A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 146


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 146. Twisted (2)

There was only one location in the palace where the airship could land. It was located at the Wolfgang Tower, the tower nearest to the south gate out of the six towers that lined the outer bailey. It was also the largest of them all.

Landing on the Wolfgang Tower went very smoothly. Desir’s inverting of spells had completely neutralized an entire platoon. This was only possible due to their force consisting of just wizards.

This removed the need for excessive violence and loss of life.

The airship landed on the Wolfgang Tower with ease.

The unit that Kei led and Desir’s party disembarked off of the airship and proceeded down the tower.


The soldiers quickly leapt into formation.

In order to enter the inner bailey, one had to pass through the bridge that connected the outer bailey to the inner bailey. Out of all fifteen floors of the Wolfgang Tower, the bridge was located on the 8th floor.

“W-Wait, Commander Kei?”

“Block them!”


The guards who were guarding the tower were terribly rattled. They could not comprehend the fact that they were under attack by a force similar to them.

The unit that Kei was leading consisted of those who dealt solely in weapons and arms. Even though there were just a few enemies, it was no easy task to respond to the sorcerer’s overwhelming firepower.

However, the guards suffered helplessly in front of Kei’s unit.

For some reason they were not able to properly arrange spells in-time; this was due to Desir’s spell inversion.

Wizards who could not use spells could be considered as no more than ordinary people.

“The pivotal point is how fast we penetrate into the inner bailey.”

Before entering this place, Desir destroyed the communication arrays that were installed everywhere in the Altea Palace.

During this point of history, they had not managed to develop technology that could allow deployment of emergency communication arrays, or keep communication arrays in reserve to deploy at a moment’s notice. As a result, Altea’s communication system had totally collapsed.

This had the domino effect of collapsing their entire system of command. If the command system collapsed, it would be impossible to unite and coordinate forces properly and effectively, even if they were in possession of the largest army or the world’s greatest soldiers.

“We shouldn’t drag this out any longer.”

No one would have thought that the Magic Kingdom could be this fragile. Fragile to such a degree that it could collapse so easily to a vastly inferior force.

Due to the commotion being raised as they passed through, even without the system of command in place, it was obvious that soldiers stationed nearby would eventually flock towards Wolfgang Tower.

“If that happens, we’ll lose our chance of winning.”


Desir simply swung his hands about and the spell techniques of three nearby wizards, busily preparing Third-Circle magic, disappeared with a poof. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Kei’s soldiers leapt forward and subdued them.

“We are no match for them if we look at how many people

they have in total.”

If they were to deal with the enemy one at a time or even two at a time, they would have no trouble taking down as many people as were thrown at them. However skillful Kei and the members of Desir’s party were, even they would eventually struggle under the might of the military supporting a whole nation.

They had to penetrate the inner bailey swiftly before a proper response was formed.

“Everything worked out as planned until now.”

The spirit of the soldiers that Pram and Adjest were leading was vigorous.

“Thanks to you, everything is going very well. I didn’t know you possessed skill on that level.”

In response to Kei’s indirect comment, Desir answered without slowing his pace down.

“I told you it would be easier to just show you. Besides, I need to be good at something, since I’m at such a low circle.”

Not too long after, they reached the bridge on the 8th floor where they could penetrate the inner bailey.

“Finally, you’re here. I was looking forward to meeting you.”

A sonorous voice was heard.

They were clearly wearing different uniforms unlike the rest of the sorcerers they had encountered till now. Their uniforms were dyed red and had insignias of a rose on them.

Desir figured out their identity at a glance.

The Red Rose Brigade.

The mana pressure they could feel exuding from them was extraordinary. They were simply nothing short of exemplary. They were certainly suitable to be referred to as the Magic

Kingdom’s greatest trump card.

Even worse was that there were approximately 600 of them gathered. Even by sheer numbers, Kei’s troop of soldiers were no match.

Kei responded.

“So, you were aware of our plan.”

“Well, there is only one spot where the airship that passed the gate could land.”

The person to respond first was a middle-aged man equipped with an extremely long mustache. Colonel Daren was a sorcerer of Fifth-Circle Magic and also the leader of the Red Rose Brigade.

“It’s very unexpected. I considered you as a very loyal man. Didn’t you ultimately carry out all the difficult missions for such a long time due to that loyalty?”

“Precisely. And I am here right now because of that loyalty. If you are loyal to His Majesty, please stand back.”

“Hm. I’m not really sure whether loyalty really has any meaning in this situation.”

Daren was wearing the same uniform as last time, with the only difference being the staff that he was now holding.

“On the contrary, I’m quite glad to be able to stand and fight against you.”

“Is that so.”

They both moved almost simultaneously.


Kei drew his sword. At this signal, his soldiers charged towards the frontline.

“Squad One, prepare for spell calculation.”

Red Rose unit magicians started calculating. Third-Circle wizards formed groups of five and arranged a Fourth-Circle spell that demonstrated a considerably high-level technique, for this time period.


Approximately a hundred Fourth-Circle spells were invoked.

Even though the Fourth-Circle spell was from a hundred years ago, the level of its calculation was not at all that simple.

These Red Rose unit magicians were different from the other magicians that Desir had confronted so far.

“Argh… !”

Desir did his best to invert the spells, but it was impossible to destroy all of the spells invoked in front of him in time.

[Ice Crown]

Adjest quickly arranged a defensive spell to block the stray spells that Desir wasn’t able to invert, but even she was not able to block these remaining spells.


Some of those charging to the front fell off the bridge.

“Wow, good resistance. I didn’t know you guys had an Anti-Mage.”

Colonel Daren was surprised that his enemy did not suffer as much damage as expected.

However, the situation still favored the Red Rose unit. Colonel Daren calmly ordered the soldiers.

“Block their approach.”

The Red Rose unit was divided into squad one, two and three. Each invoked spells continuously to prevent Kei’s unit from approaching them.

The wide clearance between the two troops in an open area such as this was definitely favorable for the Red Rose unit.

“Squad Two.”

The Red Rose unit’s spells were arranged once again.


“Squad Three.”


The Red Rose unit’s constant barrage did not give any leeway to think.

After rotating, it was Squad One’s turn to take action again.

Kei took to the front line in no time.

“I will withstand it.”

It was only one sentence, but its impact was great.


All the soldiers who had shrunk back due to merciless bombardment charged to the front once again with a roar.

Kei wrapped his sword in Aura. A blue spark covered his sword.

That alone was incredible, but even the manner in which he carried the sword was extraordinary. It was not simply being wielded. It was being wielded with some kind of purpose.

At that moment, Desir doubted his eyes.

The Aura remained strong and dense as it followed the

trajectory of his strike, producing a distinct form.

The [Flower of the Sword] bloomed.

It was clearly a solar sword form devised by Kei Hazmaryoon, the Sword Grand Master.

Desir was astonished at the sight of Kei not just using the sword, but handling the sword so delicately.

Many wizards clashed with the [Flower of the Sword], but no one was able to leave a scratch on it. On the contrary, they were the ones that were crumpled, destroyed and scattered as a result of being in its path.

During that brief moment, Kei’s soldiers quickly broke through the bridge.


The tables had turned.

Most of the attacks were now focused on Kei, but he blocked them all easily.

Pram and Adjest took the lead of the soldiers and each took care of the left and the right side respectively. Romantica sniped at the magicians who were busy arranging spells in an attempt to reduce their focus on attacks.

Daren’s face was slowly filled with uneasiness. At last, he ventured forth to the front line.

Daren was a Fifth-Circle wizard. An upper circle wizard, supported by others, was far more dangerous than such a figure acting alone.

Kei quickly approached Daren.

[Aqua Storm]

[Answer of Sea]

Powerful spells were invoked in an instant, but they were helplessly dispersed.

The storm formed by water was totally vaporized and waves that were rushing in from the front just passed through as they were slashed and deflected by Kei’s sword.

The divine dignity of a man with the title of Sword Grand Master was great beyond words.

One man, depending on one sword, vanquished numerous spells. Daren’s magic was no exception and was ruthlessly struck down by Kei.



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