A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 145


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 145. Twisted (1)

The  light  faded  as  the  sky  rapidly  dimmed.   It  was  now somewhere between twilight and darkness.

As the street lamps lit up one by one and the contours of the street were gradually eaten away by the night, if one looked up into  the  sky  they  would  see  an  airship  heading  towards  the palace.

Those standing on top of the airship were able to hear various noises.  The sound of the wind whistling by, the sound of the ship creaking as well as the roaring of the magic engine.


The soldiers stood with faces painted in utter determination. The  airship  felt  like  it  was  tearing  through  the  air  at  warp-speed, the air slicing by them like a sword. Their cheeks stung and earlobes felt as though they were being torn off.

But they all remained upright. They preserved their formation.

“You   are   all proud   soldiers   of   Kuma   Merilson,   Magic Kingdom.”

Kei Hazmaryoon. His voice wasn’t loud, but his distinct voice was not buried under all of the different noises.

“We were not blessed with the mana that the wizards proudly boast of. We use the edged tools that this Kingdom looks down upon.  If  we  were  to  die  in  the  field  of  duty,  no  one  would remember us. History may portray us as evil traitors. But none of  that  matters.  No  matter  what  people  say,  no  matter  what future generations may say, no matter if we win or lose, we are standing here at this moment for the sake of the Kingdom.”

The crowd was silent.


He  brought  his  weapon  downwards  in  a  simple  motion  to strike against the deck of the ship.

“We  may  be  holding  the  swords  of  the  Kingdom,  but  these swords are for the removal of evil! In the name of His Majesty, I pray that we remove the evil of this Kingdom!”


Weapons  struck  the  deck  in  unison.  The  soldiers  shouted. They shouted together as one.

“Our hearts are your swords; your will  is the purpose of our lives!”

All of these soldiers had been saved by Kei.

They were people who devoted their lives to him alone. Their fervor was such that it seemed likely that they would even take their own lives if instructed to.

“Commander, we’ll  be entering range of the palace’s anti-air defense soon.”

The twilight had almost completely faded. The palace, located

in  the  center  of  the  capital,  was  slowly  consumed  by  the darkness.

Kei Hazmaryoon gave his first command for the mission.

“Prepare for entry.”

Desir nodded.  As he took the lead of the soldiers, he looked down.

On the surface of the land, there were many sorcerers waiting. They were soldiers who were guarding the Magic Kingdom.

They numbered six-hundred strong.

He could also make out a magic cannon aimed at the airship and   several   strong   looking   sorcerers   busy   calculating   and formulating spells.

As the airship entered their effective range, an unbelievable number  of  spells  were  released  in  their  direction.  Countless flowers  of  mana  came  into  full   bloom  with  stalks  of  mana

seemingly planted on the ground below.

These  spells  were  powerful,  as  one  would  expect  from  the defense  invoked  by  the  country  with  the  strongest  and  most advanced magic on this continent at this point in history.


There were fire spells, ice spells, and even thunderbolt spells.

The sorcerers worked together and fired everything they had at   the   airship   from   all   sides.   The   scene   was   impressive, somewhat reminiscent of a festival’s fireworks.

“… What a feast for the eyes.”

The sheer number of spells was overwhelming.

The airship had advanced in secret and traveled at high speeds to reach the palace.  It did not take more than ten minutes for the  airship  to  take  off  and  arrive  at  the  palace.  It  was  quite impressive that the palace defense had already prepared to this

extent and mounted a defense capable of intercepting them at this level  within such a short period of time. Furthermore, the spells that the soldiers of the Magic Kingdom invoked in order to protect the palace were good enough to annihilate a whole legion of any other nation.

All  of these spells that currently filled up the sky, descended on the lone airship like a flood.

Desir closed his eyes and stretched his arms out towards the ground below. He confirmed the spell techniques that were used to form the various spells hurtling at them.

He couldn’t help muttering to himself.

“Such poor quality.”

Those were spells widely used 100 years before the era that Desir lived in. The power of them was different and form varied greatly  too.  They  lacked  in  every  department  and  were  far behind their equivalent modern versions.

The techniques used here had a mountain of development left

in  order  to  approach  what  was  common  in  modern  times. During that era, the power of a wizard was determined purely by  the  strength  of  the  spells  they  could  deploy.  With  such  a narrow  focus  on  what  strength  meant,  techniques  to  invert spells  by  digging  into  their  weaknesses  had  not  even  been discovered or applied yet. They were simply not prepared in this field in the slightest.

In comparison to the modern spell  techniques that encoded the spell calculations in complicated and obfuscated spell arrays to   protect   against   spell   analysis   and   inversion,   their   spell techniques were honest to a fault.

“Spells  that  are  not  prepared  adequately  are  no  more  than easy prey.”

It would take only a minimal  amount of effort from Desir to invert  all  of  the  spells  that  were  pouring  towards  them.  He wouldn’t feel any threat from hundreds of such spells shooting towards him.

Desir opened his eyes.


The  fastest  spell   approaching  the  airship  was  inverted.  It disappeared  without  a  trace,  leaving  faint  fragments  of  mana particles behind.

That was just the beginning.



Many spells shooting towards the airship started to disappear.

Within mere moments, the flood of spells had been significantly culled.  The night sky had started to return to its original, dark state.

A second flood of spells poured in once again.

“… It’s no use.”

The result was the same. However, this time, the spells were neutralized  much  faster.   Even  before  the  spells  were  fully invoked, the spell techniques were interrupted and turned into mana particles.

Those on the ground were left astonished.

This phenomenon was a kind of strength that was entirely out of their league and outside of any common sense. There was no one who could manage to carry out such an attack, if it could even be called that.

“Of course, we can’t block every attack by just inverting it… ”

Following  the  flood  of  many  spells,  the  magic  cannon  was fired at the airship, leaving a streak of light as it surged at them.

Because a magic cannon functioned by firing a blast of pure mana, inverting it was impossible. Normally, it was necessary to deploy defensive spells, but there was no need to on this airship.

Kei  strode  up  to  Desir  and  swung  his  sword  at  the  magic cannon that had just fired.

The mana that had been compressed to such a high density was split into two streams due to Kei’s sword technique.

Those  who  witnessed  this  overwhelming  power  were  left speechless.

There was no fourth attempt.

They  had  realized  that  they  could  do  nothing  to  stop  the advance of this airship. There was simply nothing they could do at  all  while  the  airship  glided  past  their  line  of  defense.  To continue to attack would be a waste of mana; they could only watch in frustration.

* * *

The Rose Brigade

It was a unit consisting of the best sorcerers who lived in the Magic Kingdom.

Being  affiliated  with  it  was  enough  to  prove  a  magician’s skills. Serving in the unit would be an honor for anyone.

Colonel  Daren  was  the  leader  of  the  Red  Rose  battalion,  a section of that unit.  His office was one of the most luxurious places in the palace.

Daren was reading a report and drinking coffee; somewhat of a daily routine for him.

In front of him was a lovely lady wearing a military uniform.

“So,  the  communication  spells  won’t  be  operational   until tomorrow?”

“That’s correct, sir. There’s an issue with the communication arrays   that   are   installed   everywhere   in   the   palace. The restoration is expected to be completed tomorrow.”

“That’s strange. I thought there would be no issues for a while after we did such extensive repairs last year.”

After the communication arrays were installed, the kingdom’s reporting  system  relied  heavily  on  the  use  of  communication spells.  Due to their extreme dependency whenever there were problems  with  these  communication  arrays,  they  would  be almost completely cut off from their communication network.

Daren flipped to the next page of the report. Reading it line by line, his face creased further and further into a frown.

“…Well, there’s no good news here at all.  The sentiment of the citizens is the worst.”

“Sir, it’s clear that there are innocent amongst them. I feel  a little  bit  troubled  by  the  fact  that  they  are  detaining  them without a formal trial.”

“What did you just say?”

Daren harshly enquired.

“Look here, lieutenant. Sympathizing with them, are you?”

“No, sir!”

The lieutenant quickly shook her head.

With a slightly softer tone, Daren spoke again.

“No, you should be sympathetic as a human, of course.  But you are a lieutenant. If you forget where you belong, that would make things difficult. You’re a soldier after all.”

“That’s correct, sir.”

“Right. Just follow orders given by the authority. Just adhere to  your  orders,  retire,  and  live  with  the  pension  you  receive. You can sympathize, but do not cross that line.  That’s not too hard, is it?”

It was at that moment…


An explosion resounded throughout the palace ground.  Even the table shook as if there were an earthquake.

Someone hurriedly opened the door and entered without even knocking. He was a wizard under the command of Daren.

“My apologies for this misconduct, Colonel.”

He saluted towards Daren, but Daren just frowned in obvious distaste for the flagrant breach in etiquette.

“I’m a busy person.  I’m not some minor person to whom a petty person like you could just report to without observing due formality.”

“But it’s important.”

“I   don’t   want   to   hear   it.   Get   out.   Let’s   have   a   proper conversion after suitable procedure has been adhered to.”

“That’s   not   possible,   Colonel.   I   am   truly   sorry   for   my misconduct, but the palace is being attacked.”

“… What?”

“Currently the force placed in the outer bailey is responding to the attack, but the soldiers are being neutralized at a large scale.  Same  goes  for  the  Red  Rose  battalion  that  is  stationed there.”

A heavy silence sank down on them. Daren put down his cup. The   liquid   in   the   cup   shook   slightly,   indicating   a   great disturbance   somewhere   on   the   palace   grounds.   This   lent credibility to the report, even if the sound and earthquake were to be ignored.

“Is it the Hebrion Empire invading? They haven’t issued any proclamation of war.”

“It  is  not  a  war.  There  is  only  one  airship  approaching  the palace.”

He then added, as if it were an afterthought.

“It’s   an   airship   that   the   Grand   Master   of   the   Sword, Commander Kei, operates.”



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