A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 147


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 147. Twisted (3)

“Keukkk… ”

Daren stepped back.

“Everyone, focus on attacking the bridge support pillar!”

As Daren felt the flow of battle leaving his control, he started targeting  spells  at  the  bridge  itself,  instead  of  the  enemies  in front of him.

The supporting pillar was very solid, but under sustained fire, it soon started to show signs of failing.

“He’s thinking of just cutting down the bridge.”

Desir read Daren’s mind, but didn’t dare take any action.  It would take just a split second for the bridge to crumble down if he used his inversion negligently.

Kei also was not in a situation that allowed him to act rashly. He had to protect his soldiers.

This left them with a single option.


He only called her name, but Adjest knew immediately what had to be done.

She stepped back from the frontline, hid behind the soldiers before striking her sword into the ground. Various spell  arrays started unfolding in front of her.

However, Daren’s spell was completed just one step faster.

[Death Stays in the River]

It was a Fifth-Circle spell.

An enormous amount of water suddenly appeared around the

bridge.   These  waves  inundated  the  bridge,  indiscriminately shaking it like powerful seismic waves.

A spell on the level of a natural disaster. It was a spell of such magnitude and power that it could easily be described as such.

As  Daren’s  spell   continued  to  wreak  havoc,  a  significant portion  of  its  power  was  suddenly  aimed  at  the  nine  pillars supporting the bridge.


One  of  the  pillars  supporting  the  bridge  collapsed  in  an instant.   The   spell   didn’t   end   there   though.   Its   trajectory suddenly twisted and swept towards the second pillar.

The gigantic pillars supporting the bridge eight-stories high couldn’t withstand the force and crumbled instantly in the face of such unmitigated violence.

Subsequently, the third pillar was destroyed in a mere split second.   This   third   pillar   proved   to   be   the   harbinger   of destruction,  as  the  bridge  began  to  shake  intensely  after  its


Fortunately, the torrent that Daren invoked disappeared after destroying the third pillar.  However, having lost one-third of the pillars, the bridge was already on the verge of collapsing.

Rocks and dusts started to rain down from the shaking bridge. It seemed to be a miracle that the bridge had not yet collapsed.

[Winter Crystal]

Adjest’s spell was finally invoked.

An extreme cold swept through a large area.  This enormous cold front rampaged through the lower part of the bridge.

The cold air that quickly gathered around the damaged pillars crystalized into enormous ice pillars shortly after.  By forming into these pillar-like shapes, they served as reinforcement to the bridge that was at risk of imminent collapse.

Adjest  could  be  regarded  as  an  entity  loved  by  mana  since

birth.  Even though the actual  amount of mana she had was at just the Fourth-Circle level, she was nearing Fifth-Circle level. Having such an unbridled level of talent would leave any hard-working magician envious of her. After all, with their dedication, imagine what they could accomplish!

However,  Adjest  was  dedicated  too.  By  making  use  of  her talent instead of letting it fall to squalor, she was able to endure many   tragedies   and   grand   battles   in   Desir’s   previous   life; surviving until  the very last moment, Adjest became the most powerful Magical Sword Grand Master.

However, even considering the magnitude of her talent, the consequence of channeling that much mana into a single spell had not been small. Adjest staggered as her face visibly paled.

She had to use a considerably large amount of mana to build pillars that could support such a gigantic bridge. Since she had spent an enormous amount of mana in a short amount of time, it seemed like she would not be able to participate in the battle, while she took the time to recuperate.

Colonel Daren took a step back subconsciously.

The  unit  that  Kei   led  had  almost  broken  through.   Their blockade was no longer effective.

Kei and Desir steadily confronted the spells launched at their side  while  the  soldiers  calmly  advanced.  At  this  point,  their movement was almost unhindered.

The  Red  Rose  battalion  was  gradually  pushed  back  before finding that they had no further space to retreat to.

“Squad Three, aim your spells at the Sword Grand Master!”

After shouting out his command, Daren started to prepare his own spell. He felt that his best bet would be to end everything with a grand Fifth-Circle spell.  Judging that if he could bring down the pillars again, the enemy would likely suffer significant losses in terms of military strength.

However, there was one point that Daren overlooked.

The Red Rose battalion had already entered into Kei’s range of attack.


Kei unleashed his signature ranged sword strike into the area where the Red Rose battalion had been backed into.


Pieces of rocks flew in all directions as clouds of dust billowed up.

After  a  while,  when  the  dust  settled,  there  was  no  one  left standing on two feet.

The  floor  had  sunken  as  if  bombed  and  the  magicians  had disappeared without a trace.

With  just  one  strike,  dozens  of  extremely  precious  Fourth-Circle magicians had died.


Daren was lying helplessly on the ground, he appeared to be hanging   on   by   just   a   thread.   His   body   was   covered   with scratches while both of his arms were gone.

“How, how could this happen? How could this be… ”

It  seemed  that  Daren  couldn’t  understand  the  situation  he found himself in.  While he was dazed, Kei’s side continued to break through the bridge at a steady pace.


Under  Kei’s  command,  all  of  the  soldiers  advancing  behind him rushed forward while roaring at the top of their lungs.


The only thing preventing them from breaking through now, were  the  Red  Rose  battalion’s  swordsmen  trainees.  (ED  Note: The   past   chapters   referred   to   the   Rose   Brigade   and   their composite  battalions  as  a  mage-only  unit,  but  it  appears  the author either forgot or changed his mind.)

A close combat brawl ensued.


The clash of weapons produced heavy sounds.

The  soldiers,  led  by  Sword  Grand  Master  Kei  Hazmaryoon, had all achieved a minimum level in swordsmanship. With the uncertain futures due to their lack of skills in magic, they had dedicated  their  lives  and  energy  into  honing  their  skills  and learning as much as possible from Kei’s instruction.

They  slaughtered  the  Red  Rose  battalion  remnants,  as  if venting their anger on them for all  of the magic that they had suffered under to get this far.


The  battle  unfolded  in  a  lopsided  manner.  The  Red  Rose battalion were renowned for both their skills on the battlefield and   their   experience   in   combat.   No   matter   if   they   were assaulted by a unit far larger than theirs or by a smaller unit of

elite soldiers, they were well  equipped to handle the situation. What they couldn’t handle, however, was the relentless assault from Sword Grand Master’s unit in close-quarter combat.

“Da-Damn… ”

What was worse, as Daren had lost his arms, he had also lost his mind and was not able to continue his role as a commander. His adjutant supported him and they attempted to flee in order to distance themselves as much as possible from Kei.

The battle flow had decidedly leaned towards Kei’s side.

“Clear the way towards Colonel Daren!”

Kei clearly stood out in the battlefield. He didn’t even need to call  forth his Aura. He just had to swing his sword around and his enemies would find themselves overwhelmed. Whenever his sword was swung, more than one person would lose their life without fail.

It  was  not  an  overstatement  to  say  that  he  was  a  one-man army. He had such a dignified and overwhelming presence.

“Don’t let anyone near the Colonel!”

The Red Rose battalion resisted strenuously, but it was no use.

Kei   approached   Daren   while   taking   down   all   those   who obstructed his path. The distance shortened in a blink of an eye and in the end, the head of the adjutant supporting Daren also fell. There was no longer anyone who could resist Kei.

“Everything is over now.”

Kei  pointed his sword at Daren who lay haphazardly on the ground.

“W… Wait! Spare my life.  I’m not a figure that can die like this. Information. I could give you information! The Prophet. I could give you information on him. How does that sound?”

“I’m  sure  you  know  a  lot  of  information.  It  may  be  a  rash decision to kill you here.”

For a moment, Daren’s face lit up.


And at that moment, Kei slashed his neck.

“But those who sacrifice their soldiers in vain are unworthy of life.”

Kei grabbed and lifted the now decapitated head.

“The war is over!”

Kei’s resonant voice echoed. The sounds of weapons clashing gradually subsided and then finally stopped.

The Red Rose battalion was in a situation where they were close  to  total  annihilation.  From  nearly  six-hundred  soldiers, there were now but a handful of them left.

“Any more resistance would be futile. If we continue to fight

here, it would only cause unnecessary deaths.”

Compared to them, Kei’s side did not suffer much damage. It was thanks to Pram, Romantica, and Adjest who actively played decisive roles in the battle.

“Please open the way to the inner bailey.  We will  spare the lives of those who remain.”

The  soldiers  of  the  Red  Rose  battalion  were  walking  on eggshells  while  looking  at  each  other.  Then  a  man,  possibly with the highest rank amongst them, stepped up.

“We appreciate your concern, Commander. However, whatever  the  reason,  your  actions  are  clearly  treason.   And surrendering to a traitor means death for us.”

Surrendering  to  a  rebel   army.   It  would  be  considered  an extremely serious crime and the penalty would be death.

“We will win.”

“… The chance of that happening is very slim, Commander.”

He hesitated for a moment, then spoke as he sighed.

“Soon   enough,   the   Blue   Rose   battalion   will   arrive   here. Colonel   Daren  anticipated  which  route  you  would  take  and prepared for all eventualities.”

Daren was wary of everything and used all  available military might to face Kei.

“That  matter  is  for  me  to  deal  with.  So  all  of  you  will  not surrender and take a firm stand until they come?”

The man who stepped up to talk turned around.

The survivors looked at each other and then nodded.

“We know that resisting against you is useless. But we want to die  as  loyal  subjects  who  kept  their  oaths,  rather  than  being executed as dishonorable cowards.”

“That is a shame… ”

His words were sincere. He really admired their unit for both their skill and unwavering loyalty to the King.

Kei  frowned.  However, soon enough, he became determined and gestured towards the soldiers.

Then, Kei’s subordinates all drew out their swords.

“Any last words?”


The Red Rose battalion no longer resisted and Kei’s subordinates  ended  them  as  painlessly  as  possible.  Moments later, there were no survivors left among them.

The total annihilation of the Red Rose battalion.

Kei turned around and opened the door to the inner bailey.



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