A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 144


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 144. Tracing the Attack (9)

The carriage rumbled down the jagged street.

There  were  buildings  on  the  verge  of  collapse.  Looking  out through the curtains, Romantica blocked her nose.

“It’s a gloomy place. Smells weird too.”

It  was  certainly  as  she  had  said.   The  background  of  this Shadow World, the 100-year-old Altea, was clearly not a vibrant city. However, Desir felt a darker feeling lingering around. The streets were dirty and a disgusting smell  was emanating from somewhere.

Kei shrugged his shoulders.

“There is a dark side to every place.”

This  was  the  slum  of  Altea.  In  the  Magic  Kingdom,  where magic talent determined everything about a person, citizens had to step on each other to climb the social hierarchy.

And this was a place where the group of people trampled by others lived.

“But there’s nowhere better to hide than here.”

Desir was very sympathetic to the remark. Altea’s slums were one of the most complex places. A perfect place to blend in and disappear.

‘Kei’s judgment is commendable.’

The width of the narrow streets made it difficult for the army to enter, and a maze-like structure made it possible for them to deal with any pursuers one by one, even if an entire army were to invade.

“We’re here.”

While talking about this and that, the carriage stopped at its destination. It was in front of a bar with a picture of beer on it. Romantica and Adjest got off first, followed by Desir and Pram

then Kei.

When they opened the door of the bar, countless eyes fell  on them.  A  myriad  of  people  were  there;  wearing  shabby  casual clothes, they truly looked like residents of the slums.

Among them, a man with a giant body and a beard covering his chin addressed Kei. He looked very fierce.

“What brings the noble lord here? I don’t think there’s any alcohol here that suits the taste of a noble like you.’

“Well, maybe apple rum will  suit my taste.  I’m here for just three glasses of apple rum.”

“What would you like to eat?”

‘Strawberries pickled in sugar for four days.”

Then the furry young man’s expression became very warm.

“He is our Major.”

As soon as he dropped such words, everyone in the bar stood up  and  saluted  Kei,  each  person  taking  a  step  forward  and entering a rigid stance. They were soldiers led by Kei.

‘He has set up the bar as an assembly area.’

Kei nodded, and they sat down again.

“That’s pretty thorough.”

“I’ve learnt from past experience.”

Kei’s men sat down again, eating and chatting. The quiet pub quickly became noisy.

A middle-aged man approached Kei.

“You look great, mister.”

“You’re still the same.”

He fist-bumped Kei, showing great pleasure in doing so.

“This troublemaker in the back alley has grown so big that he is now leading this many soldiers.”

“I'll   pay  my  rent,  so  don’t  worry.   What  about  the  other soldiers?”

“It’s  fine.   If  you  signal   for  them,  they’ll   be  here  in  two minutes.”

“Okay.  By the way, is there a better place to talk? I’d like to speak with the new recruits.”

Kei pointed at Desir’s party.

“I’ll set up a private room.”

* * *

The owner led them to a separate room inside the bar.  This place was designed to keep sound from leaking out of its thick walls.

“We   don’t   have   much   time,   so   I’ll give   you   a   brief explanation.”

Kei’s story began.  Through it, Desir and his party began to match up the missing pieces of the puzzle from the new facts they obtained from Kei.

“After  the  prophet  came,  I  traveled  all  over  the  continent under  His  Majesty’s  orders.   We  visited  Eretion’s  Ice  Lake, uncharted  territory  within  the  southern  continent,  and  even the ruins of a civilization that collapsed a long time ago. And we collected valuable material.”

The story was simple.

To  sum  it  up  simply,  Kei  had  endured  such  adversity  and collected   material   calmly,   although   it   was   such   a   difficult


“But  the  king’s  condition  became  strange.  At  one  point,  he showed  symptoms  of  obsession.   He  wanted  to  collect  these ingredients as soon as possible.”

Desir noticed the strangeness of it.

“And  before  too  long,  I  couldn’t  find  any  semblance  of  the man he used to be, the man who was once the greatest sorcerer. We haven’t even spoken in the past year.”

He   naturally   held   suspicion   that   the   prophet   had   done something, but there was nothing he could do alone.

“Are you saying he has been controlled?”

“That expression would be more accurate. I’ve never heard of magic that governs the mind.”

“He… has been controlled… ”

Desir intoned the words over and over again.  Kei  quenched his throat. Romantica, Pram, and Adjest waited quietly for Kei to continue with his story.

“Your Majesty lost control, and a man called the Prophet took that control. From then on, the Magic Kingdom went the wrong way.  The  vast  national   budget  was  squandered  on  personal matters and the people were taxed to cover the shortfall.  As a result,  the  Magic  Kingdom  faced  a  recession.   How  was  the atmosphere like on the street?"

“It was depressing.  It became very quiet and people became afraid of the soldiers.”

“Citizens are anxious, suffering. And the cause is simple. It’s all because of that prophet.”

So Kei  created his group and waited for an opportunity. And this led to the current situation.

“I  don’t  know  why,  but  the  Prophet  is  moving  with  great urgency.   If  we  miss  this  chance  now,  we  may  never  have another.”

The  suppression  of  wizards  in  the  Magic  Kingdom,  which valued wizards above all  else, proved that they were currently on the precipice of disaster.

The current situation was not favourable, but it was hard to say if it had gone too far yet.  When a door closed, a window typically opened.  This newly opened window had enabled Kei the  opportunity  to  make  a  decision  and  act,  which  in  turn allowed Desir’s party a chance to gain Kei’s cooperation in their quest.

After finishing his story, Kei  pulled out a contract for Desir. And   when   Desir   finished   signing   the   contract,   an   alarm sounded.

[You’ve signed a mercenary contract with Kei Hazmaryun. Kei Hazmaryun has become your helper. This contractual relationship   will   be   maintained   while   your   objectives   are aligned  and  remain  in  effect  while  you  still   prove  yourself reliable to his cause.]

Kei  then handed a map to Desir.  It was a map detailing the geography of Altea.  The map showed that the royal  castle was divided into outer and inner parts.  It even showed where the

troops were placed.

“This plan begins with us entering the castle.  After entering the palace, we must secure and protect His Majesty.  I can’t let him be manipulated by them anymore.”

Desir nodded. It was not important to Desir whether the king was alive or not, since he was a virtual figure in a Shadow World anyway, but Kei’s opinion could not be ignored.

“Our  forces  are  currently  overwhelmingly  inferior,  and  we can’t win head-on against the wizards that are protecting the entire  capital.  Before  they  come,  we  have  to  break  into  the castle and kill the Prophet.”

Kei marked the airfield on the map.

“The   units   deployed   at   the   airfield   are   skilled,   but   lack experience.  It’s  not  going  to  be  a  problem  to  break  through there.”

Kei continued to elaborate on the finer details of the mission. He had access to information about the units deployed to the

royal   castle.   Desir   could   see   that   he   had   been   preparing thoroughly for this day.

“The  only  problem  is  on  the  King’s  aide.  There  are  many troops guarding the castle, but the most difficult amongst them is the Rose Brigade.”

The  Rose  Brigade.  Desir  didn’t  hear  an  explanation  about them from Kei, but everyone present knew its name. The Rose Brigade, under the direct control of the king, was the elite group of the Magic Kingdom. Each unit was so talented and possessed such a high level  of skill  that they would each be recorded in history for their prowess.

“The Rose Brigade is divided into the Red Rose and the Blue Rose battalions.  We’re going to break through the south gate, the less populated entrance.”

Desir confirmed, after inspecting the map.

“It’s the territory that the Red Rose are in charge of.  What does their troop formation look like?”

“Their troop arrangement consists of about 2,680 Third-Circle wizards,  200  Fourth-Circle  wizards,  and  several   Fifth-Circle wizards that direct them all.”

“… What about the knights?”


“Are there no archers?”

“They think they can do everything with their magic. That’s what all wizards here think.”

It was as it had been recorded in the history books.  Surely, they had the skills to justify such confidence.

But that was it. There was no problem if that was all they had.

“Why are you smiling?”

Kei questioned Desir who had been smiling to himself.

“Oh,   I’m   sorry.   Things   seem   to   be   going   easier   than   I thought.”

“This is easy?”

“Yes. No matter how confident they are in their skills, it is just too absurd.”

Desir snorted quietly.

“I’d rather show you than tell you.”



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