A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Chapter 148


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 148. Twisted (4)


The number of magicians born each year was always low. In order to be a magician, one had to be born with an extremely rare ability known as the Blessings of Mana.

They  were  small   in  number,  but  they  had  the  power  to achieve results impossible through human power alone.

It was no surprise that they became precious existences and regarded as valuable military strength for a country.

The Magic Kingdom quickly became a hotspot for magicians who wanted to innovate and improve upon their magic power. The  gathering  of  like  minded  magicians  had  cultivated  major advancement in terms of magic technology and spell research. It didn’t take long for the Magic Kingdom to take great pride in their   magicians.   With   time,   this   had   resulted   in   national confidence that magic was the be-all and end-all of any civilized nation.

This confidence inevitably ended up festering into a belief in magic supremacism that quickly established itself and took root in all levels of the Magic Kingdom.


However, today, that confidence was shattered.

It had been a while since Kei had prevailed against the unit of soldiers and magicians on the bridge.  They had faced off and won against competent knights who protected magicians from their  frontline  position,  while  being  supported  by  spells  cast from the rear.

The  unit  that  Kei  led  continued  to  advance  forward  while quickly subduing any enemies encountered.

The swords and spears that had been despised by so many, marched largely unabated towards the very heart of the Magic Kingdom.

“The  significance  of  the  inner  bailey’s  defense  was  lost  the moment the Red Rose battalion was destroyed.”

They  were  finally  able  to  arrive  at  the  royal   bedchamber where the King normally stayed.

“I am Kei, the loyal  servant of His Majesty. Would you allow me to enter your bedchamber?”

Kei courteously requested to enter the bedchamber, but there was no response even after waiting for some time.

Because  they  could  not  afford  to  waste  any  more  time,  Kei opened the door.

“… ”

He was greeted with the sight of the King collapsed on the floor, his mouth wide open as if he were screaming.

His body was stained with bright red blood that continued to flow from his wound and seep into the bed cover.

The King was dead.

Kei turned to Desir.

“Is this an illusion spell to confuse and deceive us?”

Desir shook his head.

“There are currently no spells operating in this room.”

“Then this is real.”

“… That is correct.”

Desir answered calmly, but could not conceal how flustered he was.

“Who would’ve known that the King was dead.”

Seeing  the  King  lying  there  without  his  eyes  closed,  it  was

almost as if one could feel  the pain he was feeling, just from seeing his tormented visage.

Even  with  this  terrible  sight,  Kei  followed  the  trace  of  the blood and climbed up. The injury on the abdomen was revealed. The shape of the wound was diamond-like.

“This… ”

Desir,  who  had  been  watching  from  a  short  distance  away, sighed.  The  shape  surprisingly  matched  the  mark  that  Kei’s sword would leave.

“… ”

They used their brains well.

With this, Kei  and Desir’s party would be branded simply as rebel forces who invaded the palace and killed the King.

And  now,  with  the  blood  of  the  King  on  their  hands,  they would have to face both the elite Rose Brigade, as well  as the

whole military strength of the Magic Kingdom.

Kei   lifted   the   King,   now   lying   unceremoniously   on   the ground, and laid him on the bed. He closed the King’s eyes and whispered something to him, like a prayer.

It was too short to be a eulogy.

That was all. He did not not look agitated, he did not express any anger or sorrow.

Kei spoke to Desir with a calm expression.

“Let’s go find that Prophet. If we find him, we can charge him as the one who assassinated the King.”

Desir was troubled by Kei’s reaction. Normally, people mourn the loss of a friend, yet Kei  was calm and reserved.  Perhaps it was his way of coping? He quickly distanced himself from the thought;  if  he  didn’t  focus  on  their  current  situation,  their death was inevitable..

They hurriedly left the King’s chamber and headed towards the place where the true enemy, the Prophet, would likely be. In order to get there, they had to pass through an enormous hall in the center of the inner bailey.

It  was  not  difficult  to  reach  their  destination:  the  “Hall  of Knowledge”.

The hall they arrived at was colossal. It was big enough that it could even be regarded as a symbol  of the power of the Magic Kingdom.

As  the  hall  was  so  large,  a  substantial  number  of  military personnel  would likely be positioned there.  Since they had to pass   through   that   area   in   order   to   advance   towards   the Prophet’s  location,  Kei   predicted  that  there  would  likely  be some form of resistance gathered there to intercept them.

However, only half of his prediction was correct.


A horrifying cry echoed.

The  large  number  of  personnel  they  had  guessed  would  be assembled  there,  were  strewn  across  the  floor  as  chunks  of meat.

Instead of being greeted by an elite military unit, they were greeted by hundreds of monsters.

Desir  was  able  to  speculate  without  difficulty  that  these monsters   had   brutally   slaughtered   the   soldiers.   They   had slaughtered   the   humans   and   were   eating   to   their   hearts’ content. This sight was absolutely horrifying, and the creatures themselves were terrifying too.

They were the kind of monsters that no one could forget.

“Chimeras… ”

Chimeras  were  savage  beasts  that  lacked  self-consciousness. Due to its method of production and the danger they posed, the creation of these life forms was banned.

As   risky   as   it   was   to   create   these   creatures,   they   were extremely  powerful.  The  risk  in  flouting  natural   law  had  a corresponding reward.

They  were  assembled  by  extracting  the  strengths  of  many different monsters, therefore they were naturally powerful as a result. The strength of each individual entity was exceptionally great, beyond all comparison.

Even Kei’s unit, having faced off against all sorts of adversity, saw most member’s faces paling as they took in the sight of the monsters in front of them.

Making an already bad situation worse, was that the number of Chimeras in front of them was far greater than the number Desir and Romantica had faced in Pureus’s lab.

“I  can’t  believe  they  created  this  many  Chimeras  and  kept them in the inner bailey.”

This demonstrated the power of the man, referred to as the Prophet, occupying this palace.

“I guess he doesn’t intend to hide them any longer.”

“He probably couldn’t afford to consider other options now.”

The   fact   that   he   sent   out   the   Chimeras   that   couldn’t distinguish between friend and foe meant that he was running out of patience in such a situation. It also meant that he had no other options.  That is to say, if they broke through this place, then they would be able to close the gap with the enemy quite quickly.


One  Chimera  sensed  something  and  turned  around  to  look. Then,  one  by  one,  other  Chimeras  started  to  turn  around  to glare at Kei’s unit.


The bone that one of the Chimeras was gnawing on dropped to the floor and echoed around the hall. This served as a signal, after which all of the Chimeras sprung towards them.


Kei   calmed  down  the  soldiers  who  panicked  and  quickly ordered them into an all-round defensive formation.

“Do not step back!”

As the sounds of the Chimeras’ shrieks and steps got louder, the soldiers’ tension increased as well.

Before   too   long,   the   Chimeras   crashed   into   their   round formation like a wave against a beach.

Swords cut and sliced skin while Chimera teeth dug into and ripped out flesh.

The  sound  of  slicing  and  flesh  rending  accompanied  by  the sound of blood gushing out; these were the sounds of a life-and-death battle.

The few magicians in Kei’s unit arranged spells and invoked

them at the Chimeras.

Desir and Romantica joined them in an attempt to reduce the number of Chimera approaching them.

The Chimeras here weren’t as sophisticated as the Chimeras that   Pureus   created,   but   they   were   made   from   extremely powerful  monsters.  Seeing  this,  one  would  know  that  a  good portion of the national budget had been invested into this.

Thanks to Kei’s excellent battle sense and ability to employ effective strategum, their unit was able to endure against these powerful Chimeras.

This was not the case for the Chimeras, those who lost their hunting sense and were rampaging recklessly. These Chimeras would  never  be  able  to  prepare  a  proper  formation  and  Kei’s unit wasn’t weak enough to be overwhelmed by Chimeras that didn’t use any formation.

Or so they thought.  That mindset swiftly faded.  As the fight waged on, it became clear that the Chimeras’ unnatural stamina greatly  outpaced  what  Kei’s  unit  was  capable  of.  Slowly  but surely, they lost the advantage and the tide of battle turned.

As  the  soldiers  reached  their  limits  due  to  exhaustion,  and gaps in their shield formations started to appear, the Chimeras would use their claws to rake at the soldiers and pull them out of the formation.

The soldiers that were dragged away were eaten alive in front of the remaining soldiers.  Some of these people were familiar faces  that  Desir’s  party  had  seen  several  times  during  their journey on the airship.

The current situation was much more dire than the previous battles these soldiers had faced up until now, and there was no end in sight.


One of the soldiers screamed.

After shredding a soldier, a Chimera that looked a lot like a lion stretched out its claws towards the soldier making a fuss.

[Burst Fire]

Dozens   of   fireballs   materialized   in   front   of   Desir   before shooting forward like meteors and shattering the claws while pushing away the lion-like Chimera.

The soldier saved by Desir thanked him with a slight nod and rejoined the battle once again.

Even   though   he   did   an   admirable   deed,   Desir’s   facial expression was not good.

Desir was feeling miserable.

“This  is  much  more  difficult  than  I  expected.  The  level  of difficulty has increased several-fold.”

No one could have expected a man referred to as a Prophet would be managing a legion of Chimeras of this magnitude.

When Desir joined Kei Hazmaryoon, the strongest swordsman of  this  generation,  and  heard  the  detailed  plan  that  Kei  had

proposed,  he  was  certain  that  clearing  this  quest  would  be straightforward with Kei’s aid.

But when faced with the situation unfolding in front of his eyes,  he  was  honestly  not  as  confident  in  this  quest  being  as straightforward to clear as initially anticipated.

‘This level of difficulty corresponds to the highest tier of Level Three Shadow Worlds.’

This was even after considering the fact that Kei was there as an aide to the quest. If Kei wasn’t there, the level of difficulty of this Shadow World would have easily been Level Two.

Furthermore, the situation was rapidly deteriorating as time passed.  It  was  even  more  clear  that  the  situation  would  only deteriorate further from here.

“… I could feel a lot of mana signatures heading towards here. Since there is a significant number of them, I’m guessing it’s the Blue Rose battalion.”

Kei’s  unit  was  exhausted  from  facing  the  Chimeras.   The

chance  of  Kei’s  unit  achieving  victory  against  the  Blue  Rose battalion was extremely slight.

They had to quickly figure out a strategy.

Desir broke away from his frontline and moved towards the frontline  that  Commander  Kei  was  at.  Pram  and  Adjest  were also battling nearby.

“The  Blue  Rose  battalion  will   arrive  here  in  around  ten minutes.”

After hearing Desir’s words, Kei had a stern look on his face. From his extensive experience in such situations, he knew that they  would  have  no  chance  of  winning  once  the  Blue  Rose battalion arrived.

Penen,  who  had  been  listening  from  the  side,  shared  his thoughts with Kei.

“Commander, please consider transferring your commanding rights to me.”

Kei’s face fell when he realized what this meant.

“… Can you do it?”

“I believe it is better than ending all of this without achieving anything. I hope you can fulfill my earnest wish.”


Desir felt something strange. When Kei faced the death of the King, he was calm. For the first time, Kei  had revealed a bit of emotion.

It was a subtle difference, but Desir didn’t miss it. Kei was not able  to  suppress  his  emotions.  He  had  exposed  his  emotions openly through a small change in his facial expression, different from the time he faced the King’s death.

However, he knew that this was the only way forward, so he decided  to  proceed  without  further  delay.  He  knew  that  this would put him squarely on the path of slaughter.

“Right now, I transfer all  of my commanding rights to you, Ensign Penen.”

“It is my honor. I will do my best.”

After clearing up three nearest Chimeras in one blow with a burst of Aura, Kei stepped back from the frontline.

“… I will not forget you all.”

“We pray for your success in this war.”



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