a force you shouldn’t have touched. You’ve made a very big mistake.”

Instead of responding to her words, Desir put his hand on her back,  after  putting  a  gag  in  her  mouth.  These  actions  were performed swiftly and accurately, almost professionally.

“I’ve experienced this situation hundreds of times. They were all like you at first.”

Desir had experienced this situation hundreds of times.  The Shadow Labyrinth was different from the Shadow Worlds that humanity had started to get a good grip on, and the information regarding it was very scarce.

In an environment where intelligence gathering is of paramount importance, the act of interrogating prisoners soon became a routine.

To   survive   in   the   Shadow   Labyrinth,   to   protect   one’s companions, there was no room for mercy on the enemy. So the interrogation techniques developed over a decade in the hell of the Shadow Labyrinth were incomparable to those available in modern times.

Through  Desir’s  hand  resting  on  her  back,  Totlina’s  mana circle began to resonate with his mana.  Totlina felt her mana move uncontrollably. Her mana circle trembled little by little.

The fine tremor began to grow little by little before eventually raging   beyond   containment.   Her   mana   rotated   like   mad, threatening to cause her body to blow up.

“… Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Screams came from Totlina’s mouth.  She had noticed what was happening to her.

The moment she realized it, her eyes turned bloodshot.

Circle Break.

A phenomenon in which a mana circle fails to overcome the excessive use of mana and is destroyed.

Desir was controlling the mana circle of Totlina, forcing the phenomenon to be induced.

Blood   flowed   out   of   her   mouth   as   she   screamed. An unimaginable burst of rage consumed Totlina.

She cried out.

Everything  she  had  accumulated  in  her  lifetime  was  being destroyed right now. Desir spoke, as if knowing how she felt.

“Don’t worry. You won’t feel the pain properly if I destroy it right now.”

Her mana circles were resonating and causing tremors at the maximum frequency, just short of where they would explode. Desir kept her mana circle under tight control. The pain of the process was similar to one’s heart being torn apart.

“… Argh… !”

“This  is  probably  the  most  pain  you’ll  experience  in  your entire life. Right now, one of your mana circles is about to blow up.”

Unable  to  overcome  the  pain,  Totlina’s  eyes  rolled  up.  But Desir would just leave it at just this much.


Totlina’s mind snapped back into clarity.


Her  sense  had  been  reactivated  and  heightened.   Tortlina struggled, but her body was tightly bound to the chair.  In the face of such physical  pain, no matter how much the mind of a wizard  was  trained  to  withstand  it,  this  was  a  pain  she  had never experienced an equivalent to in her life.

Desir removed his hand off her back and loosened the rope a bit. He then posed a question to her.

“Who led the study on Homunculus?”

“… It… It’s… ”

Totlina hesitated.

Desir, however, did not hesitate in the slightest. He immediately  gagged  her  again  and  began  manipulating  her mana circles again.

“No… !”

The screams resounded again. Desir looked down at her dryly. It was a very businesslike look with no emotion at all.

It seemed to show that if he put his mind to it, he could repeat this  forever.  He  eventually  stopped  the  torture  after  a  little while. While the actual time he could spend bringing her mana circle to a frenzy without having them explode was not too long, it felt like an eternity to her.

“Who led the study on Homunculus?”

“I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you, so please… stop… stop.”

Desir gave her a moment to recollect herself.

Totlina was eventually able to pull herself together. When she

was barely able to speak normally, she opened her mouth.

It was as if she was in a hurry to speak and not be involved anymore.

“It’s  the  King’s  orders.  The  production  of  Homunculus  is under  the  order  of  the  King.  The  army  just  carries  out  the King’s orders.”

“There’s   no   way   he   suddenly   ordered   the   production   of Homunculus without being given motivation to do so.”

“The  beginning  of  the  plan  came  from  a  man  that  arrived from abroad.”

Totlina began recollecting the series of events. A man from a foreign country arrived carrying a large fortune. He offered the King of the Magic Kingdom a promise at eternal  life and asked for a private audience to discuss the finer details of the plan.

In the private meeting, the man became a faithful vassal of the King and proposed a plan to manufacture Homunculus.

“The creation of complete life.  At first, no one believed the crazy story, but he showed us all the research he’d done so far. This proved the possibility of his work succeeding as well as its potential. The problem was that it was damn difficult to get the materials.”

“That’s   how   the   Homunculus   manufacturing   plan   was implemented.  Of course, experimenting with human life isn’t exactly ethical, so we carried out our research in secret… ”

“As a result, only a small  number of people in the military know of the exact information.”

[You  have  significant  information  behind  the  homunculus manufacturing plan.]

Hearing  the  quest  alarm  sound  served  as  confirmation  that what he heard was true. The truth of the information had been understood  to  some  extent.  The  mysterious  man  had  already reached the very core of power in this kingdom.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he already had full control over the Magic Kingdom, ruling it from the shadows.

Knowing this much, Desir had one question remaining that had been bothering him for so long now.

‘How is such an important figure not known to the world?’

He has never heard of such a person in his previous life. It was hard to know exactly what happened when the leadership of a country  was  seized  within  a  short  period  of  time,  and  the existence of such a huge leader in the plan had not been publicly revealed at all.

“Tell me everything you know about that person.”

“The prophet. He made others refer to him as that. And he is excessively  rich.   He’s  also  very  unpleasant  to  look  at,  at  a glance. I don’t know any other information besides that.”

He  asked  for  various  other  things,  but  she  didn’t  know anything   else   important   about   the   Homunculus.   The   only things  she  learned  while  running  a  research  institute  were related  to  the  daily  operation  of  the  lab  and  things  she  had learnt  through  her  own  research  while  reaching  the  Fifth-Circle.

“How   did   the   Homunculus   gain   the   power   to   ignore causality?”

Totlina opened her eyes wide.

“… You already know that much?”

“Answer my questions.”

“I   don’t   know   the   exact   reason.   It   requires   cooperation between an alchemist and wizard to make a Homunculus.  The power to ignore causality stems from the alchemy side.”

Ruling out possibilities one by one, a sudden thought cropped up in Desir’s head.

“What does Kei Hazmaryun have to do with the manufacturing of Homunculus?”

“Kei  Hazmaryun?  Do  you  mean  that  sword-wielding  jerk?

Why are you curious about him?”

“… ”

“No, wait a minute! Don’t put your hands on my back! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!”

She shouted, her body shaking as if she were having a fit, as Desir  removed  his  hand.  After  a  moment  she  gulped  before answering.

“Kei  Hazmaryun is a courier that delivers us material.  They leave  on  expeditions  to  find  rare  material  under  the  King’s command. He doesn’t even know what he’s looking for.”

“He’s  looking  for  materials  without  knowing  what  to  look for… ”

“By the King’s order.”

Desir  recalled  the  conversation  he  heard  upon  landing  in Altea…

* * *

“Commander Darren Aleph, we successfully obtained ingredients, so you don’t have to visit us like this.”

“Well done for completing this mission with such a body that is utterly devoid of magic.”

* * *

Only   then   did   Desir   understand   what   the   conversation between Kei and Colonel Darren signified.

He  was  relieved.  If  he  were  the  enemy,  he  would  certainly have  been  the  worst  and  the  strongest  foe  they  could  likely encounter.

“Was the original  main quest to carry the research materials of Homunculus? I guess this means both main quests revolved around the same issue after all.”

While   Desir   was   organizing   his   thoughts   for   a   moment, Totlina spoke again.

“I  told  you  everything  I  could.  Stop  asking  me  questions now.”

“No, I still have one more thing to ask.”

Desir, who had organized all of the information he had heard, spoke to Tortlina one again.

“The information you’ve been sharing so far, let’s go through it again from the beginning.”

Desir asked Totlina again to confirm everything he had heard so far. Asking his questions again to determine the truth of the information,   by   ensuring   that   it   was   consistent   with   the previous answers.

As  a  result,  slight  differences  emerged  in  parts  of  Totlina’s previous answers.

“I knew it.”

“No, wait! It’s… It’s a… !”

Desir   tortured   her   again   whenever   such   a   discrepancy appeared between her current answer and the first one.



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